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Sacred Breath Illumination: Yin and Yang in Healing with Sound, Breath and Inner Light


Join us as this Sunday, June 30, 2019 for Qi Gong and Breathwork

Why Breathwork? 

Breathing is essential to life, and attention to the breath is part of yoga, Qi Gong and other meditation systems.
Breathwork helps us access our deeper self as well as promote health and well being. Many of us go through our days with constricted breathing, and forgotten how it feels to fill up with life-giving oxygen!
Since earliest times, breath has been viewed as a crucial link between nature, the human body, the psyche and the spirit.’

* In ancient Indian – prana  means sacred essence of life, as well as physical breath and air

*  In China – Qi refers to cosmic essence and energy of life, as well as natural air we breathe with lungs
*  Japan – Ki  in martial arts and spiritual practices
*  Greece – Pneuma, meant both air and breath and spirit or essence of life and is also seen to be closely related to the psyche
*Latin – Spiritus - breath and spirit
* Hawaiin – Ha – means divine spirit, wind air and breath.  Aloha, presence of divine breath.

In this session we will explore our inner terrain in terms of yin and yang.
We will begin with basic standing Qi Gong, and then move into our Breath Illumination lying on our mats.

Space is limited, so
please RSVP at
or text to 619-203-7152

Chinese medicine is based on Taoist theories of yin and yang.
These concepts can be applied to bring balance to every area of life.

In this Sacred Breath Illumination, we utilize the power of healing with Sound, Breath and Inner Light as we explore the discernment of these primordial qualities of existence.

The Four Principles of Yin and Yang:

*Yin and Yang are opposites
*They cannot exist without each other.
*They are interdependent, always in a relationship of balance or imbalance.
*Yin and yang transform into each other

Yin and yang are evident everywhere: we have day and night; hot, and cold; earth and sky: male qualities and female qualities: action and rest; hunger and repletion; awake and asleep…desire and aversion…
The inhalation and exhalation of the breath express yin and yang…

Further examination reveals there is yin within yang, and yang within yin:
Summer is yang, winter is yin.
Autumn is the yin seed of winter as it arises from the yang of summer.

Understanding the balance of yin and yang is a lifelong study. In this introduction we begin to identify the qualities of manifestation of this duality.


Please RSVP:  619-203-7152,
Time:  7:00 - 9:30PM

Location: TBA in San Diego: Mission Valley

First time offering: $15
After that: $25-45 (Depends on location)
Sliding scale always available.

* Eat lightly before the session.
* Bring mat, pillows, blanket for comfort, and water bottle
* Snacks provided afterwards.
Claire Didion, L.Ac
Sacredpath Healing Center
Copyright © 2019 Claire Didion, acupuncturist/herbalist, All rights reserved.

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