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Smoke Detectors 
Smoke detectors are intended to sound an alarm when they sense smoke. Smoke rises, so that is why detectors are near the celling in your home. Make sure there is a smoke detector on every level of the home, inside each bedroom, and outside each sleeping area.


How to unblock a drain
Indoor drains can usually be unblocked with something as simple as a bottle of drain cleaner. Pour this in the drain before you go to bed, following the instructions on the bottle, and then rinse it out the following morning.


Five Ways Recycling can Save you Money
Recycling isn’t just a great way for people to conserve the planet’s resources by saving water and saving energy; it’s also a great way to save you money.

What is an HRV System?
A heat recovery ventilator system (HRV) is ideal for homes located in colder climates, where there is excess moisture during heating season, since the unit gets rid of the moisture.

 My neighbours dog keeps pooping on my yard – what do I do?


Not the pooper scooper!


Dear NTPS:

The first thing you should do is talk to your neighbor about the problem, and give them a roll of doggie doo picker uppers.  This should be enough to get them acting in a responsible manner.  If nothing else works, you can call 311 if you're within Winnipeg or call your local municipality and lodge a complaint – but that should be a final resort, not the first step. 

Good luck!


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