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Need A Desk or Office Chair?
Come to the Video Lab ASAP!

NEW FURNITURE to renovate our Video Lab has arrived in the PCM warehouse from Office Max. A partial shipment of 13 desks and 4 counter-height cabinets is scheduled for delivery to the Lab on Tuesday, July 8. A sample desk was purchased and built previously, for a total of 14 new desks. 

We need to clear out quickly, by Tuesday, July 8th.

This is a great opportunity for members to come to the Lab ASAP and lay claim to most of our old desks and chairs for a reasonable donation to the club. Chuck Hale is in charge of installing the new and disposing of the old furniture, assisted by Mike Evans and, hopefully, other volunteers. Items will be priced with suggested donations, and members are invited to reserve items ASAP  by attaching their names to the desks and/or chairs they want. Some items have already been labeled to be retained by the club. 

To assist with the Lab renovation, please contact Chuck Hale 949-770-4589  (more detail below)

Video Sound is
Studio Forum Topic 
July 11th

A remarkable opportunity for a quick overview of advanced video sound and editing is available to members and residents. Studio Forum is held Friday mornings at 10 a.m. in the Video Studio. Dr. Tom Nash will explain and demonstrate the basics of sound for video on July 11 and the basics of video editing on July 18 as part of a four-part series he has been conducting. Dr. Tom has already covered lighting and cameras, and copies of his specially-prepared handouts will be available in the Video Lab. He will be traveling in August, but may continue working with the Studio Forum later in the year. Contact Allen  Fortson for more information 949-235-8000

Other News:
Bob Kulpa
Tom Martin 

Longtime member Bob Kulpa, our Tuesday Lab Supervisor, took over the post of Purchasing Manager from Past President and former Treasurer Tom Martin at the July 3 Board Meeting. Thanks to Tom for a job well done for many years – and welcome aboard, Bob!

Bob has had plenty of experience managing finances much more extensive than ours as Treasurer of the Bridge Club. His first task will be collecting and analyzing requests from all areas of the club for needed purchases. Remaining balance is $3000 in Video Club's 2014 allotment from GRF.  All orders must go to PCM early this fall.

Tom will continue to serve the club by finalizing our new Marvin Green Capture Center in the Video Lab, used for viewing, capturing, and transferring old media. He is also working with Education Chair Betsy Martin on a new historical video about the club to be presented at our 25th Anniversary General Meeting – planned as an Open House to showcase the Lab and Studio on Thursday, October 16.

Need Desk or
Office Chair (cont')

....Chuck has been instrumental in planning and executing our renovation process, using about $4000 of the $7200 allocated to the Video Club by GRF for 2014. Mike E. has worked on planning and inventory. Chuck and Mike E. spearheaded our recent swap meet to dispose of surplus equipment in our Lab cabinets. Others who have provided assistance include Wolfgang Kutter, who designed our new floor plan; Tom Martin, our out-going Purchasing Manager; and Lab Coordinator Charles Higginson. Clubhouse 2 Manager Bruce Gardner is guiding us through the process.

Furniture assembly will be done individually in the Lab by PCM personnel. Old desks and chairs will be released to their new owners as new ones are put in place so that “any necessary Lab closure may be kept to a minimum” says President Lucy Parker.  Fourteen office chairs and two tall cabinets, also in the PCM warehouse, will be delivered and built in a second shipment and may have to be stored temporarily in the Video Studio. We are still awaiting delivery of a rotating literature rack. Chuck explained that any old desks or chairs that remain unclaimed will be turned over to PCM or donated to a thrift shop.

One of the two large wooden cabinets in the Lab will be returned to PCM. The other has been claimed by The Old Pros and will be moved to the Video Studio to store their sound equipment, kept in the Studio as a favor to our fellow club which has worked with us on past video productions. Getting the Old Pros sound equipment moved out of what used to be our “green room” will allow the Studio to again provide a dressing room for talent during shoots. If you think we'll be playing Musical Chairs in the Video Club this summer, you're right!

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