Videogram ALERT!
June 14, 2021

The Video Lab is Reopening effective June 15, 2021!

California's grand reopening day is almost here.  If all goes as expected and promised, on June 15 our 15-month-long ordeal of public health restrictions, mandates, bans and color-coded tiers to stem the COVID-19 pandemic will finally come to an end, we hope.
We are excited to reopen our doors beginning this Tuesday, June 15, 2021. We will be open every day, Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. With the reopening, we ask for your patience as we will be in the process of getting organized, updating equipment and setting up the Lab for your use.

The Video Club's Lab offers social-distance seating with the addition of seven new tables, a new video projector and screen for improved viewing during classes and meetings, and additional equipment that members and residents donated during our downtime.

Our Marvin Green Memorial Capture Center awaits you as you return to convert your VHS tapes, cassettes, records, slides, DVD's and photos! We are here to help with your video editing projects both on our PC and Mac computers.  

We welcome you and hope you continue to find value in the many options our Lab offers.
Across the patio, the Video Studio is already open and the site of in-person Video Productions classes which began June 8. The Studio is available by appointment. For information or to make a reservation, contact Studio Manager Tom Nash at or Assistant Studio Manager Jack Crawbuck at



Video Club Member Judy Saxon Will Be Missed
The Video Club extends its condolences to the family and friends of club member and Village resident Judy Saxon, who passed away at home on June 7 after several hospitalizations for a stroke she suffered on April 23. Judy collapsed in her manor while on Zoom, having just completed recording an episode of the “Write Now” show, a Village Television series of interviews with local authors and other creatives. She and club member Charlie Redner have co-hosted the show for over 10 years.

Recording on Zoom during the pandemic has allowed the pair to interview far-away guests, and the April 23 interview was with Canadian actress and writer Henriette Ivanans, author of In Pillness and in Health: A Memoir. The episode is currently running on Village TV and is available on YouTube at Additional “Write Now” shows may be found on YouTube at

As recalled by Judy's friend Kevin Cronin, who saw her through her recent crisis, faithfully keeping her friends informed, “(This is) the story of Judy the trouper and the show business adage: no matter what happens, the show must go on! … The studio starts recording promptly at 10 am and shortly thereafter Judy began feeling an unusual sensation in her left hand. Watching you’ll notice she’s increasingly leaning to the left. She participated but was less vocal than usual and just as the show was ending with the cameras still rolling, she fell off her chair. By then her entire left side was well on its way to being paralyzed. She was fully conscious and cogent but was unable to get up. … with filming continuing, those in the studio saw this and called 911.” 

During 2019, Judy was one of two interviewers for the Village Centenarian Project, conducted by the Video Club and co-sponsored by the Camera Club and Thrive Task Force, exploring the lives of 16 Village residents over the age of 100.

On December 4, 2020, Judy was profiled in the Orange County Register about the “Write Now” show and about her life. She was born in Hinsdale, Illinois, spent most of her growing up years in Shorewood, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in social work.

Married in 1963, Judy and her husband lived in Pacific Palisades and worked together in a gift show business he had started. They later divorced. After renting a condo in Laguna Woods Village part-time in the 1990s, she moved here in 2001.

“I was thinking I would only be here temporarily,” Judy told the Register. “I would go back and forth. Once here, I was having such a wonderful time and participating in various activities, I sold my home  in Pacific Palisades...and purchased a home (in the Village).” She participated in Theatre Guild productions, including Sondheim's Follies, and  played pickle and paddle ball and duplicate bridge. Judy also enjoyed writing and earlier had some short stories published. She had recently finished the first draft of a novel.

Judy's nephew, John Shepherd, who came here from Oregon to attend to her affairs, observed, “We will all dearly miss her warmth and unique laugh. More like a satisfied chuckle. Judy had such a unique way about her, didn't she? Half princess/half actress. Growing up as her nephew, she always reminded me of Julie Andrews. I hope that God gives her a time slot in heaven to interview authors such as Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, and Ernest Hemingway. Wouldn't that be something! … She requested cremation. I will scatter her ashes with those of her brother (my dad) on our ranch here in Oregon.”

Charlie Redner recalled Judy as “beautiful inside and out with a charming personality,” and stated that a video tribute to Judy is tentatively planned for July.

Video Club Issues Call for Dramatic Scripts

The Video Club has issued a call for original 10 to 15-page film scripts in preparation for production of the club's third short dramatic video later this year. Submission is open to Village residents and members or past members of registered Village clubs. The deadline for submission is August 27, 2021. A committee headed by Dr. Tom Nash, club Vice President, will select one script to produce. Criteria include suitability for Village audiences, ease of production, and use of  “mainly 55+ actors,” according to Tom.

Click here to view and/or download information on the Short Dramatic Film Script Contest. 

In late 2018, “Write It Down,” written by Gila Zalon and produced by Phil Doran, was the club's first effort at filming an original drama. The comedy about a memory-challenged senior couple premiered on January 17, 2019. “What? You, Too,” written and produced by Lucy V. Parker, addressed pre-conceived prejudices with edgy humor. It was filmed in late 2020, but its premiere, set for March 19, 2020, was canceled by COVID-19. Both shows were directed by John Kelly with crews from Video One Productions and casts largely from The Old Pros.

Both short videos have been shown on Village Television as half-hour broadcasts. “Write It Down” was accompanied by a thoughtful expert discussion on senior memory loss. “What? You, Too” was accompanied by a short video on “The Making of 'What? You, Too,'” produced by Fred Harshbarger, Facilitator of Video One Productions.

Under Fred's leadership, Video One Productions is currently researching film festivals in which to enter the two short videos.

Video Production Class #2 - "Camera"
Tuesday, June 15, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

This in-person session will cover how to set up and use your camera to get the most effective picture. To pre-enroll, email Dr. Tom Nash at to confirm your reservation.   The charge for this in-person class is $5.00 for members, $10.00 for non-members.

PC Corel VideoStudio Forum
Monday, June 21, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

The PC Corel Forum is held on the third Mondays of the month at 10 am for Windows PC users who edit in Corel VideoStudio via Zoom.  Facilitator Wolfgang Kutter is ready to answer your questions, share your work, and learn new tricks and techniques using this popular, feature-rich program.  Special focus on June 21 will be "Subtitles."   

Those who have attended previously will automatically receive a Zoom invitation.  If you are new to this forum and want to attend, send your name, email, and phone number to and mention "PC Corel VideoStudio."

Video Production Class #3 - "Staff Roles in a Video Shoot"
Tuesday, June 22, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

When working on a video production, it is important for each person to know their role and the roles of the production team.  Join Dr. Tom Nash as he walks you through the details of Staff Roles in a Video Shoot.  To pre-enroll, email Dr. Tom Nash at to confirm your reservation.   The charge for this in-person class is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

Video Production Class #4 - "Microphones and Mixers"
Tuesday, June 29, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

The most common problems people have is getting good sound quality.  After this class you will know it!  Join Dr. Tom Nash for this informative class on Microphones and mixers. To pre-enroll, email Dr. Tom Nash at to confirm your reservation. The charge for this in-person class is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.