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6 Stumbling Blocks for Marketing With Data

Big Data as a Silver BulletData is the new black. Touted as a silver marketing bullet, data and scientific thinking will guide creativity in an evolving social and mobile universe. This is the rationale underlying the launch of OgilvyAmp, essentially an aggregation and rebranding of the data wonk’s buried among Ogilvy’s global offices. This is a great PR move, which exaggerates Ogilvy’s IBM-driven capabilities and differentiates the WPP agency from the rest of us who manage and analyze data for clients. Yet in spite of these press-worthy moves and the widespread availability of proven data collection, mining, processing and automation tools mainstream marketers aren’t walking the walk. So why would rational competitive marketers underutilize tools that could make them smarter, faster and richer? Here are 6 stumbling blocks reasons: Math Phobia. Most of us suck...
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ThoughtSpot Combine Enterprise-Class Features With Consumer-Class Usability on 1 BI Platform

ThoughtSpot Combine Enterprise-Class Features With Consumer-Class Usability on 1 BI PlatformAs every industry becomes more data-driven, it becomes increasingly crucial that everyone in an organisation- from the Heads of IT to the least tech-savvy business person- has access to the key information. But of course, the requirements of these personel differ wildly, and there is yet to emerge a single technology which combines the enterprise-class infrastructure needed for big data analytics, with usability features that open the data to every person on the payroll. This is where ThoughtSpot come in. Today, Thoughtspot have opened their Relational Search Appliance- a platform combining an intuitive and stunning consumer-class interface with enterprise-class cluster management, fault tolerance and monitoring capabilities- to the public. Their goal is to build one platform that is both a joy to use and robust enough to handle the immense...
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84% of Businesses Think Big Data Analytics Will Change Their Competitive Landscapes

Industrial Internet Big DataThe Industrial Internet (A combination of Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things) holds great potential if executives in healthcare and industrial sectors are to be believed, reveals a research published by GE and Accenture. To put things in perspective with regards to the economic potential of Industrial Internet, an estimate of worldwide spending is predicted to be $500 billion by 2020, pointing to a mammoth global GDP of $15 trillion by 2030, according to Wikibon and GE. The Industrial Insights Report 2015, indicates that Big Data analytics is either the top priority for the company or in the top three. A sense of urgency is driving implementation of Industrial Internet solutions partly because of the impact being felt at an industry level as well as the competitor level....
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The Fight Against Ebola May Have An Ally in Data Science, Believe Experts

The Fight Against Ebola May Have An Ally in Data Science, Experts BelieveBig Data may play a key role in impeding the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus according to experts in Data Science. Jai Vijayan while writing for Information Week explains its the unlikely channels are opening up to fight the spread. WHO’s predictions for this week, of 70% fatality rates and 1,000 new infections per week, comes from data about people who have died from or symptomatic, from facilities across Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Nigeria, collated with data gathered from medical diagnostic facilities and burial grounds in the affected region. However, disease-monitoring website HealthMap, provides “early detection and real-time surveillance” through information sources, like social media streams, online news stories, official reports, travel sites, and official sources, such as WHO. Senegal based Orange Telecom is providing Flowminder, a Swedish...
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Booz Allen Hamilton Launch Data Science Training Programme To Address Data Scientist Shortage

6351941238_a2541e26b3_zIn a move that directly addresses the need for a greater number of data scientists, strategy & consulting giants Booz Allen Hamilton launched the Explore Data Science online training program last week. BAH is calling it “a self-paced, hands-on course geared toward all levels of data science proficiency – from introductory to professional,” that introduces common data science theory and techniques to help programmers, mathematicians, and other technical professionals expand their data science expertise. “In today’s highly competitive marketplace, being able to effectively compile, manage and analyze data is critically important to a business’ growth, strategic development and overall success,” explain Peter Guerra, a Principal in the firm’s Strategic Innovation Group. “We’re therefore seeing a clear demand – across all industries – for data science expertise, but it far exceeds the available...
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Exasol: Building the Fastest Database in The World

ExasolExasol was founded 14 years ago with a mission in mind: to build an ultra-fast, highly scalable database for analytics. Having been in the business of crafting an in-memory database for nearly a decade and a half, Exasol is uniquely placed to offer insights into the data science ecosystem, and will be giving talks at our events in Berlin, Munich, and London. We recently caught up with Graham Mossman, Exasol’s Senior Solutions Architect to discuss Exasol’s development, product, and his upcoming talk at Data Enthusiasts London. Exasol has been around for 14 years. How has the product changed over time? Over the past 14 years, our priority has been to stay true to our roots and be absolutely world-class when it comes to analytical SQL queries. We haven’t tried to build...
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