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So sou have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God's Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him "Abba, Father." (Romains 8.15, NLT).


This is a passage that has again touched me in the last few months and that I try to live every day thru the ups and downs. Indeed, it's a privilege to feel loved without restriction by his DAD in heaven, who has given everything that I can live out this close relationship with him daily and in ALL circumstances. I think that it is one of the reasons that I am still on earth…


Even though you have not heard of me for many months now, the activities are still ongoing et it it with joy that Daniel Arnold (Professor at a Bible School) and myself have been able again to give different conferences in 2014 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, namely in Bunia, Mbuji Mayi and Kisangani to a few hundreds participants. It was the opportunity to distribue the book kit of SIM mission containing 35 books and a DVD. We still have to give a conference in Mbandaka and will do that D.V. in April.


In August, I have been able to give a session of the training "A healthy Church" in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was also an opportunity to preach a few times in churches. It was also a big highlight to participate in the Celebrate Recovery Conference at Saddleback.


In France, with 3 other pastors, we taught at 2 conferences "A healthy Church" in Champ-sur-Marne, and for my part, I was also to give the training in Seloncourt. A last session of this training (6 sessions of 2 days) has been given a few weeks ago in Champ-sur-Marne et the one of Seloncourt will happen early March.


In October, I had the privilege to start a training "A healthy Church" in Congo at Matadi and Kisangani and to pursue the training that I started in Kinshasa. I am encouraged by the renewed interest of several hundreds participants who testify also of the application of the training in their local churches. It's also a joy to share the Word in different gatherings.


Also in October, I started a training in Saint-Pol-sur Mer (Dunkerque in northern France) with 50 participants coming from 9 church families over 11 in the area. Next session has just happened last week-end on the topic "Preaching for life change".


In November, we had the privilege to have Steve Gladen (author of 2  books and responsable over 7000 small groups at Saddleback Church) and Dave Alford for 2 trainings of 2 days each which were very practical and appreciated (In France and Switzerland). over the theme of implementation and managing small groups. A DVD of this training will soon be available.

Personal note

A big THANK YOU to all those who come along side this ministry thru prayers and giving. Everyday is a gift of God and especially since he gives the strength, the courage and the joy to accomplish what he puts before me.

To be thankful for and to pray about...

  • The protection of the Lord and good health during the different travels.
  • Even thru big questioning, the cash flow made it possible to print all the children's material.
  • Wisdom and knowhow for the managing and distribution of the numerous books in Africa...
  • That all these resources et and the trainings provided will continue to be a rich blessing for many.
Conference in Bunia in front of 140 participants...
A pastor goes away with 2 boxes of books...
A time of worship during our training in


With the precious help of a few, namely our brother Donald from Cameroon who is a professional designer specially gifted for the children, the project of the curriculum for the children from 4 -12 years of age (THE JOURNEY) has come to accomplishment a few months ago. The first 4 years are geared to develop character traits in the child which the help of an activity book in color with stickers as well with the help of a coloring booklet. The leader's guide contains a CD with many ressources that lead him/her thru the 24 weeks step by step in a dynamic way.

For the children (8-12), the challenge is to make them go thru the 4 CLASSES of live (belonging, growing, serving and sharing) so that they will integrate the local church and be armed to face the high school years.

This material has been tested in about 8 french speaking countries and presented during gatherings in the last weeks. The interest that was shown is rejoicing and we wait a return on the application of this resource. A certain number of these resources have already been sent to Ivory Coast and others are on the way to Kinshasa and Douala.

We invite you to check out our website where you can also download a flyer.


The project that we are about to finalize is the campaign "40 days of love". Based on Tom Holladay's book "The relationship principles of Jesus" with 6 sessions of about 20 minutes each given on a DVD with a small group study guide, this campaign will help churches deepen the relationship based on love (1 Corinthians 13) even though there are difficulties in exchanges, frustrations and hurts, etc. Teaching for children and youth are also planned.


Other projects are following… but it will be for the next NEWS (in a few weeks already!)


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