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Grom Squad Thoughts on the Swing V2 2.4m

By media on Aug 12, 2021 12:57 pm

By Christopher MacDonald and Morgan Ostermann

F-One's 2.4m Swing V2 is the newest release and smallest size wing that F-One has to offer. We sent the 2.4m up to Chris MacDonald and Morgan Ostermann, two of the members of our Grom Squad, for them to test for two weeks in the Gorge's strong and gusty winds. With Morgan standing 5'8" and weighting in at 120lbs and Chris at 5'0" and 100lbs, this wing is ideal for smaller riders and extremely windy conditions. We caught up with them to ask what they think of the new wing, who it's for, and how it compares to the Strike.

What were your first impressions of the Swing V2 2.4m on land?

Chris: The wing took less than a minute to pump up and it is incredibly small! The handles are very balanced and the quality is incredible.

Morgan: On land the Swing V2 2.4m felt pretty good. Because of the extremely small size it was very maneuverable and easy to turn.

What were your first impressions of the Swing V2 2.4m on water?

Chris: It is incredibly fast. The Swing V2 2.4 has lots of power in high winds and it's easy to maneuver through out the window. The handles are in the right spots and the wing did not flap.

Morgan: Since it was a very windy day, I got up instantly with no need to pump and my first tack with it felt super easy and smooth.

Watch Chris go full 360 on the Swing V2 2.4m

Being as you are both pretty small guys, how much wind do you need to get going with the Swing V2 2.4m. 

Chris: Morgan weighs around 120lbs and I weigh around 100lbs and we both could ride easily in around 30 knots or even less.

Were there any freestyle moves that you found easier with the Swing V2 compared to the Strike? 

Morgan: I found that the Swing V2 was better at doing 360s, tacking, and all the tricks that involve turning whereas the Strike was better for jumping high and going fast, basically the things that use more power.

Chris: I found that on the 2.4m Swing V2, 360s were way easier because how small the wing is. Also, one hand rotations were easier because of how steady the wing is in the air.

Watch Morgan boost a massive air on the Swing V2 2.4m

How do you think the Swing V2 2.4m compares to the Strike 2.8m in terms of weight?

Morgan: Because F-One's wings are already so light weight I couldn’t really feel a noticeable difference.

Chris: The 2.4 Swing V2 is lighter in terms of holding it on the beach but once the wing is in wind they feel the same. 

Performance wise, how does the Swing V2 compare to the Strike? 

Morgan: I found that the Strike gives more forward power so it’s much easier to get foiling and going fast whereas the Swing V2 has less, which makes it easier to turn without catching much wind and potentially throwing you off.

Chris: I think the 2.4m Swing V2 is faster than the Strike and is more controlled on the waves, but in terms of freestyle and pumping, the 2.8m Strike is still easier to do flips with.

When would you choose the Swing V2 over the Strike? 

Morgan: I would chose the Swing V2 over the Strike if the wind is above 30mph because of the smaller size or if I really want to focus on my turns. Other than that I would pretty much always chose the Strike as its much easier to get up and jump high which is what I like to do.

Chris: I would choose the 2.4m Swing V2 for high wind ranges between 35-45 knots. 

Watch Morgan backwinding the Swing V2 2.4m.

Who would you say the Swing V2 is for? 

Morgan: I would recommend the Swing V2 to mostly just beginners as they usually don’t like going too fast right off the bat and would prefer a smoother build for speed and easier turns.

Chris: I believe the 2.4m Swing V2 is made for super high winds and to get the best wave riding experience.

Anything else you'd like to note about the Swing V2 2.4m?

Chris: The Swing V2 2.4m is made for the most extreme conditions out there. This tiny wing is incredibly balanced while riding waves and while cranking upwind. The 2.4m Swing V2 is incredibly fast and is easy to tack and jibe. 

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F-ONE BANDIT – 15th Anniversary – The Duel

By media on Aug 09, 2021 09:43 am

For 15 years the BANDIT has been kiters' best companion. When riding waves, jumping high, sending loops, climbing on the first step of a podium, learning how to waterstart or breaking world records, the BANDIT has been the ultimate kite choice.

For 15 years, the BANDIT has surprised, amazed and made riders truly stoked.

For 15 years, the F-ONE design team has never stopped improving the most-sold kite in the world.

From its creation, with the Delta C-Shape, the BANDIT has shown its uniqueness and its fantastic ability to perform in every discipline. The R&D team has continuously worked on designing the best kite which will let all riders enjoy all conditions.

For this 15th anniversary we wanted to go back to the origins of the BANDIT, and recreate the universe that inspired us in the early days of our kite.

Watch Mitu Monteiro & Liam Whaley in an ultimate confrontation, each of them fighting with their weapon of choice.

Most Wanted for 15 years and still running, the BANDIT never fails to impress!
Available Fall 2021

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