News from the Video Club of Laguna Woods, October 29, 2014
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Project Day Will Focus on History November 3

“Making Historical Videos” will be the topic of our next Project Day, Monday, November 3, from 1-3 pm in the Video Lab, open free to the public. Betsy Martin and Tom Martin, who each produced an historical video about the club for our 25th Anniversary Celebration October 16, will show excerpts from their videos and explain how they were made. Charles Higginson, who recorded the Celebration on camera, will present clips from his coverage and discuss how his video was captured and will be used. Refreshments will be served. For more information or to present at a future Project Day, contact Project Day Coordinator Lucille Roberts 949-552-5014

25th Anniversary Celebration Was A “Hit”

If you would like a copy of this 25th Anniversary Celebration photo collage, download and print the Project Day Flier.

"Smartphone Movie-Making” Is Topic
of November 20 General Meeting

Susy Botello, founder of the four-year-old, San Diego-based International Mobil Film Festival, will discuss “Smartphone Movie-Making” and show videos from the festival at the next General Meeting, Thursday, November 20, at 6:30 pm in the Video Lab. The program is open free to the public. Susy has worked in video production since 1996 and heads S.Botello Productions, LLC, in San Diego., which also promotes mobile filmmaking through a film school, a TV channel, and a resource center.

“Forget Netflix, phones are the real Hollywood disruptors,” wrote last year, adding, “Just look at the number of smartphone film festivals that have popped up, from Festival Pocket Films in France to the iPhone Film Festival and (International) Mobile Film Festival in America.”

Find out about this important trend and learn WHAT YOU CAN DO ON YOUR OWN PHONE! (Click for flier.)


Volunteer Needed to Video Book Signing November 2

Video Club member Peggy Edwards is seeking a volunteer to shoot video at a fun special event scheduled by the Village Publishing Club, which she founded and heads. (Peggy can't do it; she has to run the event.) The Publishing Club will hold a gala book-signing party for Village authors on Sunday, November 2, in the Village Library from 1-4 pm The event will include food, music, magic, and decorations. If you're available, please call Peggy asap at 949-707-5156.

"Never Too Late to Date” Sets
First Production Date on November 19

An initial production date of Wednesday, November 19, at 10 am in the Video Studio has been set for Game A of the Video Club's ambitious “Never Too Late to Date” production, a send-up of the popular '60s and '70s TV show, 'The Dating Game.” According to Producer Phil Doran, contestants for this shoot have been selected, and extensive behind-the-scenes work continues.

Members of the Friday morning Studio Forum are busily involved in tech planning and rehearsal; set design; scripting; contestant preparation including wardrobe and makeup; publicity; audience development including warm-up, cue cards, and procuring “laughers”; and obtaining donations for contestant prizes. Games B and C (needed to fill an hour-long program) will be shot after Thanksgiving, says Phil. The show is expected to air on Channel 6 later this year. If you'd like to get involved (and learn more about video production), contact Studio Forum Facilitator Allen Fortson 949-235-8000

BTW, applications are still being accepted for senior male contestants. They must be Village residents and single. Also check with Allen about Friday morning Studio Forum meetings. The purpose of the Studio Forum is to to develop video projects, while helping members learn to use the Studio's advanced equipment.


“Introduction to Video Production”
Class Starts November 15

Dr. Tom Nash, a Village resident and retired Head of the Mass Communications Department at Biola University in La Mirada, will offer a four-week class, “Introduction to Video Production,” on consecutive Saturdays, starting Saturday, November 15, from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab and Studio. Cost will be $15 for members, $25 for non-members (includes 2014 and 2015 club membership). Tom has taught virtually all aspects of video production, and this overview of video cameras, lighting, audio, and editing was a huge hit when Tom taught it last spring to members of the Studio Forum. For more information or to enroll, contact Education Chair Betsy Martin 707-540-1955 (Click here for flier.)

Video Club Show” to Resume on Channel 6 in November

The hour-long monthly “Video Club Show” on Channel 6, featuring videos by club members, will resume in November after a short break to re-tool, according to Betsy Martin, who coordinates this activity. The upcoming videos will focus on travel to Ethiopia (BobKulpa) and Bali (Pat Burr). Air times will be announced when available. Stand by!

If you have a video of general interest that you'd like considered for the show, please contact Betsy 707-540-1955

A Special “Thank You” !

Amazing John Hill, who recently enlarged the table in our Video Studio set, thus saving us the cost of new set furnishings, again did the impossible prior to our 25th Anniversary Celebration on October 16. Using white PVC pipe, which he sliced in half in the Village woodshop, John found a way to hide the crooked black wires emanating from our large-screen TV, which, up until now, have been annoyingly visible in all pictures of speakers at the podium. THANKS, JOHN!!

Corel Forum Will Continue Introducing
VideoStudio at November 18 Meeting

The Corel Forum group will continue its introduction to Corel VideoStudio at its next meeting Tuesday, November 18, from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab (the group meets every third Tuesday). People with all levels of expertise are welcome. While meetings usually have a main topic, the Forum is not a class, but an informal exchange about features of Corel VideoStudio. For more information, contact Wolfgang Kutter 949-457-1259 See flier for more details.


Steve Carman Heads 2015 Officer Candidate Slate
The Nominating Committee (Betsy Martin and Charles Higginson) announced candidates for 2015 club leadership at the October 16 General Meeting. They are Steve Carman, President; Dr. Tom Nash, Vice President; Lisa Kirsoff, Secretary; and Bob Kulpa, Treasurer. Election of officers will be held at the November 20 General Meeting, at which time candidates may also be accepted from the floor.

Read Your Club By-Laws Before Ratification
by Members at November 20 Meeting

Video Club members
are hereby asked to

read the club By-Laws.

The club By-Laws will be submitted to the membership for ratification at the November 20 General Meeting. Prepared in 2012, under then-presidenrt Charles Higginson, the By-Laws were never ratified by the membership. Recently edited by a Board committee, they were approved by the Board of Directors at their October 2 meeting.

Enter Our 2014 Short Video Contest

Entries are being accepted in the Video Club's 2014 Short Video Contest. Work must be member-produced, 4 minutes or less, and submitted on DVD to the Video Lab by 4 pm Friday, December 19, 2014 (one entry per member). The top 10 entries will be presented at our Annual “Academy Awards” Banquet, Saturday, January 17, in CH7. Banquet attendees will vote to select top winners in three categories: Best Videography, Best Editing, and Best Picture. Click to see full contest information.



Monday, November 3
Project Day, 1-3 pm, Video Lab. For information or to present at a future Project Day, contact Project Day Coordinator Lucille Roberts 949-552-5014

Thursday, November 6
Video Club Board Meeting, 9 am, Video Lab.

Saturday, November 15
Introduction to Video Production” class starts. Four weekly sessions taught by Dr. Tom Nash, 10 am-noon, Video Lab and Studio. $15 for members, $25 for non-members (includes 2014 and 2015 club membership). For more information, contact Education Chair Betsy Martin 707-540-1955 (flier to come)

Tuesday, November 18
Corel VideoStudio Forum (every third Tuesday), 10 am, Video Lab. For more information, contact Corel Forum Facilitator Wolfgang Kutter 949-457-1259

Thursday, November 20
General Meeting, “Smartphone Movie-Making,” Susy Botello, founder of 4-year-old, San Diego-based International Mobil Film Festival. 6:30 pm, Video Lab. For more information, contact Lucy Parker, President 949-587-1968

If you have a calendar listing for The Videogram, please send it to Lucy Parker, acting Publicity Chair 949-456-4657


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