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Sandtray therapy was created by Margaret Lowenfeld, who got her ideas from reading H.G. Wells’ book Floor Games, where Wells spoke of the use of miniature toys while he played with his sons on the floor. This technique was adopted by many others, including Dora Kalff, a Swedish therapist who modified Lowenfeld’s knowledge of the use of sand and miniatures according to Jungian principles, and named her technique Sandplay(Homeyer & Sweeney, 2011). Sandtray therapy can be used with adults, children and groups, and it is a safe way for those who have experienced trauma to use miniature figurines to express themselves through metaphors. Resistance to exploring past trauma and fears about opening up in counseling may be barriers that can be overcome by the use of sand and the physical activity of manipul ...Read more here  

by Teresa Weeke, MA, PLPC

Using Our Power to Facilitate Change

Have you ever bought a new car? Did you love the new car smell? Did you follow the owner’s manual for oil changes and regular maintenance? Did you use premium gas? When the car got older, did you take care of it the same way as you did when you first got it? Or did you neglect it, or not take care of it in the same way you had in the beginning? Maybe you should treat your marriage like you would a new car.

Unfortunately, many people don’t treat their most important relationship with the same passion and energy over time. Just as your car will break down if it doesn’t receive the required maintenance, so can your relationship. Marriage doesn’t come with an owner’s manual like your car does; but we do have the Bible to ...Read more here

by Sue Ginocchio, MA, PLPC

Back to School - Tips for Getting Through the MorningFrom Genesis to Revelation, God reveals that He is relational. Because of his love for his people, he does whatever it takes to protect relationship with them, to the point of sending His only son to the cross. He understands their weaknesses and temptations. He seeks them out when they turn away from him. This relational aspect of the Gospel is a primary difference between Christianity and other religions. Christ responded to those he taught by caring, touching, healing, engaging. He not only had a significant effect on those he came into contact with. He was affected by them as well. He was touched by them, moved to compassion, and He responded....Read more Here

Accentuate the Positive

Researchers have noted that there are three stages to the development of love, each with their own set of neurochemical responses. Different “happy chemicals” are released during different stages. Since God made our brains and designed them to meet the needs we have in life, our brains have been specially wired for these stages of falling in love and staying in love. For the purpose of this article, we’ll touch on the first two stages, and concentrate in particular on the amazing chemicals in the emotional attachment stage of a relationship.
Stage 1: “Romantic Feelings" - During this stage, your partner can seem “perfect” for you because all the crazy endorphins we have in our brain make us feel so happy! We can put our partner on a pedestal
... Read more Here

 by Kathryn Manley, MS, LPC, CST 

Group Counseling:

     Agape Christian Counseling Services in St. Louis, MO offers many options for Group Counseling for men, women, teenagers, and children on subjects such as relationships, parenting, social issues, and more. Check here often for updates on current and upcoming groups! Click here for more info.

New Boundaries Group Starting September 25th!

Held at the South County office, every Friday for 6 weeks.
7:00pm - 8:30pm

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New Love & Logic Parenting Classes!


Starts on October 12th
Mondays, 7pm - 9pm
at the West County office


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