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Calendar for the New Year!

 Sacred Breath Illumination

This is the beginning of a new 12-year and 60-year cycle:
the beginning of a new era.
The Rat leads the return of the 12 year cycle through the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and the Metal or 'White' Rat begins the entire 60 year cycle. Thus it is a powerful, auspicious time for renewal.

As the start of another decade, this is also an especially important year for new beginnings and new possibilities.

"It is time to bring out new ideas, new plans and to
say yes to new opportunities. It is a good year for reinvention and starting over.
It is also the start of another decade, all of which makes it an especially important year for
new beginnings and new possibilities.
It is time to bring out new ideas, new plans and
say yes to new opportunities. It is a good year for reinvention and starting over."

Year of the Rat Forecast by Lillian Bridges

Sacred Breath Illumination:
Breathing into our Energetic Blueprint to release unconscious tendencies, access our actual design, and renew our commitment to life.

We utilize ideas and symbology from the I Ching, the Book of Changes, to begin to engage in conversation with the creative force of the universe.
Moving through the energetic structures of our body, we release habitual tendencies which we no longer need which are imprinted there.

Quieting our mind through meditation allows us to listen to the voice of wisdom of the universe in the silences of nature.

Chinese medicine is rooted in Taoism, a life philosophy based on observations of nature, the stars, and cycles of change. 
Through this view we learn to engage consciously, to self-actualize as intelligent beings within an intelligent universe.
Part of this process is to become aware of and to release limitations imposed by our social and familial programming.

Many of us move forward in life incessantly, rarely looking back to reflect on how we got where we are. 
We do not realize the weight and debris we've accumulated in our psyche and energy body, or how it contributes to fatigue, low motivation, or illness.
Taking time to breathe, reassess our condition, listen to nature and the stars, we naturally release that which blocks our sense of freedom and autonomy.


Classes and workshops offered at Sacred Path Healing Center are designed to support our mindful engagement in the trajectory of our lives, individually and globally, by teaching skills and tools for understanding and mastering being present in our energy body.
These practices which support our experience on planet earth are Shamanic in nature, and have parallels in Shamanic practices from many traditions.
They complement other modalities we use on our evolutionary journey.
We tend to think of healing as a one-time event, however it is a long-term commitment to a path of harmony and integration.
It is a path we do not deter from throughout our lives, and to the end, we never lack for opportunities to choose light and wholeness.
Claire Didion, Sacredpath Healing Center

Join us!
Everyone Must RSVP: 619-203-7152

Sacred Breath Illumination
January 26, 2020   6:00-9:00 PM

Please dress comfortably:
Bring pillow, blanket and yoga mat.

Tea and snacks will follow the session.

We call on our spiritual teachers, our inner healer, our spirit guides, anyone or anything we feel supports us for healing and guidance, knowing that we can put our faith in them…
And we trust ourselves and o
ur own inner process.
         Within this context, we establish a conversation, listen deeply, intuitively, understanding the unconditional love that we have for ourselves.

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