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The Spiritual Heart and
our Circles of Relationship

Come join us in this day of renewal, creativity, and revitalization based on shamanic healing practices.
In this workshop we will enter our world of relationship in the context of shamanic healing.
We will employ breath, guided meditation, art, crystals, and sand paintings to heal ourselves and the world around us.
Taoists say our consciousness, or Shen, resides in the heart.  Dysfunctions occur in our bodies as our spirit, through the channels and systems, seeks to protect this home of our consciousness.
Taoist healing practices bypass disease processes by attending directly to the source of our being.
At any stage of our life, we can benefit from bringing our awareness into this chamber where our spirit resides.
In the Andes, the idea of reciprocation, or Ayni, guides the healing process. 
When someone is not well, we look at the balance in their heart, as well as their relationship to the world.
Life is given to us freely: the air we breathe, life–giving water, the beauty of earth. When we take this for granted, or feel entitled, we become out of balance.
 What supports us in developing our wisdom and identity as humans, as mothers, as grandmothers, visionaries, healers, luminous warriors, peace-keepers?
How and what do we support?
How do we maintain these relationships?
How do we give back for all we receive?

In this workshop, we are introduced to a map of the heart that provides a tool for clarifying, balancing and healing in our lives.

Through guided meditation, we visit each of the four chambers of our hearts, becoming more aware of our home and the qualities of being we can access through each of the four chambers.
With the essence of our being rooted in our hearts, encircled in the luminosity of love, we turn our attention to the spheres of support in our lives.
 We consider how we engage with the world, our living mandala.

How do we feed these relationships which feed us?
We examine our relationship circles in the context of renewing these relationships based on unconditional love.
We will begin using crystals and/or stone as tools for healing.
Empowering them with our breath, we begin to explore ceque lines, the energetic lines that connect the energy body to the world around us, 
We use stones to facilitate clearing and strengthening these lines.


Through out this process, we create sand paintings, or mandalas, as representations of our individual universe.
These are based on the Andean sand paintings used by traditional healers. We create these to bring balance to our own lives.
Creating mandalas vitalizes our work, bringing it from the imaginal realm to the material plane. After completion, we offer it up to the spirit world again, transformed with our vision, our love, our intention.

When: Sunday,  November 18, 2018
Noon to finish, approximately 6:00 PM


For more information or to RSVP, Call  619-203-7152
Claire Didion, L.Ac.
Sacredpath Healing Center

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