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Leo New Moon!
Join me Thursday for

 New Moon in Leo wishes and Flower Essence blend preparation!


The new moon in Leo is exact at 10:55 Thursday morning!

he path of New Moon evolution is a path of alchemy.
The qualities of the moon signs each represent both consciously activated and unconscious, potentially disruptive qualities.


Recently, a dear friend passed.
He was a rare soul who was guided by a vision of humanity's highest possibilities, and was passionately dedicated to it.

As I reviewed the qualities associated with this new moon, I realized that he epitomized the qualities of Leo:
generous, determined, enthusiastic, loyal, joyful, benevolent and completely dedicated to his project to create in this world a vision of heaven on earth.
These are some of the most enlightened qualities of Leo moon. 

 As we contemplate our lives and steer our evolution through
our new moon intentions,
we bring to light various aspects of our evolving personality
to engage more effectively in the world.
Who doesn’t want happiness and satisfaction rather than frustration and feelings of ineffectiveness?

Each month, as the moon progresses through the signs,
but particularly at the new moon, 
new qualities of our essential selves are highlighted.

The process is not simply a month-to-month path of stepping stones, but more like weaving the interlocking stitches of our life fabric,
because wishes and intentions planted during a new moon germinate for about 6 months to blossom at the full moon of the same sign. 

(New moon signs are the same as the sun sign, and full moon signs are the opposite side of the zodiac from the sun sign)

By the nature of this process, writing the wishes down and then letting them go,
we are sending a gift to our future selves to receive in 6 months time. 
The seed is planted and the subconscious does the work, as is the nature of creative processes.

And as we return our attention daily to the continuous rhythm
of inhalation and exhalation of breath,
we remain close to the source of life and consciousness,
and less likely to lose ourselves in distractions and negative emotions
throughout the cycles of our lives.

With our new moon wishes, we have the opportunity to choose to emphasize the more positive aspects of these qualities in ourselves.
Certainly, we can all benefit from it!

The Fire of sunny Leo energizes us after the cooling depths of watery Cancer.
It rises and helps release us from drudgery, worries and a sense of contraction,
and it gives us focus and strength of purpose to follow through on our aspirations and goals.


Join me Thursday, July 28 at 6:00 PM for new moon wishes and to make a flower essence blend.

If you would like more information on Leo New Moon wishes,
and you do not have Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology book,
email me at

Please purchase
Jan Spiller's NEW MOON ASTROLOGY on Kindle for specific instructions.
For those interested in making a flower essence formula for this month,
please RSVP

Claire Didion, L.Ac.

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