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June 7, 2015

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Call the Video Lab during open hours, Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm

President's Corner
June 18 General Meeting Offers Behind-Scenes Look at TV Production
“Introduction to Video Editing” Class for PC Users Starts July 9
Have Fun Shooting the Laguna Woodstock Festival July 25
The “Wonderful Women of the Woods” Are Starting to Talk
Corel Forum Topics Announced for June 16 and July 7
June 19 iMovie Workshop to Cover Selecting and Editing Video Clips
“Intro to Video Production” Sessions Continue June 17 and 24
Club Request for Funds to be Reviewed by GRF Committee June 10
Video Club's Sony Actioncam Demonstrated in Special Class
Lawrie Bau Videos Featured in Channel 6 “Video Club Show” for June
Corel Classes Helped John Chang Edit His First YouTube Video
Online Video Is Focus of VidCon, July 23-25 in Anaheim
N2L2D and “Happy Video” DVDs Still Available
With the Tech Clubs


June is the month of Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!

Make a video of your Father’s Day Celebration.
New Video WiFi Password: Chris Carman (below right) visited the video lab on 5/20 and changed the videolab cumbersome high speed WiFi password “euac-yn0p-3f4q” to “videoclub” and updated all computers to automatically use the new password when powered on. Note Chris measured the speed of our videolab 

WiFi as ~5x faster than the Laguna Woods Village WiFi which also has a strong signal in the Video Club area. 

Help Wanted: Opportunities for you to join the Video Club Leadership Team: We would appreciate some help with our Website (see Lucy Parker, , 949-456-4657). The position of Studio Manager is now open. Program Director and Project Day Coordinator are needed. Call me if you have questions.

For Mac Users: iMovie Workshop is offered from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab on the first and third Fridays every month – July Workshops will be the second and third Friday of the month because of the 3 July Independence Day Holiday. Mark your calendars: The June 19 Workshop will focus on the iMovie Interface, how to start a new movie, and some editing tips.
Two New iMac Computers Now Available: Al Koch has installed the new iMacs – fell free to come by and try them out!
Contact me at or 424-254-6583.
Steve Carman, Video Club President


June 18 General Meeting Offers Behind-Scenes Look at TV Production

Dr. Michelle Stanton will present “A Behind-the-Scenes Look: Aspects of Television Production” at our General Meeting, Thursday, June 18, at 6:30 pm, open free to all in the Video Lab. (Refreshments and socializing at 6:30, program at 7.)  A Village resident and retired academic, Dr. Stanton also worked both in front of and behind the cameras at TV stations and with national networks such as PBS and NBC. She worked as a news producer, on-air reporter, TV director, editor, video engineer, and business manager.
In addition, she taught at Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge, Bowling Green State University, and Kent State University. She served as chair of the Communications Department at Cal Poly Pomona and as an Associate Dean at the University of Texas, Arlington. Lastly, she headed the Media Management program at Cal State Northridge, specializing in law, finance, sales, advertising, and television research. Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Stanton received her bachelor’s degree from William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. She received her master’s and doctorate degrees from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. (Click here for flier.)
This will be our last General Meeting until September 17. For information, contact Steve Carman,, 424-254-6583.


“Introduction to Video Editing” Class for PC Users Starts July 9

“Bring your videos and photos to life – EDITED with music, titles, and narration!” This is the challenge offered to PC users in a summer class, “Introduction to Video Editing,” using Corel VideoStudio. Taught by Dr. Tom Nash and Lucy Parker, the four-week class starts Thursday, July 9, and is open to all members and residents from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab. It will be an update of a similar class Tom and Lucy taught earlier this year, designed to give you the beginning tools you need to start editing your work. Graduates will be encouraged to join the Corel Forum for ongoing instruction. The fee for members is $!5 – $25 for non-members (with 2015 club membership) (Click here for flier.)



Have Fun Shooting the Laguna Woodstock Festival July 25

“Attention Video Club Members:
“If you are looking for an interesting subject to shoot either to enter in the Video Club's Annual 'Academy' Awards short video contest or for your own personal enjoyment, how about the upcoming Laguna Woodstock Festival? The Baby Boomer Club, who sponsors it, is offering a free admission and access to all areas all day to the videographer who volunteers.
“The Festival starts at 5 pm on Saturday, July 25, at Clubhouse 2, but the filming can begin in the the morning. This is also an opportunity to chronicle the last function at Clubhouse 2 before it is renovated.
“For more information, please contact Phil Doran at 421-9788 or .”


The “Wonderful Women of the Woods” Are Starting to Talk


A new video project is underway this spring, organized by member Esther Grossfield (far left), a Village resident, with creative and technical support from (pictured below) Phil Doran (right) and Allen Fortson. It's a talk show for women -- and maybe one or more men -- similar to ABC's “The View,” and all agree the concept, currently titled The Wonderful Women of the Woods (WWOW), has A LOT of potential! At present, the team is running tryouts to find the right mix of participants. 

On May 29, five prospective WWOWs gathered in the Video Studio: (above, from left) Esther Grossfield, Sunshine Lutey, Valerie Baker, Benji Johnson, and Fran Williams. So far, most of the project's video has been shot on Esther's GoPro, using the camera's built-in mic. To see preliminary samples, check the YouTube links below. More tryouts were recorded in the Video Studio on June 6 using an external mic for better sound. Hey! These gals are serious – and so are the guys assisting them! Stay tuned!

Fabulous Girls of Laguna Woods (the first effort) 
Woods 2
Woods 3 
WWOW (7:15 min.) 
WWOW (5:47 min.)


Corel Forum Topics Announced for June 16 and July 7

No “dark months” for those editing video on PCs! The Corel Forum will be held twice monthly throughout the summer. On Tuesday, June 16, Forum Facilitator Wolfgang Kutter, will  offer a review of voice, sound, and music tracks, plus "How to Finalize A Project (i.e. how to make a movie)." On July 7, Co-Forum Facilitator Ralph Vanderlinde will review the entire editing cycle, from source clip choices, to project line edits (including titles and transitions, with special emphasis on filters for pan-and-zoom and brightness). Finally, you'll be shown how to render the entire project.
Corel  filters – those quaint hot-air balloons on your editing panel – can do amazing things! Start learning how to use them! Corel Forums are held free on the first and third Tuesdays from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab for members and residents editing video in Corel VideoStudio on PC computers. For information, contact Wolfgang at , 949-457-1259. (Click here for flier.)


June 19 iMovie Workshop to Cover Selecting and Editing Video Clips

The iMovie Workshops, offered free to all members and residents on the first and third Fridays from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab, will continue meeting throughout the summer. Next month, due to the July 4 holiday, they'll skip the July 3 meeting and add a Workshop on July 10 – so in July they'll meet on the second and third Fridays. The Workshops are structured in two parts. The first part offers a lesson on iMovie and related apps. The remaining time is tailored to coach you on whatever issues you may have with iMovie.
The June 19 Workshop (see President's Corner above) will include an overview of the iMovie interface and the step-by-step process of selecting and editing video clips for your movie, according to Club President and Mac enthusiast Steve Carman, who leads the Workshops with Al Koch. All Mac, iPad, and iPhone videographers are invited to join Steve and Al at these informative sessions. If you have an iPad or MacBook laptop, you are encouraged to bring it with the latest version of iMovie loaded. You may also want to check out the two new iMacs we've just added to the Video Lab for your use! For information, contact Steve, , 424-254-6583. (Click here for flier.)


“Intro to Video Production” Sessions Continue June 10, 17, and 24

Individual sessions of the ongoing “Introduction to Video Production” class are open to members and all residents on Wednesday mornings for $5 per session. Topics remaining in the four-session series are cameras on June 10, audio on June 17, and editing on June 24, from 10 am to noon in the Video Lab. The classes provide practical demonstrations and detailed hand-outs. For information, contact Dr. Tom Nash,, 714-381-0781. (Click here for flier.)


Club Request for Funds to be Reviewed by GRF Committee June 10

The Video Club's $11,000 request for 2016 GRF Funds will be reviewed as a Capital Expense by the GRF Business Planning Committee at their next meeting, Wednesday, June 10, at 9:30 am in the Board Room of the Community Center. Our request was previously reviewed by the GRF Community Activities Committee, but when they realized we had a single item that exceeded $5,000 (a switcher bundle, needed to expedite editing in multi-camera shoots), they decided the request should be considered as a Capital Expense. Club President Steve Carman will present the case for the $11,000 procurement to the Business Planning Committee. Feel free to attend. Call Steve at 424-254-6583 if you have questions.


Video Club's Sony Actioncam Demonstrated in Class

The Video Club's Sony Actioncam may be “seeing more action” following a two-hour special class taught by Past President Tom Martin (above left)  and attended by nine members on June 6 in the Video Lab. Similar to a GoPro, the camcorder was added to our Lab loan equipment last year. Tom, who owns a GoPro and has studied our small Sony unit as well, compared the two popular ultra-wide-angle camcorders and demonstrated their operation. All present had a chance to shoot with the Sony Actioncam and see the results on the Lab's large-screen TV. The camcorder is available to members only to borrow on short-term loans. See a Lab Supervisor during open Lab hours.


Lawrie Bau Videos Featured in 

Channel 6 “Video Club Show” for June

Longtime Video and Camera Club Member Lawrie Bau isn't shy about sharing the secrets behind his rock-steady, hand-held videos. He refuses to use any camcorder that doesn't have a viewfinder. Pressing the camera to his eye-socket, his arms to his body, and his body to a stationary object provides the three-point stability that amazes those of us who wave our newer camcorders out at arm's length to view our LCD screens. You can see some eye-pleasing examples of Lawrie's work in the half-hour “Video Club Show” for June to be broadcast on Channel 6:
                        Friday, June 12, 2 pm
                        Friday, June 19, 9:30 am
                        Friday, June 26, 2 pm

Included is an 18-minute visit to Canada's famed annual rodeo and show, “The 2011 Calgary Stampede.” Though much of the video feels like an insider's view, Lawrie shot all of it from the stands – including steady closeups of bull- and horse-riding action – not to mention the fireworks! Two short videos complete the program: a quiet visual poem titled “Yosemite in Winter” and the light-hearted, jazz-backed “Jellyfish Jive,” shot at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Chicago born and raised, Lawrie received his bachelor's and law degrees from Northwestern University and served as litigation counsel for Inland Steel Industries in Chicago. He's been “doing photography” for some 60 years, specializing in slide-show travelogs for friends, family, and organizations. Lawrie and wife Marilyn moved moved to Laguna Woods Village in 1999, following their three daughters, who had already relocated to California.
Lawrie became active in both the Camera and Video Clubs but only began editing video about 2005, after non-linear editing tools became widely available. He works in Pinnacle and continues to shoot with a Canon Vixia HV30 mini DV camcorder and a Sony TRV 720 digital 8. Accompanying him on his travels, Marilyn uses a point-and-shoot camera and her stills sometimes supplement his work in the videos. Lawrie also uses a point-and-shoot – a Lumix, with (you guessed it!) an electronic viewfinder.


Corel Classes Helped John Chang Edit His First YouTube Video

“This is my first YouTube Video, using Corel Fastflick and then edited in Corel VideoStudio X7. The Corel video classes helped me to get a good start. It is a fun project. Hope you enjoy it.  – John Chang”
John's first online video invites us to enjoy a gentle spring sojourn along Aliso Creek, combining still photos and video clips. We see birds, bunnies, even a frog – and the flowers are amazing! Plus, check out his “squirrel surprise” ending! As John discovered – Corel's“instant video” component, FastFlick, can provide a quick, easy video – but soon you'll  be delving into VideoStudio's full features because you need to “tweak” your creation.
Above, Evelyn Chang (our Membership Director) looks over a patch of flowers at Aliso Creek in husband John's new video.


Online Video Is Focus of VidCon, July 23-25 in Anaheim

The Sixth  Annual VidCon will be held July 23-25, 2015, in the Anaheim Convention Center. This popular  conference devoted to online video (especially YouTube) has tracks for fans, creators, and industry professionals. Club President Steve Carman suggests you add it to your calendar. Representatives from the Video Club plan to attend.
Just in time for this conference (we hope), our long-time instructor Chuck Hale is developing a YouTube class for the Video Club. This is something many members have been asking for! We'll keep you posted.


N2L2D and “Happy Video” DVDs Still Available

Copies of the full one-hour “Never Too Late to Date” DVD as aired in April on Channel 6 are available during open hours in the Video Lab (Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm) for a $10 donation for Video Club members, $20 for non-members. Copies of the “Happy Video,” showing Village residents dancing to Pharrell Williams' “Happy Song” are available for a $5 donation.



Camera Club

The Camera Club's 6th Annual Digital Slide Show Competition will be held in CH3, Dining Room 2 on Monday, June 8, at 6:30 pm. The evening will feature up to 12 six-minute shows from the club’s most innovative photographers, each taking their best photographs and creating a digital slide show using the latest software techniques, such as creative transitions, pans and zooms, special motion, video, styles, captions, and integrated music. The attending Camera Club members will be the judges. Results will be tallied immediately following the series of shows, and the winners will be announced.
An “Introduction to Portrait Photography” class will be presented by Mark Marchese of the Camera Club on Tuesday, June 23, from 1:30-3:30 pm in the Camera Club Classroom, CH4. The fee is $10 for Camera Club members, $20 for non-members. Mark is an experienced portrait photographer who says, “Taking memorable portraits doesn't need to be difficult.”. Come early to be assured of getting a seat. For more information on all Camera Club events, see the Camera Club's website.

PC Club

Genealogy Roundtable Discussion Meeting – The PC Club will hold a Roundtable Discussion meeting on Tuesday, June 16, from 1:30-3:30 pm, in the PC Learning Center, 3rd floor, Community Center, for residents interested in, or actively engaged in, genealogy or family history research. All residents are welcome, but an RSVP to is required. No charge, but a $2 donation will be appreciated. Presently nearly 50 people are attending regular meetings to advance their genealogy knowledge and learn research sources and techniques. The President of the South Orange County Genealogical Society, David Flint, has been present at three previous meetings to give advice, answer questions, and facilitate discussion. Bob Sellards, PC Club President, an active amateur genealogist and Society member, will again host the event. For other PC Club news, go to

Mac Club

Beginning iPad Class The next Beginning iPad Class will be held Monday, June 8, from 1-2:30 pm, in the Mac Learning Center, 3rd Floor, Community Center, facilitated by Bill and Kathy Tilley. No registration is required. All are invited. $2 donation.
There will be no Mac Club General Meeting in June. iPad, iPhone, and iMac help is available every Monday-Friday from 9 am to 3 pm in the Mac Learning Center. The monthly class schedule is posted with other news on the club's website,

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