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January 2015 - Volume 21 - Issue 1

January Meeting:  Hives in the ‘Hood

Get to know your beekeeping neighbors in our winter community cluster meeting!  Rather than have a speaker in January, members will have the chance to meet their beekeeping neighbors and new students in community clusters. Right now, our bees are clustered together.  We thought we’d do the same with PCBA members.  People can learn where they have common interests and community groups can talk about what bees need this time of the year, and what beekeepers can do during winter.
PCBA Member Service committee chair Larry Golden will show how his member database can be used to find mentoring teams, where suppliers are located, and other useful information.  We’ve asked suppliers who advertise in our newsletter to be at the meeting, ready to start taking orders for 2015 packages, queens and supplies.  We’re lining up some people to lead the cluster discussions.
We’ll share results from our recent survey that will guide the Board for its work in 2015. You, the PCBA members, have been clear about the topics that interest you the most and what you’d like to have happen in our meetings. 
We meet at the Allmendinger Center, WSU Puyallup Campus, 2606 West Pioneer, just West of downtown Puyallup. 
Classes are from 6:15 – 7:15 PM.  The general membership meeting begins at 7:30 PM. 
The agenda follows:

Welcome and Introductions – 15 minutes – Franclyn Heinecke
  • Welcome DVD
  • 2014 PCBA accomplishments
  • 2014 Volunteer Recognition
  • 2015 PCBA Board – Elected Officers and Committee Chairs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Summary of Survey Results (view document here)
Hives in the ‘Hood Community Clusters – 45 minutes - Larry Golden
  • About the PCBA member database and how it will be used
  • Members meet new students and neighboring beekeepers
  • Answer three questions about bees and beekeeping tasks for winter
  • Report out to full group

In the Bee Yard With Renzy

Hopefully, your bees are still alive and well. If you've been lucky, you've gotten to see your bees come out and buzz around a bit on the rare warmer days. If you haven’t seen any signs of your bees and need some reassurance just place your ear against the back of the box and listen. If all is well you’ll hear the soft hum of bees as they cluster to stay warm. Just 2 ½-3 more months  before we begin to see consistent activity.  
  • Lift the back of the hive to check the weight. Compare hives of similar size. If one of them feels lighter than the others then perhaps it’s time to feed them to ensure they make it through winter.
  • Check the hive entrance for blockage from the buildup of dead bees, snow or ice.
  • Read a good book on beekeeping.  
  • If you need bees, now is the time to start ordering for arrivals in April-May. 
  • Build and repair equipment for the upcoming season. 
  • On the rainy cold days start looking through bee catalogs. 
  • What went well last year and where did we go wrong?  It’s time to start thinking about what we might want to try this year; perhaps queen rearing, making a Nuc or focus on honey production methods.

PCBA Highlights 2014

Alisa Shorey was named the Washington State Beekeeper of the Year by WSBA!  Among other contributions at the state and local level, Alisa was instrumental in organizing four consecutive statewide conferences that reached many beekeepers and made a positive contribution to WSBA.
Franclyn Heinecke was appointed to serve on the statewide Honey Bee Work Group.  The legislature directed the Dept. of Agriculture to convene this work group to address challenges facing beekeepers in Washington and to offer solutions.  The report is now final and being delivered to the legislature.
Suwamee Robbins was selected to receive the PCBA Bob Stump Award for her continued work and energy to provide bees, supplies, education, information and resources to new and experienced beekeepers.  Suwamee is married to Harvard Robbins, PCBA member with perhaps more years keeping bees than anyone else in Pierce County.

PCBA Activities and Volunteers in 2014

  • 501 (c)3 Non-profit status – Michael DeAngelo
  • Honey House Renovations and WSU Campus Adviser– John Thomas
    Our thanks to WSU Campus staff who helped John with the renovations.
  • Extractor rentals – Bob Pietila, John Thomas
  • Funds raised through the spring fair, November auction and raffle – Alisa Shorey, John Timmons, Larry Golden, Marge Pearson, Ginger Carter, Sherri Thomas, and members who donated to the raffle and auction
  • Revised website – Becky Sundstrom, Larry Golden, Michael DeAngelo
  • Website – James Getty, Kim Kapis
  • On-line payments / use of credit cards – Michael DeAngelo, Larry Golden, John Thomas
  • Membership database – Larry Golden
  • Mother Earth Fair – Alisa Shorey
  • Speaker logistics – Renzy Davenport
  • Cedar Creek Inmate apprentice certification – Renzy Davenport
  • Queen rearing program – Jeff Jones
  • Classes and certifications – Louis Matej, Renzy Davenport, Jim Erickson, James Getty, Kim Kapis
  • Student study grant – Bob Pietila, Jim Erickson, Lillian Allred
  • Summer picnic and extraction party – Charles Carter, Laurence Jungers, Bob Bennett
  • PCBA panel presenters – Harvard Robbins, Dennis Carlson, Alicia Halbert, Franclyn Heinecke, Renzy Davenport, Kris Urv-Wong
  • Honey Queen Program – Kris Urv-Wong, Bob Pietila, Sarah Jackson, Queen Elizabeth Kroker
  • National Honey Princess Visit –Kris Urv-Wong, Bob Pietila
  • Award and recognition plaques – Bob Pietila
  • Managing the apiary – Gary Moore, Jeff Jones, Susan Young Crane, Jason Anderson
  • Swarm coordination – Jeff Jones
  • Mentoring – Susan Young Crane, Ernie Stevenson, Larry Golden
  • Nominations and elections – Bob Pietila
  • Library – Hannah Carter, Charlie Carter
  • PCBA resources and logistics – Bob Pietila, Renzy Davenport, Charlie Carter
  • Coordination of spring and fall fair staffing – Alisa Shorey
  • Honey Show – Bob Bennett; judges Kris Urv-Wong, Franclyn Heinecke
  • Fall fair coordination assistance – Alisa Shorey, Gary Moore, Jim Erickson, Andy Matelich, PCBA members who helped with set-up and tear-down, just about everyone in PCBA for helping to staff the booth, and members from Puget Sound and Olympia Beekeepers who helped staff the booth
  • Queen bees for the fair – Andy Matelich
  • Bees for the fair – Bob Bennett
  • Newsletters – Ginger Carter, Mike Konschuh, and newsletter contributors
  • Hospitality – Charlie Carter, Laurence Jungers
  • Christmas party organization – Lisa Garrett, Larry Warwick, with music by Queen Elizabeth Kroker

PCBA Bylaw Changes

At the January, 2015 general meeting, PCBA members will vote on proposed bylaws language changes.  Any proposed changes must be brought to the general membership for three consecutive months.  The following changes were introduced and discussed at the November meeting, included in the December and January newsletters, hard copies were made available at the December meeting and will also be available at the January meeting.
The proposed language:
  • Indicates in Article I that PCBA is now a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, 
  • Expands Article VI - Conduct of Business - to include all voting board members, 
  • Revises in Article VIII who serves on the Board and who may vote on Board matters
  • Clarifies in Article IX what constitutes a committee chair and an association volunteer.
The complete text of the proposed bylaw changes can be viewed here.

Statewide Honey Bee Work Group Report 

Due to CCD and the many other difficulties facing beekeepers, the 2013 Legislature directed the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) to convene a work group to address challenges facing beekeepers in Washington and to offer solutions. The work group looked to raise the strength of our colonies and to increase use of Washington honeybees to pollinate tree fruits, berries and seeds. The group met several times over the past year. The report required by that directive is complete and will be turned over to the Legislature for action by the end of 2014.  A summary of the report is available here.  The full report will be made available online as soon as it is published.

Honey Always Works

by Tina Tyler

Because the bees are taking the winter off and refusing to work, I wanted to talk about honey.
As you know, herbs have benefits. Did you know that the herbal benefits from the original plant cross over from the nectar to the honey? I have always grown herbs. They are always there whenever I need them. During the holidays, I walked back in the door in a matter of minutes carrying parsley, sage, thyme, blooming rosemary, sorrel and wintergreen. I call my honey Herbal Honey.
Honey does not spoil, but the other foods do, even with refrigeration. This shows me that honey inhibits bacteria and fungus. It will inhibit bacteria and fungus on my skin, too.  In medicine, honey is a great dressing since water easily removes it. It is comfortable and non-adhesive.
The antibacterial properties of honey are from osmolarity, acidity, hydrogen peroxide production and the floral nectar component. The osmolarity kills bacteria and fungus by pulling water from their cells. The acidity of honey inhibits the growth of most bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide can kill bacteria on contact. Honey has a small amount of enzyme from the bee’s stomach that activates with the glucose when conditions are right: hence, a small amount with a slow release. It is perfect. (1)

1) Traynor, Joe, "Honey the Gourmet Medicine", p 9-12 



We had a record auction activity this year with nearly $1200 in revenue.  Last year was about $700 so that is nearly a $500 increase.  The auction is our second largest source of income and as a result, is an important event that funds our Association.  Thank you all who donated items and participated in the auction.

Below is the summary for the month of November.  The main elements of interest are the Auction and Raffle activities in November. We also purchased
fondant for the apiary to help the bees get through winter. The Gallop expense an assessment the board is using to help plan for 2015.

PCBA Income and Expense Report
for  November 2014 Statement Period

Beginning Balance $4,586.89      
Ending Balance $5,959.40      
Income Amount   Expenses Amount
Memberships $360.00   Payment to WSBA books $60.00
WSBA books $60.00   Transaction  fees $26.20
PCBA Hats/Patches $10.00   Fondant for Apiary $125.39
Donations $10.00   Gallop (board member assessment) $99.90
Raffle $68.00      
Auction $1,176.00      
Income Total $1,684.00   Expenses Total $311.49
- Michael DeAngelo


Tina Tyler has decided not to continue as PCBA secretary.  She brings a lot to the association.  We're pleased to have had the chance to work with her on the Board, and look forward to her continued involvement with PCBA.
Her resignation means that there is an opening on the PCBA Board.  If you are a good listener, have skills at summarizing a lot of information into succinct minutes, have prior experience with a non-profit Board, or want to get more involved in the decision making of PCBA, please let me or Alisa Shorey (Vice President) know.
Thanks, Tina, for everything you have and will do for PCBA.

- Francly Heinecke


First, I am honored and want to thank Franclyn for asking me to fill the Education chair position.  I’m excited and hopeful what the future holds for the club.  

Kris Urv-Wong will be facilitating the Journeyman group.  She is motivated, energetic and excited about helping.  She has some great ideas I think will improve the knowledge of our Journeyman and help get them certified.   We are trying to make the transition seamless for those in the Apprentice and Journeyman group and look for ways to improve education while remaining under the guidelines set forth by WSBA.  

If you have any improvement suggestions please let me know.  I can’t promise to implement them, as our resources and what we can do are limited, but I assure you I will consider them.  With that being said, there may be times we need your help.  When asked, please consider volunteering.  A clubs potential is only limited by the people within it.  I am excited for what this New Year holds and look forward to serving you.
- Renzy Davenport


Nothing to report for Swarm or Queen Rearing.

Apiary is doing well, bees are eating fondant and the numbers look good for this time of year.

- Jeff Jones



PCBA January 2015  Membership Report

Active Members: 239
Comp & Other Bee Clubs: 7
Additional Records: 91
November meeting attendance: 68
New Members: Alan Albanese, Catherine Carruthers, Harold Danner, Catherine Nelson, Laura Steffens, Susan Wetherford, Amanda Wilde

Member Renewals: Michael Henson

Due Oct: Mark Adams, Ann Church, Shannon Cline, Elena Gleyzer, Richard Holmes, Brian Holthe, John Inch, Jill Jensen, Robert Jones, Carolynn Jones, Edward Ketcham, John Knowles, Sheila Lentz, Heather Marshall, Fred Masella, Roger McLhathin, Lauri Miller, Rebecca Nighswonger, Keanu Pernorio, Cheryl Peterson, James Roemhildt, James Smith, Gayle Southwell, Vikki Stevens, Matt Sudo, Wayne Ward, Alyssa White

Due Nov: Wendy Bitney, Charity Bodhaine, Deborah Davenport, Jim Erickson, Sarah Elizabeth Jackson, Mike Konschuh, Suzanne Lewis, Andy Matelich, Marin Miller, Pam Murry, Charles Schaffer, Chrisine Scott, Dan Smith, Annette Smith , Ellen Sumner, Sherri Thomas, Justin Viene

Due Jan: Lillian Allred, Jason Anderson, Denise Angerman, Karen M Boyd, Sally Bricka, Tyler Bridge, Laura Brooks, Chad Brundage, Elsa Buchert, Kelly Buck, Tyler Budge, Vivian Chamorro, Sharon Charbonnel, Candyce Chittenden, John Clancy, Karen Cota, Steve Curtiss, Renzy Davenport, Joe Delgado, Ryan Everett, Erica Fickeisen, Michael Flannigon, James Getty, Anne Gilman, Mandy Gomez, Alicia Halbert, Karen Hegarty, Alister Hunt, Blake Hurlbut, Susan King, Matt Koch, Elliott Kroker, Eric Kuester, Laura Lee, Hal LeMay, Jill Lyons, Bridget Macchione, Douglas McDonald, Laura McDonald, Mark Mietzner , Faith Miller, David Mitman, Tim Modine, Deborah Moore, Keith Ostlund, Sandi Phillips, Ronald Plewka, Thomas P Quinlar, Kenneth Quirie, Deborah Raynes, Deborah Reeve, Michelle Reinicke, Nancy Seabourne, Mary Settle, Charbonnel Sharon, Bruce Stelmar, David Sturtz, Rebecca Taxier, Doug Thomas, Charles Thornhill, Delbert Tomlinson, Jenn Trettin, Dave Trotter, Tina Tyler, Shelby Vander Molen, Doug Watt, Ralp Wessels, Greg Willits, Marua Winter, Lee Woody, Rachel Yantzer, Timg-Ling Yeh, Susan YoungCrane

Upcoming Events

January 5th
  • 6:15pm - Beginning Beekeeping Class & Journeymen Group
  • 7:30pm - General Meeting: Hives in the ‘Hood
January 20th
  • 6:00pm - Executive Board Meeting 
    Board meeting will be held on Tuesday due to the Monday holiday and library closure.
February 2nd
  • 6:15pm - Beginning Beekeeping Class & Journeymen Group
  • 7:30pm - General Meeting
February 14th
  • 11:00am - Apiary Field Day: hive/frame building demo at the Honey House 
February 17th
  • 6:00pm - Executive Board Meeting
    Board meeting will be held on Tuesday due to the Monday holiday and library closure. 
View complete event information here.
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