Top ten ways to beat the winter chill
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Healthy Bytes weighs in:
 ~Weathering the Winter Chill~


the live and be well coach presents...


A survival guide to stave off the winter whinies!

Ask anyone around me--this weather makes me WHINY! In fact, I can't even stand to HEAR myself anymore!

As much as I would like to become a snowbird, it just isn't feasible at this time in my life. Alas, I must put on my big girl garments and DEAL!!!


While talking to my BFF/dear cousin Deb (we call her Debbie, but not to her face), we brainstormed ways we keep warm in the wackiest of winters. She should know, since she moved to (even colder) Michigan --and has three huskies, to boot! Incidentally, even the huskies aren't digging this weather (at nighttime, they refuse to go out!).

Our Ten Top Tips:

 1. Load up with lots of layers--it takes more than a warm sweater to beat these frigid temps! 


 2. Simmer some soup--crock pots make it easy to do! University of Google can make you a scholar in fifteen minutes!


 3. Savor your spices--warming spices include cayenne pepper, cumin, cinnamon, cardomom, ginger, allspice, nutmeg & star anise. Play with your food!


 4. Rock it with rooibus (tea)--it is a wonderful, tasty blend which will warm you to the bone! My favorite is Chai Rooibos, by Yogi (it is described as warming and spicy-sweet). Comfort in a cup!

 5. Beat a path to better circulation with beets! Benefits include increased peripheral blood flow (good for fingers, toes else needs a lift--wink, wink)... blood purification, tryptophan for that much-needed sense of well-being, a whole bunch of vitamins & minerals, blood pressure control...BE(e)T you didn't know: The astronauts of Apollo 18 are purported to have enjoyed the traditional Russian version of beet soup--borscht! Fun (but ill-advised) fact: My son Jordan, always an out-of-the-box thinker, points out that beets may be thrown at people. That said, I do not advocate utilizing this tip. I just wanted to see if you read this far (shoot me a quick e-mail if you did!). 



 6. Hold onto the heat with an old-fashioned hot water bottle--you'd be surprised how quickly things warm up!


 7. Linger with a loved one--whether it be a furry friend or one in human form (sometimes a soft pillow or sentimental stuffed animal will suffice!).

 8. Energize with exercise! Who among us doesn't own a few long-forgotten exercise videos? Pop one in and march to the beat of movement; even if you just move in place, it will warm you up in no time! Fidget as you walk & talk around...with your cell phone or with those you share space with. Get rockin' with an upbeat IPod playlist or your favorite Pandora station--and shake your booty in the comfort of your living room! Dance like no one is watching! 

9. Take a warm shower to soothe your soul (or a hot bath--with or without a hot friend-- but that just didn't work with my alliteration theme). Hot hint: add epsom salts for anti-inflammatory action...a natural way to soothe your winter aches & pains!


10. Grab a glass of wine (don't gulp!)--better to WINE than WHINE, after all! Watching your sugar? Go with the Cabernet Sauvignon. Organic is always best (I am humbly accepting donations...for the sake of science, of course!). I'd love to hear (or taste) your favorites!

Whatever you do, keep in mind--this is temporary! Spring will be here in 23 days!!!
Loads of love & warmth,

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