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Flower Essences for the New Moon & Sacred Breath Illumination

The Tibetan New Year, Losar, is one month after the Chinese new year. 
The holiday begins earlier in February, and last 15 days until the new moon.
So we have yet another opportunity to pay attention to this auspicious entry into a new 60 year era. 
It is a good time to pay attention to what is coming to an end at this time of your life, freeing space and energy for what new dreams are ready to unfold.


We have 2 dates for February to add to your calendar!

New moon Flower Essence Preparation Workshop
Monday, February 24, 7 PM


Sacred Breath Illumination
Friday, February 28, 6:30 PM

We are continuing our monthly Flower Essence Preparation workshops!
This month the new moon in San Diego is early on Sunday morning, February 23, 7:33 AM. 

Since this is also the Tibetan New Year, I’ll be celebrating that, so we won’t make our essences until Monday evening at 7:00.

I am so happy to share this process with you!
It has been one of the practices that has helped me stay grounded on my personal healing path and to be focused in my assistance of others.
It is so simple and lovely and powerful!

The best time to make your new moon wishes or affirmations is during the first 8 hours following the new moon.
The 48 hours following are still potent, but the first 8 hours are considered the best.  
I recommend you make your new moon wishes on your own preceding the session on Monday night and bring them to the workshop,
We’ll use those to guide us in making our flower essence formulas for this month.

If you read last month’s email, you’ll recall that the new moon affirmations are based on your north node. 
Please contact me prior to Sunday if you are interested, and I will help you find your north node and send you the information you need to help write your affirmations.

Or, even better, buy Jan Spiller’s 'New Moon Astrology' and you’ll have it for yourself.

In this book she helps you determine your nodes and explains how to make affirmations specifically for you, and why.
Her book, 'Astrology for the Soul' goes into more detail about the north nodes, but she hasn't yet developed the affirmations or 'wishes' in it.

Having your new moon affirmations already written - at least a few of them - will facilitate the process.
Last month it took 3 of us 3 hours for the entire session:
explaining the process, writing our affirmations; learning to use the pendulum; and  finally putting together our essence formulas.
I hope to streamline the process this month by preparing the affirmations ahead of time, preferably in the prime first 8 hours after the new moon on Sunday morning, 

So join us and please RSVP!
New Moon Flower Essence Preparation Workshop
Monday, February 24, 7 PM

$15 donation requested.

Claire Didion

842 Washington St, B
San Diego, 92103


Sacred Breath Illumination
Friday, February 28, 6:30 PM

Our Sacred Breath Illumimation this month will be on Friday, February 28th.
I will send an email with more details soon!

Claire Didion
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