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May-June, 2021
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2021 Summer Learning Opportunities Schedule Now Available
Learn Video Production This Summer, In-Person and Hands-On
New Leaders Join Board – Meet John Glassco and Doug Sainsbury
The Video Club Needs YOU
“Goldie Awards” Among Video Club Programs on Village TV in May and June
Short Film Showcase #17 Set for June 7
Deadline for Submitting Short Dramatic Scripts Is August 27


2021 Summer Learning Opportunities Schedule Now Available

Click here to view or download the Schedule.

The Video Club has issued its first-ever Summer Learning Opportunities Schedule to “keep the ball rolling” as, hopefully, the COVID-19 shutdown winds down. The Summer Schedule's most exciting feature is a series of 10 “hands-on” Video Production Classes to be taught by Dr. Tom Nash in the Video Studio, starting Tuesday, June 8, from 10-11:30 am! Yes, the Video Studio is now open on a limited basis!! (But not the Video Lab – at least not yet.) Video Production classes will be held most Tuesday mornings during June, July, and August. 

Click here to learn more about Tom's class and how to enroll. Enrollment will be limited.
The June-August Schedule also includes:
  • Short Film Showcase #17, Monday, June 7 at 1 pm via Zoom – the last to be offered until September.
  • Apple Forum, Wednesday, June 9 at 1 pm via Zoom – the last to be offered until September.
  • Corel VideoStudio Forum (formerly “PC Forum),” Monday, June 21 and Monday, July 19 at 10 am via Zoom – the last to be offered until September.
  • Video One Productions meetings on second and fourth Fridays (June 11 and 25, July 9 and 23, and August 13 and 27) at 1 pm via Zoom.
  • (Tentative) Annual Summer BBQ, Thursday, August 19, 5 pm, Pocket Park outside Video Lab – details TBA.
To receive an invitation to any Zoom event, except Video One Productions, send your name, email, phone number, and name of activity to For information about Video One Productions or a link to attend a meeting, contact Facilitator Fred Harshbarger,
The Schedule was planned under the leadership of Vice President Tom Nash, head of the Video Club's Learning Opportunities Committee. Committee members are Marsha Berman, Stephanie Brasher, Betsy Martin, and Lucy Parker. If you have a topic you'd like addressed next fall through a Video Club class, please let Tom know at


Learn Video Production This Summer, In-Person and Hands-On

To celebrate being back in the Video Studio – and to strengthen our individual and team-based shooting skills – Dr. Tom Nash will offer a series of 10 “hands-on” Video Production Classes, starting Tuesday, June 8, from 10-11:30 am in the Video Studio. Classes will be held most Tuesday mornings during June, July, and August.
Topics to be covered will be lighting, camera, staff roles in a video shoot, microphones and audio mixer, switcher use 1, green screen, switcher use 2 (incorporating green screen techniques), prompter use (two sessions), and artificial backgrounds. See the summary below.


How to attend: Since COVID-19 restrictions limit use of the Video Studio to 10 persons, pre-registration is recommended. Walk-ins will be accepted when space is available. As in the past, the charge for Video Club classes is $5 per session, collected at the first class meeting.
To pre-enroll for the series of 10 Video Production classes ($50) or individual sessions ($5 ea.), email Dr. Tom Nash at
Non-members are invited to join the Video Club at the first class session. Membership for Laguna Woods Village residents is $15 a year for one person, $20 for two at the same address; non-residents are $20 for one person, $30 for two at the same address.

Click here to view the website post about these classes.


New Leaders Join Board – Meet John Glassco and Doug Sainsbury

John Glassco and Doug Sainsbury were welcomed by President Steve Carman as new members of the Video Club Board of Directors at its May 5 meeting. John is our new YouTube Administrator with special focus on uploading more and better videos to the club's YouTube channel – and making all the videos more accessible. Doug will serve in the new position of Globe Liaison, with special emphasis on better informing residents about shows produced by Video One Productions for Village TV. BTW – many of these shows later become available on the Village TV YouTube channel. Doug will also provide the Globe Tech Section with weekly information about classes and other club activities.

NOTE: New on Our YouTube Channel
Take a look at John Glassco's March 18 General Meeting Zoom presentation, “Stop-Motion Animation,” – along with Video One Productions Facilitator Fred Harshbarger's April 15 General Meeting Zoom presentation on “What to Bring on Your African Video Safari.” Thanks to John Glassco for posting these and other new videos. To visit our club YouTube channel anytime, go to and enter “Video Club of Laguna Woods” in the search bar. Then, click on our club logo in the search results.

John Glassco
A Laguna Niguel resident, John addressed our March 18 General Meeting via Zoom on “A Brief Venture into the World of Stop Motion Animation” and was a 2021 Video Club Goldies Award winner for his short animated video, “Lego Houdini.” He replaces longtime club member Chuck Hale in the YouTube Administrator position. For many years, Chuck taught club classes on video editing, Windows photo and file management, and “Introduction to YouTube.” He and his wife Barbara are currently on an extended automobile tour of the United States. 
John joined the Video Club, he says, to “(keep) my hand in this wonderful creative art” and has “enjoyed working on the ‘Beyond the Gates’ TV show as a photographer and Segment Producer.” A retired pathologist/molecular oncologist in the San Fernando Valley, John was a Senior Attending Physician at UCLA. He and a creative partner got into stop-motion animation in 1970-71, later forming Paraglass Productions.

Sometimes known as “Doc Hollywood,” John also spent years in the entertainment industry as a medical/science consultant for movies and television and was the principle medical consultant for the Star Trek TV shows, starting from the 7th season of Next Generation though the last episode of Voyager. He has produced several documentaries, including a four-part miniseries on travel to Austria and one on outdoor filming locations for the movie “Sound of Music.” He's currently working on a documentary about Beethoven.

Doug Sainsbury 
Born and raised near Chicago, writer and Village resident Doug Sainsbury graduated from Ernest Hemingway’s alma mater, Oak Park-River Forest High School. He earned a BA in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and later a JD from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kent Law School. During the 1960s, world events shaped a chapter in his life, leading to a tour in the Army and 14 months in Vietnam. Doug's main assignments were Battalion Legal Specialist and Public Information Officer (War Correspondent - News Reporter and Photographer).

After military service, Doug spent 40 years in the consumer credit and banking industries – the last nine years as Managing Examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. In 2011, Doug retired to Southern California to be closer to his children and to pursue his lifelong dream of writing fiction. And write fiction he did – producing three novels in an action-adventure series, followed by a new novel set in the world of high finance! Doug has also joined a screenwriting group led by Video Club member Gila Zalon in Laguna Woods Village, where he is adapting some of his work as screenplays. 

Doug's first novel, Intrusion, published in 2014, introduces Jeremy Chambers, a man whose world is turned upside down when a mysterious force takes over his life, triggering a potential international crisis. The FBI protects Jeremy from Russian assassins, and he discovers he has strange new powers. In Doug's second novel, Phantasm (2017), Jeremy has disappeared, and his wife and family have moved on with their lives. But when his wife is targeted by thugs, Jeremy is enticed back into the open, beginning a mysterious new chain of events. Emergence (2018), Doug's third Jeremy Chambers novel, finds the Russian mob in Chicago preying on Jeremy's friends. Using his special abilities to help his friends, Jeremy finds that the invisible forces which empower him also threaten to destroy his life.

In his most recent novel, Trillions (2020), Doug took a new direction when Chicago financial executive David Knight finds a huge deposit in his checking account – source unknown. A mistake? Drug cartels? Organized crime? The bank and Federal agencies investigate possible national security issues. A furtive woman tries to drive a wedge between Dave and his fiancee. Dave goes to work for a mysterious neighbor. And a portal in cyberspace challenges the FBI in tracing the funds. Struggling to normalize his life, Dave wonders when this fiasco will end.

If you'd like to explore these imaginative worlds further, contact Doug at about obtaining copies of his books.


In 2019, the Video Club was growing fast – signing up 132 new members. We ended the year with a 212-member total! Last year, during the COVID-19 shutdown, total membership dropped to 145 (33 of them new). And as of our May 5 Board Meeting, 72 members had joined or re-joined for 2021. At the same time in 2019, that number was 153 – so the shutdown continues its impact. 

Let's turn this around!
Many of you know how hard we've worked during the pandemic to bring you on-line Zoom classes (all free, reducing our normal income from that source). We also continued our Short Film Showcases, Forums, and General Meetings on Zoom – keeping the momentum of who we are as a Video Club moving forward. And several of our videographers – unable to access our shuttered Video Studio – have used their own equipment to record and present shows of interest to all of us on Village TV. We hope you are as excited as we are to return to our Studio and, soon, to our Lab so we can pick up the pace where we left off more than a year ago.    
  • Please consider rejoining us by renewing your membership if you have not already renewed this year!
  • Those who are not members, please consider supporting the Video Club with a 2021 membership!  
Click here for the 2021 Video Club Membership Form which you can print out, complete and mail with your check to Membership Director Marsha Berman at the address listed on the form.  Clubs operate on membership dues; our dues are minimal – only $15 for a resident, $20 for two in the same household; $20 for a non-resident and $30 for two in the same household.   
'Goldie Awards' Among Video Club Programs on Village TV in May and June

Click here for more information on the club website about all Video Club-related shows on Village TV in May and June, 2021.
The Video Club’s “2021 Goldies Awards,” an hour-long compilation of all 10 of the 4-minute entries in the Video Club's Annual Short Video Contest, along with interviews with the three winners, airs on Village Television Sundays at 2:30 pm throughout May. The show was produced and edited by Suzanne Savlov. Light-hearted commentary is provided by hosts Susan Wheeler and Bill Hemburger.
The contest, open to club members, was held via Zoom on February 18, with top awards going to Stephanie Brasher, first place, for “The Brig Pilgrim”; John Glassco, second place, for “Lego Houdini”; and Don Hill, third place, for “The Year 2020 in 4 Minutes.” Fifty-two participants attended with members present voting for the awards – which were dubbed “Goldies” in 2020 in honor of the club's benefactor, the Golden Rain Foundation, as well as club members themselves – “golden oldies.”
This year’s offerings were varied, including a stop-motion animation, a travelogue highlighting lions at rest and play in Africa, and a mini-documentary focusing on lighthouses along the Oregon coast. 
A “surprise” video was played during the vote-counting, when Vice President Tom Nash introduced Nikol Ivanova, a 15-year-old photography student from Bulgaria, who had submitted a two-minute video, having heard about the contest through her photography school. Although, as a non-member, Nikol was not not eligible to compete, she was up at 5 am Bulgarian time to attend the Zoom meeting. In her video, “Passion,” a young girl plays the piano and shares her love for music.
Normally the Short Video Contest is the centerpiece of an elegant sit-down banquet, complete with live music and wine at every table. This year would have been the club's 11th Annual Awards Banquet, according to President Steve Carman, who emceed the evening on Zoom, describing the 2021 crop of entries as “some of the best ever.” Actual presentation of the Goldies may take place at the club's Annual Summer BBQ, tentatively set for Thursday, August 19, at 5 pm in the Pocket Park behind the Video Lab.
“Beyond the Gates,” produced by the club's Video One Productions team, visits Laguna Beach and Balboa Island in a new show, airing Wednesdays at 11 am on Village Television throughout May. The monthly, half-hour travel series takes viewers outside Laguna Woods Village to local places of interest and is produced and edited by Suzanne Savlov with Tom Nash as advisor to the show. Included in this program are the Balboa Island Ferry, the Balboa Restaurant and Pavilion, the Balboa Museum, two piers, and “the wedge” (a breakwater, funneling strong waves into the sand). Co-hosts are Susan Wheeler and Bill Hemberger. Among the crew are Jack Crawbuck heading photography with John Glassco as a camera operator.  Wolfgang Kutter was this month's segment producer. 

Segment producers are needed to help plan individual “Beyond the Gates” shows. If you have knowledge of a local community and would like to get involved, please contact Suzanne at No technical skills are required.
In May, “Laguna Woods Stories,” hosted and produced by Tom Nash, features the re-run of a show about 2019's Centenarian Photo Project, when 16 Laguna Woods Village residents over age 100 were photographed in portraits composed to match pictures of their younger selves and were interviewed on video about their lives. The show airs on Village Television Wednesdays and Sundays at 12 noon. In it, Tom talks with co-directors of the project Lucy Parker and Mark Rabinowitch and Betsy Martin, who coordinated centenarian scheduling. The Centenarian Photo Project was co-sponsored by the Thrive Task Force and the Video and Camera Clubs. 

Videos containing interviews with all of the participating centenarians may be viewed on Village Television's YouTube channel
“Jazzing Around,” a new half-hour, monthly music TV series produced by Fred Harshbarger, Facilitator of Video One Productions, airs Sundays at 6:30 pm on Village Television. The performances are all original videos shot by Fred at West Coast jazz festivals and other venues. In May, “Jazzing Around #2” features Gino with Todd Morgan playing “Rock Around the Clock,” Uptown Low Down JB playing “Doctor Jazz,” High Sierra JB playing “Winin' Boy Blues,” Bay City Swing Band playing “In the Mood,” and Larry Fresch playing “Mack the Knife.”
“Video Club Spotlight,” produced by Video One Productions Facilitator Fred Harshbarger, features a half-hour of short videos by Video Club members. It airs Sundays at 4 pm. “Spotlight #10” for May will include videos on golf by Sunshine Moody, on baboons by Fred Harshbarger, and on Spain by Suzanne Savlov.

In June, “Spotlight #11” will include a video on Turkey by Tom Nash, “Mucki and Max” by Chuck Hale, a video on Maasai dancers by Fred Harshbarger, and the 2021 Goldie Award-winning video “Lego Houdini” by John Glassco.
“Welcome to My Home,” a half-hour, monthly series produced by Suzanne Savlov with the Video One Productions team, continues in re-runs Mondays at 9:30 am and Thursdays at 10 am on Village Television. The series features Village residents born and raised outside the United States who invite viewers into their homes to share their cultures and foods. In May's program, we meet Russian-born Vladamir Manyak. Shooting has been halted during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Suzanne plans to resume production when possible and is looking for residents born and raised abroad who would like to participate. Contact her with suggestions at

You'll find more information about the the Village Television-produced shows, “Discovering Laguna Woods Village” and “The Write Now Show,” as well as “The Thrive Show,” produced by Village resident Scott Marvel, on the club website. All of these programs involve Video Club members or instructors.


Short Film Showcase #17 Set for June 7

Short Film Showcase #17 will be offered Monday, June 7, at 1 pm via Zoom – a selection of dramas, comedies,documentaries, and animations assembled by Stephanie Brasher to entertain, inspire, and motivate your own video projects. Group discussion led by Dr. Tom Nash will follow each video. This will be our last Short Film Showcase until September. To attend, please send your name, email, and phone number to, mentioning “Short Film Showcase.”
Deadline for Submitting Short Dramatic Scripts Is August 27

For students who attended the Video Club's 3-session class, “Scriptwriting for Short Dramatic Videos,” April 15, 22, and 29, 2021 – and for other writers – the deadline to submit scripts (maximum 15 pages in script format) for production by the Video Club during late 2021 will be Friday, August 27, 2021. One script will be chosen. Full details to be announced. For information, email
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