voxel records news #3 october 2014
greetings, voxel follower!
here at voxel we have once again been out in the wilds, trying to locate new music of quality and style. on our travels, we wrestled furiously (and on numerous occasions) with the multi-headed beast  that is music classification. it seems that the media is awash with so many warped genres and sub-genres that music is either unclassifiable or  totally inappropriately classified. you never really know until you listen. so here, whether it's noise core or flacid house, we will just try and describe some tunes and if you follow the links then maybe it will make sense! hats-off to the post-ironic (if that's even possible) indie collective bambi planet for sticking two fat fingers into the pigeon holes. but is it art ...?
apart from going ape about software updates, voxel resident maze car is enjoying himself with experiments in dubtronica. a new track should appear on the demo stream in a couple of weeks' time ...
did you hear that? some tunes that made us sit up and take note over the last month ...
The Twist by Fake Robot: this is a tune of intense mass with weighty riffs careering out of menacing synths. the drum sounds are - in relative terms - of a light plastic, but this detracts nothing from the power of the ensemble. the track builds into a brooding wall of sound with some great filter work and panning to make you dizzy. it's like watching add n to (x) performing the tron legacy fight scene on a tube tv. the lp has more of the same - go buy it!

Sand and Seed by Fine Animal: this track provides a chill-out vibe with mellow balance between synthetic and organic instruments. there is deep bass (subtly placed) and groovy breaks (gently paced). the vocal parts sound almost free-form and aren't tethered to any overstated riff - even though there is a consistent melody within. deeper inside the arrangement, a distorted synth splutters to give a raw electronic edge to an otherwise folk-tinged ambient experience. this is a mysterious and compelling blend of styles and sounds.
Step 1 by Savtik brings us plinky bit-step with an epic drum work-out. there is a balance of crystal clarity between the spiky, meaty bass and lead tones reminiscent of retro gaming consoles. the rhythms and timbres are all wrapped up with a well worked and authentic middle eastern melody to produce a stomping track. think: jet set willy in a tel aviv nightclub.