The latest from Xipiter March/April 2015
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General News
We've had a bunch of great stuff in the's some of the recent Xipiter news

Lastly, we were honored to be asked to Keynote a private conference for an esteemed group of government organizations in Chantilly, VA last week.

INT3.CC News

The RFCat USB Radio Dongle is capable of transmitting, receiving, snooping, SpectrumAnalysis on frequencies between 300-928MHz giving the user the ability sniff or attack any wireless data protocols that transmit in those frequency ranges. 

It can be used to analyze or attack IoT, SCADA, ICS systems, and mobile devices.

SyncStop News

  • We are happy to add Cisco, FireEye, and others to the list of large recognizable companies bulk ordering custom SyncStop.  
  • We were mentioned in Yahoo News this week regarding the security of the new USB-C connector (announced by Apple)
  • We are featured at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London directly next to the smashed "Snowden Laptop"
SyncStop will also be found in the "SWAG bags" of a number of upcoming conferences. Keep an eye out!


Sold Out Blackhat 2015! New EU and US offerings
The Flagship is still under construction ;-)

  • is up but we are finalizing the backend (sanitizing data for it from some Senrio backend metadata). 
  • PrivacyChanges will launch next week with over 957 products to start. It will allow users to view and monitor only the changes to the Terms of Service, EULAs, and Privacy Agreements. 
  • We'll be completing the backend next week at which point we'll do a public announcement.
  • New Staff joined! Two months ago we hired a full-time frontend developer for Senrio with a part-time web designer (the one the designed the main page) helping out.
We are still on boarding beta-testers and pilot users. Sign up at:
Watch a video preview of some of the new UI features of dashboard.
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