voxel records news #9 april 2015
greetings, voxel follower!
wave those jazz hands in the air - it's time once again for the latest news from voxel records! technology is really great, but sometimes it can be more cleverer than we are, which is why the newsletter is a wee bit late this month. the website is currently undergoing some minor alterations, so hopefully (in the near future) it will be better suited to these new-fangled mobile devices. it seems that everyone has a "tablet" these days, but we are still happily fiddling with our etch-a-sketch. in the mean time, though, feel free to feast upon some of the musical delights we found over the last few weeks ...
maze car has continued to tweak his latest uptempo creation in preparation for a release due in late may. the demo of this tune should emerge very soon, so keep checking his demo stream!
varjak have managed to place their new demo extemporise up in the cloud. listen to this and more via the varjak demo stream. some more tracks will be crafted for a single (or even an ep) release this year!
a song called wolves by van adams. this pair from arizona have created a fresh sound with an accessible dub step feel. nothing, it seems, can tame the wild hoss of a voice possessed by singer yvette adams, and this track is just one example of her talent. the big, ringin boss drum and growling urban techno riffs are complimented by an intelligent evolution of rhythms, and the deep cut of the knife-edged synths is soothed only by the acoustic feel of the percussion elements. club-friendly music with depth and feeling - makes you feel human again.
painting by nelson_d. this brazilian producer does a lot of remix work but there are also some original cuts on offer here. this track furnishes us with some smooth, mellow house but it is the natural percussion loops that gives the music a beautifully worked funk edge. it can't fail to get your head nodding in the bar, and is definitely one for the summer chills.
favourite bad habit by The Focussed Distraction this london producer uses a minimal set-up to create his sound, which is essentially constructed from an evolving combination of loops and layers. this particular track, whilst not his most recent, is a great example of the workflow. the bold, burbling synth introduction and uptempo junglist loop make for groovy listening, but we are also treated to an unassuming and mannerly vocal line which gives the song yet another dimension. the rhythms are enhanced by stabs and prods from rhodes/guitar timbres throughout, and there is an almost live tinge to the arrangement. truly original material.