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May 17, 2015

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Call the Video Lab during open hours, Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm

President's Corner
“Organizing Photos and Videos” Is May 21 General Meeting Topic
Next Corel Forum Topics: “Making Titles” and “Video Stabilization”
iMovie Workshops Combine Instruction and Individual Assistance
“Never Too Late to Date” Hits The News! Check These Links
May 30 Class-Making "special Occasion Videos" Really Special
D'Evelyns' China Video to Repeat on Channel 6 May 22 and 29
First Candidates Sign Up for Video Certification Program
“Proficiency Survey” Announced for Lab Supervisors
N2L2D and “Happy Video” DVDs Available
With the Tech Clubs

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April was an amazing month for the Video Club!

The “Never to Late to Date” (N2L2D) program premiered on Laguna Woods’ own Channel 6 with 4 showings during the month.  On April 17, Phil Duran celebrated the N2L2D Premier with the people who had contributed to this show and other Video Club members. The success of the program was promoted beyond the gates of Laguna Woods by newspapers, TV, and online media trumpeting this unique game show for seniors. Channel 6 GM Paul Ortiz has informed us they will play the show on 4 more dates – 3 in May and 1 in June.  What’s next for N2L2D? Phil is planning a live N2L2D program this fall – watch for details; you won’t want to miss it.
On April 26, about 200 people came to our presentation of “A Golden State of Mind,” a wonderful film created by Chapman University about the storytelling genius of Huell Howser. It was very well received and raised about $1000 for the Video Club, and eight people joinED the club after the presentation at the sign-up table staffed by Barbel Dagostino. Many thanks to our co-sponsoring club, Friends of the Village.
Tours of the Video Club facilities were popular in April: The Saddleback Emeritus Institute Digital Photography Class of 40 received a tour of our Studio and Lab facilities. Thanks to Danny Sciupac for introducing the idea of a Video Club tour to the class and instructor Kara Patterson who has been teaching " Digital Photography" and "Slideshow Production" for the Saddleback College Emeritus Institute for almost 30 years. She is a Laguna Woods Village resident and a member of the Camera Club. Kara was one of the 14 people who joined the Video Club after Tom Nash and I explained the benefits of Video Club membership, and they talked with Wolfgang Kutter when we interrupted his Corel Forum session.
Channel 6 General Manager Paul Ortiz came by to see the Video Club facilities and spent some time with Studio Manager Mike Ayotte, Tom Nash, and me. He said he was very impressed on the very professional appearance of our facilities, compared to the state they were in when he last visited two years ago. He offered to let us use the studios of Channel 6 if we should ever need them, and asked to borrow some of our new LED multi-color lighting in the future.
Project Day Coordinator Needed:  Which one of you is ready to become part of the Video Club Leadership team as Project Day Coordinator (PDC)? The PDC enjoys the simple task of lining up three to five members wanting to share their in-process project at the monthly Project Day meeting, where other members can offer comments and suggestions on improving the project. Project Day is a 2-hour session that begins at 1 pm on the first Monday of each month. If you are ready to become our next PDC, let me know. In the meantime, the duties of the PDC fall to me – and I have openings in the June 1 Project Day.
For Mac Users: We had a good session at our iMovie Workshop last Friday. The workshop lesson featured Apple’s new “Photos” App, including its streamlined interface design, photo editing tools, and connection to Apple’s iCloud, which offers almost instant library syncing between Mac OS X and iOS devices. iMovie Workshop is offered from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab on the first and third Fridays every month. Mark your calendars: The June 5 Workshop will focus on an Introduction to iMovie and how to import photos and videos. The June 19 Workshop will include the first iMovie editing lesson: Using the Ken Burns enhancement.
Two New iMac Computers have arrived. Al Koch will have them set up soon, so Mac Users – feel free to come by a try them out!
Contact me at  or 424-254-6583.
Steve Carman, Video Club President



“Organizing Photos and Videos” Is May 21 General Meeting Topic

Having trouble storing and finding your photo and video files? You're not alone! Mike Bajc will address this common problem  in his talk on “Organizing Photos and Videos” at our next General Meeting Thursday, May 21. Open free to all, the meeting will begin with refreshments and socializing at 6:30 pm, followed by the program at 7 pm in the Video Lab. (Click here for flier.)

A long-time member of both the Video and Camera Clubs, Mike is the owner of Digital Arts Plus in Mission Viejo, providing general video services as well as conversion of older media to new digital formats. Dealing with photo and video files in huge quantities on both sides of his business has given Mike plenty of insight into the best ways to store AND FIND your digital files. Don't miss this important program, which was recently given at the Camera Club. For information, contact Steve Carman, , 424-254-6583. (Program Director Barbel Dagostino is currently touring Germany with pal Gloria D'Simone-Shute.)
 BTW, Mike Bajc's shooting and editing assistance with “Never Too Late to Date” played an essential role in the project's success. (Thanks, Mike!!)
NEXT MONTH: Our General Meeting speaker on June 18 will be Dr. Michelle Stanton, discussing “Aspects of Television Production.” Dr. Stanton is a retired university professor and administrator in the field of communications and has worked professionally in television news and production.


Next Corel Forum Topics: “Making Titles” and “Video Stabilization”

 Forum Facilitator Wolfgang Kutter, will  feature “Techniques for Making Titles” in the next Corel Forum on Tuesday, May 19. For June, Facilitator Ralph Vanderlinde plans to repeat the successful instructional approach he used at his May 4 Forum on editing sound. At Ralph's June 2 Forum, participants will follow a guided handout to edit and render a short video at a beginner's level with emphasis on “Video Stabilization.”
Corel Forums are held free on the first and third Tuesdays from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab for members and residents editing video in Corel VideoStudio on PC computers. For information, contact Wolfgang at , 949-457-1259. (Click here for flier.)



iMovie Workshops Combine Instruction and Individual Assistance

Calling all Mac and iPad users! You’re invited to the next iMovie Workshop offered by the Video Club to all members and residents on the first and third Fridays from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab, hosted by Steve Carman and Al Koch! Since the Video Club is stepping up services to the Mac community (under President Steve Carman, who is a Mac user), Steve and Al have decided to eliminate the $5 charge originally requested for these drop-in sessions. Plan to attend. It's a bargain!
The iMovie Workshops are structured in two parts. The first part is designed to offer a lesson on iMovie and related apps. The remaining time is tailored to coach you on whatever issues you may have with iMovie. The June 5 Workshop will focus on an “Overview of iMovie” and how to import photos and videos. The June 19 Workshop will include the first iMovie editing lesson: “Using the Ken Burns Enhancement.”  If you have an iPad or a MacBook laptop, you are encouraged to bring it with the latest version of iMovie loaded, and join Steve and Al for iMovie Workshops.  For information, contact Steve, , 424-254-6583. (Click here for flier.)


The Video Club  is currently setting up two new iMacs thanks to our 2015 funds from GRF!



“Never Too Late to Date” Hits The News! Check These Links

 “Now that a segment of “Never Too Late to Date” is on YouTube, Heather Rasmussen, PCM's PR representative for

 the Village, has sent out a press release to announce N2L2D to the world – and the results are starting to come in.
“On Thursday night (May 7) I got a call from Eyewitness News (KABC Channel 7) that they wanted to shoot a story on us on Friday morning at 10. Coincidentally I was scheduled to have coffee with Randy Maisner at that time and I also knew that Terry and Dolly (all N2L2D contestants) were going to be together so I rounded them up for the shoot.

“After the shoot I sent out a mass email (through the Videogram list) saying N2L2D was on the KABC news. Here's a link to the coverage they did on us – as picked up online by Yahoo News:

“To see us on the Eyewitness News Face Book page, go to:
“In addition to Yahoo News, other media are picking up the story. To see what Glamour Magazine blog is saying go to:
“We can do more episodes with more interest and support, so I'm repeating my request about our YouTube video. Here's the link:

“We're asking YOU, our members and friends, to send the above YouTube link to your mailing list and to ask people if they would send it out to their mailing lists. That's how things go viral.”

In addition to the above, Channel 6 is running repeats of the show on:
Friday, May 22, at 6 pm
Wednesday, May 27, at 2 pm
Wednesday, June 3, at 2 pm.


May 30 Class–Making “Special Occasion Videos” Really Special

Due to Memorial Day, there will be no class May 23 in our series of four Saturday drop-in classes on how to make popular kinds of amateur videols. The next session will be held on May 30 from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab, when Dr. Tom Nash will offer tips on how to make “Special Occasion Videos” really special. The final class, “Using Action Cameras,” will be led by Tom Martin, covering use of GoPros and Sony Actioncams. The series is open to all residents for a $5 fee per class. For information, contact Nash, , 714-381-0781. (Click here for flier.)


D'Evelyns' China Video to Repeat on Channel 6 May 22 and 29

 Two more broadcasts of Bob and Barbara D”Evelyn's video on today's China are scheduled for this month's “Video Club Show” on Channel 6. The pair has made numerous travel videos over the years – with video footage and editing by Bob, still photos and narration by Barbara. See their latest work on:
Fri., May 22, at 2 pm
Fri., May 29, at 10 am
“China Movie” starts in Beijing and includes a river cruise on the Yangtze River plus detailed coverage of China's famed Terracotta Warriors, all backed with historical information researched by the  D'Evelyns, who went to China last November. They are available to show their travel videos to organizations. Contact Bob at , 480-254-6011.


First Candidates Sign Up for Video Certification Program

Leon Goldberg and Lisa Kirsoff are the first candidates in the Video Club's new competency certification program, seeking a Videography Certificate based on use of Video Studio cameras. The program is run by Dr. Tom Nash, Vice President, who heads our Learning Opportunities Committee. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in specific tasks and will receive instruction as needed.
“We're also offering certification in audio recording,” says Tom, adding “Eventually, we expect to add video editing certification. Building teams of members with capabilities in video production will allow us to do more Studio-based projects like 'Never Too Late to Date,” as well as remote shoots in the Village and elsewhere.”

(At right) New Videography Certification candidates Lisa Kirsoff and Leon Goldberg (rear) are shown studying tripod operation with member Roland Harrison in the Video Studio last May.


“Proficiency Survey” Announced for Lab Supervisors

What does a Lab Supervisor need to know? Video Lab Manager (and Past President) Charles Higginson (left) has answered that question with a new “Proficiency Survey,” asking Lab Supervisors to rate their proficiency levels in eight areas:

  • Data Transfer
  • Data Duplication
  • Video Editing (in various programs)
  • Photo Editing (in various programs)
  • Operation of Lab Sound System
  • Operation of Lab Projection Equipment
  • Disc Label Printing
  • Managing Consumer Equipment Loans.

 The survey also asks Supervisors to rate their knowledge of:

  • Recreation Division Policies
  • Copyright Restrictions
  • Supply and Equipment Storage Procedures
  • Standard Lab Procedures
  • Media Capacities (i.e., storage capabilities of CDs, DVDs, and double DVDs).

 “This survey defines the tasks Supervisors may be asked to perform,” says Charles, adding, “It identifies areas where Supervisors are strong, as well as areas where they may need help.” Charles provides needed instruction to Supervisors individually, assisted by other long-time Supervisors.
Lab Supervisors are essential to the operation of the Video Club, allowing us to serve all Village residents as well as club members with a wide variety of video needs by keeping the Video Lab open Tuesday-Friday from 1-4 pm. They serve one afternoon a week, ideally in teams of two. Some serve as substitutes when a regular Supervisor must be absent.
“It's a challenging commitment,” says Past President Lucy Parker, who's been a Lab Supervisor for over three years (on Thursdays), “but one I really enjoy. I get to help people and learn about things I'm interested in.” The feeling must be mutual because Supervisors like Bob Kulpa, Betsy Martin, Wolfgang Kutter, and Pat Burr have also stayed on the job for years! Past President Norma Benner is currently building her Supervisor skills, serving on Tuesdays. Al Koch recently joined the ranks on Fridays as a Mac specialist. Long-time Supervisor John Hill continues as a substitute when needed.  “Join us! It's fun!” says Lucy. For information contact Charles Higginson, , 480-213-7290.
(Above right) Lab Supervisor Lucy Parker assists a member in the Video Lab

Are you up to the challenge? Additional Supervisors are always welcome.



N2L2D and “Happy Video” DVDs Available

DVD copies of the full one-hour “Never Too Late to Date” program as aired last month on Channel 6 are available during open hours in the Video Lab (Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm) for a $10 donation for Video Club members, $20 for non-members. Copies of the “Happy Video,” showing Village residents dancing to Pharrell Williams' “Happy Song” are available for a $5 donation.



Camera Club

The Camera Club of Laguna Hills announces the sixth annual Digital Slide Show Competition, to be held in CH3, Dining Room 2 on Monday, June 8, at 6:30 pm. The evening will featur upe to 12 six minute shows from the club’s most innovative photographers, each taking their best photographs and creating a digital slide show using the latest software techniques, such as creative transitions, pans and zooms, special motion, video, styles, captions, and integrated music. The attending Camera Club members will be the judges. Results will be tallied immediately following the series of shows, and the winners will be announced.
Slide shows have come a long way from the days of “traditional” (33mm film) slides projected to recorded music. And don’t expect a slow moving “Power Point” presentation, where each caption is repeated by the presenter. The Saddleback College Laguna Woods digital slide production classes have nurtured and refined many of these presenters, some of whom have had several years of class and professorial critiques to hone their show production techniques. For more information, see the Camera Club's website.
Some 30 of the Emeritus class members toured the Video Club last month – with 14 of them joining the Video Club on the spot. Welcome aboard!

PC Club

Registration for Session 3 of PC Club classes (June-July) will be held Thursday, May 31, 9:30-11:30 am for Korean language classes and Friday-Saturday, May 22-23, 10 am-noon, for all other classes in the PC Learning Center, third floor, Community Center. For class listings, go to or pick up a handout at the club.

Mac Club

Learning iPad. The next “Beginning iPad” class by Bill and Kathy Tilley will be held Monday, May 18, 1-2:30 pm,  Individual and advanced help will also be available.
The next “iPad for Beginners” class by Victor Cohn will be held Tuesday, May 26, 1-2:30 pm.
Learning Mac. The next “”Intermediate iMac” class by Kevin O'Connor will be held Tuesday, May 26, 10-11:30 am.
No registration is required, and all are invited. $2 donation. Classes are held in the Mac Learning Center, third floor, Community Center. For more information, check the clubs website,

 Have News for The Videogram?
If you have information you would like to submit to The Videogram, please send it to  Lucy Parker, Publicity Director ,  949-456-4657.
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