January 2015 Newsletter
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Winter in Santa Fe is one of our favorite times.  The pace slows. Light snow covers the mountains and we find ourselves luxuriating in front of fireplaces at home and in all the wonderful coffeehouses and lounges around our small city.  We hope you all took time to enjoy the holidays and are returning to second semester with renewed energy and excitement about the work. Winter is also the ideal time to catch up on some great reading. Check out our suggestions in the resource section of our site.

David Bristol & Linda Henke
The Language of Leadership  
Essay by Linda Henke

We believe that we human beings are suspended in webs of significance that we ourselves have spun. (Bennis and Nanus, 1985, 112)
One of the most powerful tools a transformational leader has at her disposal is language. Our use of language shapes to a large extent the way people see us, how much they trust us, and how willing they are to commit themselves to the work we share. As Michael Jones, amazing pianist and organizational consultant, notes,  “The visionary is the teacher and purveyor of language who transforms our reality through the power of story and voices.”(Jones, 75)
Language can transform reality, ignite the human desire to create, and inspire personal courage in the face of great adversity. Throughout history we see leaders in the darkest hours who have done just that. In the midst of the depression of the thirties, it was Franklin Roosevelt who summoned the American people to rise above their fears of pressing poverty when he spoke, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (Roosevelt, 15) And Martin Luther King Jr. forced the American public to face the darkness of ubiquitous racism as he urged us to our better selves: “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” (King)
Welcome our newest consultants
We are delighted to introduce two new consultants who are joining the Center:  Katie Belisle-Iffrig and Angelia Sanderson Moore.  Both come with a wealth of experience in areas complementing our current array of consultants.
Katie Belisle-Iffrig is a tireless advocate for environmental literacy and sustainable practices. As the founder of Code Green Collaborative, she has worked with corporations, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations on a wide variety of sustainability, conservation science, and environmental education projects. Through her work, she has demonstrated her skill at strategic planning; co-sponsor and partner development; grant writing; project conceptualization and management; environmental interpretation; and curriculum development.
Katie holds a doctorate in outdoor recreation with an emphasis in environmental education from Indiana University (IU). While at IU, Katie got a taste of the educational power of youth gardening when she served as the graduate assistant to Hilltop Youth Garden and Nature Center. Smitten, she spent 14 years working at the world-famous Missouri Botanical Garden feeding her passion for educating youth and the general public about the critical role plants play in solving our most urgent health and environmental issues. For schools and districts wanting to build strong sustainability programs she will be a wonderful contributor.

Angelia Sanderson Moore is a passionate award-winning educator as well as a local, state, and national history and literacy consultant. She has seventeen years of teaching experience in grades 6-12. For the last decade she has been consulting, teaching, and developing a range of high school courses and programs to include an innovative student leadership program and curriculum.
Angelia has served as consultant for the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and their Teaching American History Grant, working with school districts in Texas, Indiana, Idaho, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. She focuses on teaching educators how to infuse literacy and critical thinking techniques in history, and school districts have repeatedly requested her return.  Angelia holds masters degrees in history and school administration and is completing her doctorate in educational leadership this spring.  She is certified by the Center for Cognitive Coaching and the Center for Critical Thinking and has extensive training in Understanding by Design. Her current passion is cultivating student leadership through the development of an award winning high school program.  Schools and districts working to improve their social studies/history programs, using Understanding by Design or wanting to development student leadership programs will find Angelia an invaluable help.
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