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January 21, 2015
2015 Awards Banquet

Tom Nash Outlined New Plans for Instruction

The Video Club's new Vice President Tom Nash (top left in collage below) took the podium on behalf of incoming President Steve Carman (inset) to outline new educational plans at our successful 5th Annual "Academy" Awards Banquet Saturday, January 17, in Clubhouse 7.. Emphasis will be on individualized "coaching." Health issues prevented Steve from attending, but he was there in spirit with wife Joan, who will co-head Hospitality with Bliss Hill this year. Outgoing President Lucy Parker thanked many volunteers in her summary of the club's accomplishments during 2014 and put special emphasis on creative progress in the Video Studio.

In the Short Video Contest, Lucy Parker and Linda Lenthal tied for Best Picture among nine entries with their videos "Little Things" and "Mahale." Linda was on a five-month trip and could not attend. The surprise of the evening was that Lucy also won in "Oscars" in Videography and Editing, resulting in the armload of trophies (above) being presented by Contest Coordinator Roland Harrison. Other contestants were Ken Tsai, Danny Sciupac, Bob D'Evelyn, Betsy Martin, Chuck Hale, Pat Burr, and Jim Baker with videos on a wide range of subjects from travel to animals to fishing to humor, including animation, an air-sea rescue, and a even a Western "horse opry."

Gloria d'Simone-Shute (above left) kept the evening lively as our emcee. Lots of photographers were on hand, including Mike Bajc (bottom left), Barbel Dagostino (who did a fabulous job as our Banquet Chair), Mike Evans, and "you-know-who." One of Barbel's many contributions to the evening was the unusual chocolate raspberry cake (above right) decorated with photos of our incoming and outgoing Presidents.


Video Club leaders for 2015 pictured at the Banquet are (from left) Tom Nash, Betsy Martin, Lucy Parker, Mike Evans, Pat Burr, Joan Carman, Chuck Hale, Evelyn Chang, Charles Higginson, Norma Benner, Lisa Kirsoff, Allen Fortson, and Bliss Hill.

2015 Video Club Leaders

President                                 Steve Carman
Past President                         Lucy Parker
Vice President                         Tom Nash
Secretary                                 Lisa Kirsoff
Treasurer                                 Bob Kulpa
Purchasing Manager               Bob Kulpa      
Membership Director              Evelyn Chang
Publicity Director                    Lucy Parker
   Videogram Production             Misako Katayama
   Webmaster                              Gayle Gomez
Office Manager                      Barbel Dagostino
Video Lab Manager                Charles Higginson     
   & Lab Supervisor Coordinator       
Video Studio Manager             Mike Ayotte

KEY VOLUNTEERS                                 
Lab Supervisors                      Tue:    Bob Kulpa
                                                            Norma Benner
                                                Wed:   Betsy Martin
                                                            Pat Burr
                                                Thu:    Lucy Parker
                                                Fri:      Wolfgang Kutter
                                                            Al Koch
Hospitality                               Bliss Hill
                                               Joan Carman  
Equipment Controller              _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Historian                                 Norma Benner
General Meetings                   Steve Carman
Project Day                             Danny Sciupac
Channel 6 Monthly                  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      
  Video Club Show
    Studio Technical Steering Committee
            Steve Carman              Mike Bajc
            Mike Ayotte                   Scott Marvel
            Tom Nash                   
    Education Steering Committee
            Tom Nash                    Lucy Parker
            Betsy Martin                Chuck Hale    
            Steve Carman
    Studio Creative Forum     Allen Fortson 
    Corel Forum                       Wolfgang Kutter


Meet Our Leaders and Discuss Plans
at February 20 (FRIDAY) General Meeting

Meeting club leaders and discussing plans for the coming year will be the focus of the Video Club's first General Meeting of 2015, Friday, February 20, at 6:30 pm in the Video Lab. Note that this meeting will be on the third Friday instead of the third Thursday, so that President Steve Carman can attend. Steve will be out of state earlier in the month. Save the date! For information, contact Steve, , 424-254-6583 .

Four Past Presidents Thank Tom Martin

for His Years of Service to Video Club

The following letter signed by four recent Past Presidents, Lucy Parker, Scott Marvel, Charles Higginson, and Norma Benner, has been sent to express the Video Club's thanks to Tom Martin as he steps down from his longtime service. Tom has been President, Treasurer, Purchasing Manager, and Newsletter Editor, as well as holding other club assignments.
It is with much regret that we issue this official notice of your release from your assignments as Video Club Board Member, Lab Supervisor, Equipment Curator and Software Manager for the Laguna Woods Video Club. Your many contributions to the Club have been both extraordinary and cover a span of time that is almost equal to the lifetime of the Club. You have set a course for the Club that will carry us long into the future. Your presence, expertise, advice and vast video knowledge cannot be easily replaced and will be greatly missed.
We understand your need to be less involved in the club operation and wish you well, as you approach the twilight years, and need to spend your time with family and on your own projects. We trust that you will not completely abandon the Video Club and that you will come to see us often to provide the help and vision that is uniquely yours to give.
There is no way we can express how deep our gratitude runs for the endless hours, over such a long period, that you have devoted to the Video Club. Please know that your service is appreciated. And, as we move forward, it will be our pleasure to pursue the course, as you have defined it, for the Video Club in the coming years.
We wish you all the best in whatever the future holds for you and your family.


Danny Sciupac to Head Project Day

Welcome to Danny Sciupac, our new Project Day Coordinator! He will replace Lucille Roberts, who has headed our monthly member showcase events since their inception in summer, 2013. Our next Project Day will be Monday, February 2, at 1 pm in the Video Lab – with Danny joining Tom Nash, Leon Goldberg, and Bob and Barbara D'Evelyn as presenters. Don't miss it!
Open to the public without charge, Project Day offers an opportunity for members to screen recent work and work-in-progress for feedback and discussion.  Videos are limited to 8 minutes but may be part of a longer video. Presentation is for members only. For more information, contact Danny Sciupac, , 949-768-4807 .


The “Never Too Late to Date” Report

 Games B and C of “Never Too Late to Date” were recorded in the Video Studio with a complex multi-camera, multi-mic shoot on January 20, bringing this major undertaking by the Video Club much nearer to completion. The club's teleprompter (seen in Barbel Dagostino's photo below), which hadn't been used for several years, was checked out and added to the tech lineup with Barbel as “telepromptress.”

Game A, as well as the sunset Dinner Date at  the19 Restaurant with contestant Les Wilmot and his date, Sherry Ellis, are already “in the can.” Two more romantic dinners for the January 20 contestants and their dates remain to be recorded, along with “pick ups and re-shoots” for Game A scheduled Wednesday, January 21, at 11 am in the Video Studio (no audience required).
Initial editing is already underway. according to Producer Phil Doran, who explains that the final product will be aired as a one-hour show on Channel 6 early this year. In a note to his high-energy team last month, Phil wrote, “I'm thanking you in advance for the dedication and focus you've brought to this project, relishing how we've all pulled together to create something that reflects well on our community, and looking forward partying our butts off at the wrap party.”
For more information about “Never Too Late to Date,” contact the N2L2D's publicity coordinator Ellen Van Houten, , 949-470-4710 .

 Studio Creative Forum to Meet January 23

The Studio Creative Forum will continue developing comedic video content at its next meeting, Friday, January 23, at 10 am in the Video Studio, according to Forum Facilitator Allen Fortson. The Studio Forum's focus is on the creative side of video production. Meetings are held on Friday mornings (future dates to be announced) and are open free to members, as well as to all residents. For more information, contact Allen, , 949-235-8000


Chuck Hale Upgrades Video Lab Computers

 Thanks to some intensive work over the past month by Chuck Hale (including several hours on Christmas Day!!), our Video Lab computers are in good shape. Chuck set up the two new PC desktop computers purchased with the last of our 2014 GRF funds, releasing two older PCs which have been moved to the Marvin Green Memorial Capture Center to replace two even older Windows XP units. (For consistency, all Lab PCs currently still use Windows 7.) Chuck removed old files from many computers and added utility applications, including apps for file conversion.
Of special interest to Corel Forum members – and to all other club members who want to learn video editing on the PC, Chuck has  installed Corel VideoStudio X7 on all the training PC computers in the Lab! All Lab computers already have Pinnacle 15 – still a very serviceable program, although 15 is no longer the current version – giving users a choice of editing software.


Corel Forum to Meet February 17

The Corel Forum was able to begin “hands-on” learning for participants at its January 20 meeting since all Video Lab training computers are now equipped with Corel VideoStudio X7. Forum Facilitator Wolfgang Kutter – tanned and just back from an island cruise (we want to see his videos!!) – has equipped all Lab computers with Corel training materials as well.
The learn-by-doing approach to Corel editing will continue at the Forum's next meeting on Tuesday, February 17, at 10 am in the Video Lab. The Forum meets monthly on the third Tuesday and is open free to members, as well as to all residents.. For information, contact Wolfgang, , 949-457-1259.  (Click here for flier.)

 Check Our Online Club Calendar

The Videogram staff is developing a monthly online calendar for the Video Club. Check it out – and please make a link on your phone, tablet, or computer.


PC Club: Meeting February 7
for Residents with Hearing Problems

 The PC Club is sponsoring a special interest group meeting for residents with hearing problems on Saturday, February 7, from 10 am to noon in the PC Club Learning Center on the 3rd floor of the Community Center. The CapTel Captioned Telephone will be demonstrated and discussed. Click here for a flier giving more information.


Video Club to Treat Village
to Huell Howser Film April 26

As a fund-raiser for our club and a service to the Village, the Video Club has reserved the Clubhouse 3 Auditorium on Sunday, April 26, at 2 pm for a special event. We'll be screening the outstanding feature-length documentary on the life of the late Huell Howser, produced last year by Jeff Swimmer, Associate Professor in Chapman University's Dodgo College of Film and Media Arts. (Howser's materials are now part of the Chapman Library.) Tickets will be $10, available in February.
Prof. Swimmer will be our guest to discuss the making of his film about Southern California's beloved travel videographer. DVDs of “A Golden State of Mind: The Storytelling Genius of Huell Howser” will be available for purchase. For more information, contact Publicity Director Lucy Parker,, 9498-456-4657


Focus on Online Video
at VidCon in July

The 6th Annual VidCon will be held July 23-25, 2015, in the Anaheim Convention Center. This popular  conference devoted to online video has tracks for fans, creators, and industry professionals. Club President Steve Carman suggests you add it to your calendar. Representatives from the Video Club plan to attend. More later.


 CorrectionThe December 29, 2014 Videogram stated that our Sony Action Cam is stored in the Video Studio. It is stored in the Video Lab.

The Sony Action Cam as well as regular consumer camcorders are available for members or residents to borrow through our Lab Supervisors – along with tripods and a variety of newly-purchased consumer microphones. Try this equipment out – especially the mics – and see how quality sound recording can enhance your videos!

Have News for The Videogram?

If you have information you would like to submit to The Videogram, please send it to Lucy Parker, Publicity Director ,  949-456-4657.
Videogram writing and editing by Lucy Parker, production by Misako Katayama.

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