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October 2015 - Volume 21 - Issue 10

President's Report

Franclyn Heinecke


New class begins October 5!

We’ll be welcoming new students in the class that starts October 5.  Larry Golden and his education committee chose to begin in October so students would be through the class by next April, when bee packages arrive.  There should be lots of new faces and energy in the room with the new students coming in!

October speakers features state and local programs to help bees and beekeepers.

The October program will review what’s happening at the state and local levels to help bees and beekeepers.  There has been much attention on the needs of honey bees and other pollinators from The White House through federal agencies and down to the state level.  We’ll review some of that information and give local examples of what has been happening.
Ray Willard, Department of Transportation road maintenance supervisor, will review what the WA DOT is doing to improve forage on state highways.  They seem to be leading the state agencies in responding to President Obama’s directive to help pollinators.
Also at the meeting will be WA State Beekeepers Association President Mark Emrich to talk about our state program.  See the WSBA 2016 legislative flyer attached to this newsletter for details.  And Laurie Pyne, President of the Olympia Beekeepers, will talk about their successful “Bee a Pollinator” campaign.
I’ll review our Pierce County Forage initiate that includes working with Pierce County Parks and the WSU Puyallup staff to improve forage for bees and help educate people about the needs of honey bees and other pollinators.  The Board has been working on several possible forage improvement programs, and we’ve started contacting possible funding sources to get those programs going.

Know any source for (cheap or free) rough cut mulch?

Speaking of that forage initiative, we’d like to start preparing the ground near our club apiary on the WSU grounds.  The WSU horticulturist who is working with us thought she had a source for 100 cubic yards of rough cut mulch to over dress the grass and start preparing the soil for planting next spring.  Turns out, that source is no longer mulching.
If anyone has a contact for the rough cut mulch, please let me know.  If we can get mulch to the site before the steady rains begin, we can get the ground ready to plant forage next spring.  We need 100 cubic yards for the portion of the WSU grounds that we want to start planting first, right next to our apiary.

Meet the Beekeeper

Watch a video produced by Pierce County TV, starring our own Franclyn Heinecke, talking about fall beekeeping, here.



Minutes from the General Meetings and the Board Meetings can be found here.

Apiary / Swarm

Apiary Report

The bees are looking OK for this time year I will have to do more feeding throughout the winter. Hope to see the new members at the last apiary day of the year in the October please check the website for the date.

Washington State Fair Results

I have great news for all of the members of the PCBA our honey from the apiary got second place at the Washington State Fair a big thanks to Marge for your help with the extracting of the honey

Swarm Reports

No swarms to report

Jeff Jones


Dear PCBA Club Members,

This has been a fantastic year for us to bring in wonderful speakers to help us all in providing educational speakers that help us to have better methods for healthy and sustainable beekeeping.  We hosted Sue Cobey from WSU on queen rearing, Morris Ostrofsky from Oregon on managing hives for better honey production, Peter Loring Borst from Cornell University on how to control varroa mites, and many others.   In order to continue to provide good speakers for the upcoming year, we will need to count on your participation in the yearly auction that will happen at the November 2nd General meeting.
The auction will occur right after a very short general meeting.  The total time for the auction will be about 1hour and 15 minutes.  There will be both an oral auction and a silent auction table.
Please consider what you bring in for this wonderful event.  Items that are single and small in size will be grouped with other single items and combined in baskets or packages to help enhance the selling price.  No matter how small the item we will try to combine them into something for presentation.  Every item is genuinely appreciated. 

Items that would be great to have are; smokers with something to ignite inside of it. Bags of sugar, Bee Healthy, brushes, hive tools, large bags of candy, decorated Nuc boxes, and other items beekeepers can use, as well as other miscellaneous fun items. Please bring in auction items, if you have them, to the October general meeting.  

The auction is a fun time for everyone to gather, socialize, and spending a few dollars for a very good cause……  “Our Education on better beekeeping”.

IF you have some time to volunteer helping with the auction set up, please do so via the website. 

Please feel free to email me if there are any questions or concerns.
Program Chair,
Marge Pearson

October 2015 Membership Report 

Active Members: 250 
Comp & Other Bee Clubs:
Additional Records: 98 
September meeting attendance: 75 

Due August:  John Geer, Irine Hauzinger, Melvin Hartsook, Andy Meyers, Diana Whitaker, Thomas Hickman, Mary Dempsey, Vicki Biggs

Due September: Robert Matthews

Due October: Patrick Cain, Angie Clausen, Franclyn Heinecke, Carrie Little, James Martinson, Lincoln Mettler, Steve Pederson, Robert Pietila, Laurin Preston, Allison Shinkle, John Thomas, Sam Moth, Marc Olsen, Theresa Knutsen, Andrew King, Troy Wagner, John Hayes, Sean Woods, Nina King-Madlem, Rebecca Shjerven, jack Gingrich

Due November: Ron Barnard, Ginger Carter, Jim Erickson, Lisa Garnett, Greg Henning, Jeff Jones, Mike Konschuh, Andy Matelich, Charles Schaffer, Becky Sundstrum, Steve Tolle, Larry Warwick, Laurel Wright, Susan McCarthy, Jeff Durham, Juliana Fries, Kim Hulse 

New Members: Judy DelPriore, Branson Frazee, Rhonda Patrick, William Fuller

Upcoming Events

No Apiary Field Day before the October General Meeting.
 October 5th
  • 6:15pm - New Apprentice Class
  • 6:15pm - Journeyman Meeting
  • 7:30pm - PCBA general meeting 
October 19th
  • 6:00pm - PCBA Board Meeting
October 10th
  • 11:00am - Last Apiary Field Day of the year
November 2nd
  • 6:15pm - New Apprentice Class
  • 6:15pm - Journeyman Meeting
  • 7:30pm - PCBA general meeting: Auction 
November 16th
  • 6:00pm - PCBA Board Meeting
View complete event information here.
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