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Come join us to create your own
New Moon Flower Essence


Each month the new moon is the time for planting seeds. This Friday we will gather to set our individual goals, planting seeds for the upcoming month. We'll each create our own flower essence formula to support us in this next stage of our evolution as self-actualized beings.

 We will use the information from our personal astrology charts to guide us in determining our new moon wishes, or intentions, for the upcoming month.
Then we will choose flower essences to support these intentions
For many of us a new year’s resolution is lost as life swiftly unfolds through the seasons. 
Reviewing and refining our intentions monthly supports our evolution in a more manageable way, so that we can fine tune our direction before we get too far off track as we move through the full cycle of the earth around the sun. 

We look at the north node of our star chart to see the direction of our destiny.  When we follow its lead as it guides us, like a lighthouse, in the most effective means for addressing our personal challenges, the universe supports us in fulfilling our life’s purpose.
The south node reflects the past.
Often it is an area of comfort, the ‘easy way’. However in order to grow as a person, we must resist the pull of old habits reflected in the south node.

Once we are clear in our intentions, we will create a formula of flower and gem essences to take home and use daily for the month to help support us on our path. 
While it is helpful to set intentions at any time,  The first 8 hours after the new moon are the most powerful for atuning us to this lunar cycle.
This window does remain open for 48 hours.
We will look at the new moon schedule for the year to set follow up sessions.

Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences
Essences work subtly to help support us on our soul’s journey.

From “The Essence of Healing’ by Steve Johnson:
We are living in exciting but difficult times. As the energy of change accelerates on our planet, we are being challenged by personal transformation on a level never encountered before. We are witnessing the disintegration of our known reality and experiencing the limbo state that comes before our new reality takes form.
From this place we are being asked to look at our shadow selves and at the polarizations within us.

Co-creative healing is a way to access the level of support we need consciously and directly from its source on the planet – the kingdoms of nature.  Co-creativity means that as creator beings, we can ask for the support we require to live our lives and do our chosen work with happiness and joy.
         It also means that as our level of service expands, we can ask for the additional support we need to continue providing this higher level of service to the world. 
*The gift of the plant kingdom is consciousness.
Flowers help us establish an inner sense of direction for soul growth.

*The mineral kingdom’s gift is stability and structure.
They provide us with the means to transform the vibrational structure of the physical body so that it can stay in harmony with consciousness as it grows and expands within the body. 

*Environmental essences’ gift is sustenance.
Through our focused intention and with the cooperation of nature, we harness powerful elementals in these essences.

Every one who is interested is welcome!

We will meet 6:30 Friday, January 24
842 East Washington Suite B
$15 for Flower essence to take home

For more information, & RSVP:
Claire Didion

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