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Chinese Medicine Corona-Virus Treatments, Medicinal Smoke, March Calendar


Late in January the Chinese government issued a recommendation to use Chinese medicine to treat pneumonia due to corona virus.

In addition to fighting the virus, traditional Chinese medicine herbal formulas are effective in preventing sickness and treating the development of pneumonia.
Treatments of this kind of condition are taught in all California Chinese Medicine schools,
so any acupuncturist should be able to help you.
(Read the entire article here)

Four phases of development and resolution of the virus have been identified.  Once you know which phase, the necessary treatment plan is easy to follow.

The four phases are:


Prevention Phase
Acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbs are used for the prevention phase. The herbs mainly consist of a variation of a formula called ‘Jade Wind Screen’, which protects the lungs and helps the immune system resist infections. It is a formula I commonly use at the seasonal transition into autumn to strengthen immunity. Other herbs and amino acids - basic nutrition -  help prevent infection as well.

Influenza Phase
This phase is the onset of a cold or flu: fever, chills, cough, ticklish throat, body aches, headache and weakness.
Once you develop these symptoms, it is not too late to seek treatment. Chinese medicine practitioners are trained to treat this stage of symptoms to prevent  the development of bronchitis and pneumonia.

Unfortunately, every year many people call to cancel appointments because they’ve developed the flu, and either a) they don’t want to get me sick, or b) they’re resigned to follow its course. 
Don’t do that this year. 

“History and experience prove that Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective against epidemic diseases. 
From the Western Han Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, at least 321 large-scale plagues occurred in China. Chinese medicine has served to wage life-and-death battles against various plagues consistently through time and has successfully contained the spread of epidemics in a limited area and time.
 There has never been a tragedy in China's history similar to the Spanish flu or the Black Death in Europe.  These are global plagues that killed tens of millions of people."


Pneumonia Phase
Signs of developing pneumonia are more severe coughing and chest symptoms, and feeling sicker all around. People often are weaker, lose appetite, and just feel bad.
Even if you receive antibiotics for treatment, acupuncture and herbs can help you get through this phase much more quickly and completely resolve the pneumonia.

Recovery Phase
As you recover you may still feel weak and not well. There are specific treatments and formulas to help your body recover depleted energy and functions. 
This is also a phase that is important not to ignore. Many people assume they will automatically recover, but often they don't completely recover before catching another flu.  *And, recent immunology research reveals that unresolved pathogens can lead to development of autoimmunity.


We are at the seasonal transition from winter to spring. The flow of energy within our bodies is shifting from deeper, more dormant rest, and beginning to rise quickly.  Our bodies are also ready to begin a natural detoxification process.  This can complicate symptoms at every phase.

Seasonal transitions are an important time to come in for acupuncture tune up. 
Please don't hesitate to visit your acupuncturist for a seasonal tune-up, even if you aren't feeling symptoms.



Smudging and Medicinal Smoke
If you want to get an edge on preventing bacterial infections, studies reveal that smudging and other medicinal smokes are beneficial.
Medicinal smokes such as incense, artemisia, and sage have been used for centuries both as medicines and for aerial purification. Studies of these include multi ingredient incenses as well as herbs used individually. The most common uses of medicinal smokes are dermatological and respiratory.
The herbs in the studies are commonly used in Africa, Asia, India, and the Americas.
One study shows a 94% reduction in aerial bacteria count for 1 hour, and that the disinfectant effect was maintained up to 24 hours in a closed room.  After 30 days, the air was still free of many of the bacteria usually present.
Read the articles here:
1, 2, 3

The benefits from smoke exceed those of using essential oils in a humidifier. 
Some of the most familiar medicinal smokes:
Palo Santo
"Throughout recorded history, humans have used the smoke of medicinal plants to cure illness. A sculpture from Persepolis shows Darius the Great t (522–486 BC), the king of Persia with two censers in front of him for burning Peganum harmala, and/or Sandalwood, which was believed to protect the king from evil and disease.
More than 300 plant species in 5 continents are used in smoke form for different diseases.
As a method of drug administration, smoking is important as it is a simple, inexpensive, but very effective method of extracting particles containing active agents. More importantly, generating smoke reduces the particle size to a microscopic scale thereby increasing the absorption of its active chemical principles" Wikipedia, Health Benefits of Smoke

Sacred Breath Illumination: Breathwork Dates
New Moon Flower Essence

March New Moon Flower Essence Workshop is Wednesday March 25. Please RSVP

I am also offering this as individual session for those who can't attend the group.

This month we are fortunate to have 2 breathwork sessions scheduled.  Both will be at Aimee Freeman's StillSpace in Mission Valley.
More information will follow:
Please RSVP!

Sacred Breath Illumination

Sunday, March 15, 6:30 PM
Friday, March 27, 7:00PM

Claire Didion


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