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This week we look at the fellowship in the early Church, and the anatomy of a miracle.

In Acts 3 Peter heals a lame man, and then explains how it happened.

Watch this week's messages to learn from Peter so that we can "do the things they did in the book of Acts". It is our firm belief that if we do things the way they did, we will see the same results that they saw.

We at Leading Lights are here to help and encourage you in fulfilling God's Great Commission. When you're serving Him, it is the most rewarding way to live, even though there may be many obstacles to overcome. Join us in prayer for the nations to be discipled and let's all do our part in the places where we live to see His Kingdom come.

We love you and we are standing with you in prayer,


Gregg and the Leading Lights team

Update- 29 April 2021

This week's update with Gregg. A community of people brings power.

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Those Early Days - People and Power

Signs, wonders and miracles are still available to us today. Watch this episode from our weekly TV broadcast on TBN-UK. Catch up on previous episodes at

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The Ministry of an Evangelist - Part 1

Keir Tayler covers the Biblical foundations for the office of the evangelist. Part 1 of 3.

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Miracles in Ministry

John Rajiah's testimony of miracles in his ministry.

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Empowered - Part 1

The miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit can be a part of your life today.

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ACTS Session 3

Continuing with the 2nd chapter of Acts.

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