Mr Fantastical Born To Boogie Born To Die
Mr. Fantastical finally announces his 3rd studio album, Born To Boogie, Born To Die. (7 years in the making!)

Pre-orders made by Feb 24th get an exclusive bonus track!

 Still fresh off the grill... Captain Baby Sugar Ox. Adroit debut of choice music and video.

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Born To Boogie, Born To Die.

Jason Corman (Jesus Chrysler Supercar) makes history by paying all associated album costs with bacon. Even we, the record company will direct all revenues to our favorite butcher @ The Pork Shop (Queen Creek, Arizona) where traditional currency can be converted to pork-tender. Vega-kosher-ites will likely excuse our manners the moment they recognize Corman's signature guitar work is back in full display after a 2-album/15-year absence. Reminiscent of his 'Chrysler' days, "Mr. Fantastical" is back to raccoon stomp you, riff by riff.
*This album is dedicated to victims of midlife crisis, vega-kosher-tarians and reluctant parvenu.

What is a Vegakoshertarian?
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