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April 28th Weekly Update from Hope
Stick around after church on Sunday for a delicious and comforting grilled cheese & tomato soup lunch! This Adult Ministry-hosted event aims to raise funds to support the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. In addition to the freewill lunch, ‘HOPE for Ukraine’ wrist bands will be for sale. Monies raised will be passed on to the ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response for the Eastern Europe Crisis initiative. If you've signed-up to donate food, there will be a cooler outside the kitchen door for drop off in the event the church is closed.
We are called to foster relationship with Christ…
    Last Sunday, in honor of Thomas the disciple who had some questions, I asked the kids about their questions during the children’s sermon. They had some great questions! Why is life so complicated? Why did Jesus die? How is God in every church on Sunday morning? Contrary to what we might think, doubt and questions can be an important tool for deepening our relationship with Christ. It shows we’re taking this relationship seriously. Curiosity is a gift from God.
    The kids got us off to a great start. I want to invite the adults into this endeavor too. I’m making a box where you can deposit all your questions about all things related to God and church. (No difficult math questions please.) I will do my best to answer your questions in weekly updates or in upcoming sermons this summer. I look forward to being curious together!
Pastor Beth
(608) 509-5603
    The Mountain-of-Food campaign will be running for the entire month of May. Folks of the congregation who wish to participate can deposit their monetary donations in the collection plate at church or by sending them to the church office. Please be sure to specify that the donations are for ‘Mountain of Food’ either in the memo space on the check or a note in the envelope. All monies collected are split between 3 area Food Pantries in Cottage Grove, McFarland, and Monona. Envelopes will be available.
 Campout at Hope is Saturday to Sunday this weekend! Check-in is any time after noon on 
Saturday, April 30th with checkout on Sunday, May 1st.
 Saturday, April 30th   Sunday, May 1st 
Games, Fellowship & Campfire
5-6 pm: Dinner
6:30-7 pm: Evening Devotions
More Games, Fellowship & Campfire
Campfire & Coffee
Church Service
Games & Fellowship
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Lunch
Travel trailers, pop-ups, 5th wheels & motor homes will set up on pavement. Tents can be set up on the grass. No camping equipment? No worries! Come for the dinner, devotions, campfire & games!
🙏 Prayers
    Please let us know how we can pray for you. Each weekly update will share the prayer requests that come in during the week. We encourage people to lift up these prayer concerns in their prayers at home, and we will pray for these people at our Sunday service. Contact Marcie with any prayer requests you would like included for the week. This week we pray for:
    -- Family of Doris Marks;
    -- John Clayton;
    -- Connor Keith;
    -- Wendy Tiede.

  Circle Notes:  

  • Mary Circle will meet on Tuesday, May 10th at 1:30 pm. Patty Keip will serve as hostess and the Bible study will be led by Mary Ackerman.
  • Sarah Circle is set to meet at 8:30 am on Wednesday, May 11th at Jean Lande’s home. Janet will serve as hostess and Carol will lead the Bible study.
  • There will not be a Rebekah gathering in May.
The spring Adopt-a-Highway clean-up will take place Saturday, May 21st. People of all ages are invited to participate. We will meet at the Heartland Chiropractic parking lot on Cottage Grove Road (Highway BB) at 9 am. Wear appropriate clothes, shoes and bring gloves. We will be cleaning a stretch of Cottage Grove Road from Vilas Hope Road to Southing Grange in Cottage Grove. Look for a sign-up sheet in Neemann Hall.
Mother’s Day   
    Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th this year. To recognize and honor mothers of all ages, the HLCW is sponsoring Mother’s Day Recognition with a special gift for all the mothers of Hope. As an additional bonus, the Sunday School Musical will be presented at the 9:30 am service! Don’t miss this special day!
🎹 Sunday School Spring Musical
Spring is right around the corner and with it is the annual Spring Musical put on by Jenna Mood and the Sunday School kids! This year’s musical, “The Parable Podcast” will be performed on Sunday, May 8th at 9:30 am. It falls on Mother’s Day, so this entertaining performance will be a wonderful bonus for all the moms! 🎶
🌷🌼🌸 2022 Flower & Eternal Light Sign-up
    The sign-up for altar flowers and eternal light for the remainder of 2022 is posted on the bulletin board. Sponsorship of the eternal light is $20 per month.
HLCW Bazaar Meeting
Discussion on How to Proceed After the Pandemic
May 16, 2022 @ 6 pm
This special meeting is to discuss:
  • IF we are having a Bazaar as conducted in years past?
  • are there other alternatives to consider?
  • what guidelines have to be considered?
  • do we have enough participation to conduct such an event?
These are all questions to consider. In addition to the HLCW Unit Board and all women of Hope, ANYONE and EVERYONE with ideas or thoughts about the future of the Bazaar are encouraged to come and chime-in! To move forward in 2022 it’s important to consider the possibilities of a ‘post-pandemic’ 2022 Bazaar or something that may be a little different!
8 am - Traditional Worship (see bulletin HERE)
9:30 am Contemporary Worship w/Sunday School
(projected order of service only)
Sunday School kids to be released following communion.
Or watch at 9 am LIVE or anytime following at
Grief Workshop Series Set at St. Patrick’s in Cottage Grove
Peggy Weber, an area grief facilitator and speaker, is holding a multi-session workshop beginning Wednesday, May 11th. For three Wednesday evenings (May 11, 18 and 25) from 6 to 8 pm she will speak on the Grief Process and the Healing Grief Journey. Recognizing that all deal with grief in their own way, she uses her knowledge and experience to help others process and move through grief. Attendance at all three sessions is ideal. To register, please call St. Patrick parish at (608) 839-3969.
Hope’s Stewardship Ministry
An excerpt from “Stewards of God’s Love” (a year-round guide to stewardship in congregations):

Stewardship encompasses so much more than money. It is a way of life. It is the way in which we use all of the resources that God has entrusted to our care so that we can love God and neighbor. Stewardship is about love.  This is the message Hope’s Stewardship Ministry hopes to share with the members of Hope.  The ministry will meet in May (date and time not yet determined but will be posted in the weekly announcements).  If you want to be part of this ministry, contact Carol Duffy (Ministry Chair) at 608-244-6924;
5/1 – Dennis Opheim
5/4 – Doris Stapelmann
         Katrina Stephan
5/5 – Cassandra Fry, Gena Hughes
5/7 – Hilda Harder
5/9 – Simon Mood
5/11 – Cameron Ryan
5/12 – Scott Burmeister
5/14 – John Marty, Joe Molstad
5/15 – Jason Borchert
           Kelly Haberli
5/17 – Connie Lauer
5/21 – Patsy Harvey
5/22 – Millie Fulton
5/23 – Gretchen Buss
5/25 – Tricia Keip-Teed
           Jerry Scheffler, Finley Wills
5/26 – Jean Brown, Brian Gessling
           Deb Wogsland
5/27 – Scott Borchert, Ella Ecker
5/28 – Spencer Beckwith
           Nick Hoberg, Dakota Viken
5/29 – Carter Ryan
5/30 – Lily Ring
5/31 – Colleen Thomas
           Samantha Ward
           Paul Wendricks
5/1 – Laurie Halzel
         Kyan Kratochwill, Jeff Lauer,
         Emily Wollin
5/3 – Gary Hanson,
         Madison Moser
         Mark Wendricks
5/4 – Deanna & Jason Borchert
         Sarah Clark, Norma Hanson
5/6 – Margaret Hansen
5/9 – Nicholas Haberli,
         Carmen Harder
         Mackenzie Moser
5/11 – Rachel Lauer
5/12 – Jadee Christiansen
5/13 – Molly Bakker
5/14 – Becky & Noah Dockter
5/15 – Ruth Grady, Kayla Ring
5/16 – Emma Hermsdorf
5/17 – Jack Powell
5/18 – Karen Puccio
5/19 – Vivian Knobeck
5/20 – Gerald Rodefeld
5/21 – Leon Orvold
5/26 – J.D. Molstad
5/27 – Kim Smith, Kyle Stephan
5/29 – Dick Lande

Sign up HERE or on the table in Neemann Hall.
Facebook at 8 am: 9 peak live viewers and 21 viewers overall during or at some point following for longer than 1 minute.
Facebook at 9:30 am: 4 peak live viewers and 8 viewers overall during or at some point following for longer than 1 minute.
Sanctuary Worship: 53 (29 @ 8 am; 24 @ 9:30 am)
Thank you for your continued support! Ways to financially support Hope:
  1. Bring your offering to worship on Sunday mornings;
  2. mail in offering envelopes;
  3. use Hope's secure website ( and scroll to the bottom of the home page);
  4. send in a 'Simply Giving' electronic giving form also found on Hope’s website or this link: 'Simply Giving' form.
  5. use your smartphone by texting the amount you wish to give to 608 480-1681.

Council Meeting Minutes of April 18, 2022

Present: Gary Gausmann, Matt Kuehl, Donna Niesen-Campbell, Pastor Beth, Gregg Burmeister, Troy Freemyer, Linda Marks, Dan Harvey, Sonja Jensen, Carol Duffy.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm.
Pastor Beth shared an Easter devotion about Mary finding the tomb empty, and Jesus rising from the tomb.

-- VP Report: Marcie will be off May 10-15. The new cleaning staff were working tonight.
-- President's Report: attendance increased greatly during Lent and Easter. Gary was very pleased with the efforts by everyone to promote Lent and welcome many people back to church.
-- Treasurer's Report: Jane will be stepping down as treasurer due to medical concerns. Matt reported that we are $10,000 over budget in our giving and we are $5,000 under budget in spending and we are doing well. Our financial status is $25,450 in the checking account. We received $5300 during Holy Week and $6700 from the landfill's yearly payment. January was a great month financially, and February and March were good as well.

-- May 1 at 10:30 will be a soup and sandwich fundraiser for Ukraine put on by the Adult Ministry.
-- May 8 at the 9:30 service will be a children's musical.
-- May 15 is the Fireside trip.
-- May 22 is Music Appreciation at both worship services.
Consensus was that we will just take a short break during the meeting and just keep the meeting moving along.


Gary would like all committees to schedule meetings so meeting reports can be turned in. It was suggested that we have 1 night per month as a Committee Meeting night. There was discussion about some committee members preferring daytime meetings. We'll discuss more at the May meeting.

Youth Ministry: Dan reported that a youth retreat is in the planning stages.

Stewardship Committee: Carol submitted names for the committee: Shannon Reich, Linda Marks, Jeff Lauer, Rita Sawatzky, Matt Kuehl, and Jane Rudie. Matt made a motion to approve, Sonja seconded, motion passed.

Worship Committee: Sonja submitted names for the committee: Pastor Beth, Margie Moore, Judith Mueller, Karen Poley, Shane Reich, Mary Ackerman, and Nelson Wendricks. Matt made a motion to approve, Carol seconded, motion passed.

Faith in Action: Linda submitted names for the committee: Diana Tonn, Carol Wendricks, Denise Snorek, Elaine Haefer, Holli Viken, and Donna Niesen-Campbell. Motion was made to approve, seconded, motion passed.
Property Committee: Greg submitted names for the committee: Mary Ackerman, Matt Duffy, Dan Harvey, Matt Kuehl, Margie Moore, Joe Nemec, and Rita Sawatzky all as returning members

Adult Ministry: Troy reported that there will be a soup and sandwich dinner following church on May 1 and there will also be bracelets for sale, either for a donation or included with dinner. Carol said that the money raised at the Lenten noon meals this year is normally given to Lutheran World Relief, but could donate it to the Ukraine fundraiser instead.


-- We will continue watching the Covid statistics and adjust our mask policy as needed.
-- Pastor Beth said that no new initiatives came from the Post-It survey at this time.
-- Lenten service attendance was way up and very successful. Easter service online views were also higher than normal, and attendance was 66 at the early service and 72 at the late service. Everyone agreed that the Easter service music was exceptional!
-- Gary asked that we all go through the Policy and Procedures Manual for questions and comments before the next meeting.
-- The church campout only had 2 families sign up.
-- Gary updated on the solar farm that no dates were given for start and finish. But they are also moving 50' farther away from the church lot line.


-- Is it possible to have both a visual and audio person in the tech booth? We agreed it was a good idea, but very difficult to schedule 2 people. It also might be time to update the equipment. We will work on staffing first, then look into new equipment.
-- Madison Police will be using the church parking lot in July for training.
-- We will further discuss at the May meeting events that our church can participate in. Gary suggested antique fire truck rides, by a friend of his who volunteered.
-- Carol reported for the Historical Preservation Committee. They had suggestions for possibilities for displaying all the relics from their explorations:
     a) possible renovation of the garage, including heat, lighting, etc. which would be costly.
     b) using the library shelves, covered with Plexiglas.
     c) shelves outside Marcie's office covered with Plexiglas.
There are many, many papers which could be laminated. The historical items would be great to use for a scavenger hunt on Rally Sunday. It was discussed on how to reinvent dead spaces as possibilities for displays.

-- We discussed the summer format for Church Council meetings. Troy made a motion that we do not meet in July, as was customary in the past, Pastor Beth seconded, motion carried. June and August will meet as scheduled.
-- We will schedule a Church Council Retreat in September, centered on our mission statement, and meet for a half day on a Saturday at a different church.

Dan made a motion to adjourn, Carol seconded, motion passed.
Meeting adjourned with the Lord's Prayer at 8:15 pm.

Minutes recorded and submitted by Donna Niesen-Campbell

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