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This Friday Morning & Sunday Evening!
New Moon
in Aries and Spring Equinox Treasure Map! 

New Beginnings! The Spring Equinox is the New Year in many countries! 
So Happy New Year to all!

We make our New Moon wishes, or intentions, for
Aries on April 1 after 1:26 AM.
This first new moon after the Spring equinox is also the optimal time to make a Treasure Map!

So, because, I will be in the desert for the New Moon,
I’ll host a Spring Magical Vision Board/Treasure Map event

Sunday, April 3, in Hillcrest.

We will gather and prepare with a guided meditation to access through our intuitions, our deeper, unarticulated desires, and to divine our personal direction for the coming year.
The stars' and planets' movement, as well as world events
and our personal lives all influence our development.
So we are not exactly the same person this year as we were last year, 10 years ago,
or even last week. 

These practices,
- New Moon Wishes and Spring Equinox Treasure Map - 
help us access the wealth of our inner experiences to inform and direct our evolution.

And what are we evolving into?
We evolve to fearlessly express our most brilliant, illuminated selves in order to share our gifts joyously with a world which so dearly needs them!



Treasure Map Spring Equinox 2021
A Treasure map is a collage of images which our intuition identifies
as speaking to our subconscious. 
Through stilling the mind, we allow our intuition to guide us in choosing visual images which will continue to inspire us through the next year of moons.
We will gather magazines, old calendars, anything with evocative photos and other visual art, and surround ourselves with images and symbols which speak to our sense of who we are unfolding, or awakening into.
For those who wish to prepare a new moon tincture, Flower Essences will be available as well on Sunday.


The qualities associated with the new moon in Aries include
new beginnings, self-focus, honesty & authenticity,
self-discovery, independence, courage, and releasing self-absorption.
reas of health governed by Aries are anything related to the
head, face and eyes.

For those who are new to new moon wishes and flower essences, please contact me before Thursday for detailed information!

How to prepare:
1. Write your new moon wishes in the morning on April 1. The first 8 hours after the exact new moon is most potent, but the first 48 hours is still strong, so in California, that is in the morning before 9:30.
  • If you have the book, “New Moon Astrology’, by Jan Spiller, follow the instructions for new moon in Aries and your north node signs.
  • If you don’t have the book, contact me and I will send you the information you need.
  • Gather colorful magazines, catalogues, and old calendars to bring. Please bring 2 magazines to share PLUS an extra which especially inspires you. After you’ve used that one, you can share it if you wish.
  • I will bring poster board, scissors, glue, pens, and more magazines and calendars.
    • Good places to find magazines and calendars are newsstands and bookstores.
    • Make your new moon wishes for the month on Friday or Saturday, but do not write down anything specific for the vision board: we let our choice of pictures at the time of the project reveal to us our desires for the year. People are often surprised at what they create and how the year following year unfolds!


Please RSVP!
Sunday, April 3 4:00-about 7:00 PM
$35 donation requested
* Contact me regarding Covid safety
* And to give me your birth information for New Moon wishes.
I use your birth information to help determine specific aspects of life that influence your wishes.

Please purchase and/or download
Jan Spiller's NEW MOON ASTROLOGY on Kindle for New Moon wishes.
If you can't join us, this will help you determine what to wish for!

We'll meet at the office, at
842 East Washington Suite B

Session is approximately 3 hours

For more information, & RSVP:
Claire Didion, L.Ac.

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