Celebrating light and peace
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the live and be well coach

We all want peace, prosperity and the warmth of family and friends...the time and the means to enjoy those we love. 

So often, when holidays arise, they offer up a cornucopia containing more than the fruits and vegetables of the season! Don't let the stress of preparation and the disappointment in things beyond our grasp to dim the light of the season.

Be mindful: all we can control is ourselves, at this time, in this moment.


We all strive to be the best we can be. Sometimes, being our best selves in the presence of changing schedules and the complexities of family dynamics means a little advance preparation...not to mention delegation!

My mother always told me that, "if you want a job done right, do it yourself!"

While, in a sense, that is true--after all, no one else can create what is in your heart to create--this advice, however well-meaning (sorry, Mom)--can leave you feeling EXHAUSTED before you begin!


Is it possible to "let go" of preconceptions and SIMPLIFY this holiday season?

It it really necessary to have fifteen side dishes and to clean your house top to bottom as if it was selected to pass a "WHITE GLOVE TEST"???

It is hard to keep up with the ever-changing diets of others. Why not send out an e-mail well in advance of the holiday asking about any preferences/special needs? Ask for recommendations...or suggest that those with special needs bring a dish!  Contact me if you need help with menu planning.

By spending a little time contemplating  what you need to stay sane and taking to time to COMMUNICATE IN ADVANCE with everyone "on the list,"
you just may be able to ENJOY the SEASON  in a richer, fuller way!


Keep it fun!!!

Don't take yourself too seriously or you just might miss out on the fruits of the season! No one wants a dry, stressful holiday! Remember, only YOU can control YOU. People tend to mirror the facial expressions and emotions of those they are surrounded with, so practice SMILING--Be the ambassador of warmth and peace...let bygones be just that...let go of the "yuck" and the sludge that dims the spirit and quenches love's flame. 

Celebrate life, joy and peace!!!

Holidays are NOT a time to dwell on past disappointments and the perceived shortcomings of others. Arrive at the table girded with the strength that comes with forgiveness. this is a time to draw from the well of your faith and to concentrate on all that is RIGHT and GOOD. Let bygones be just that...PUT ASIDE YOUR PRIDE and dig in!

Enjoy the bounty set before you and precipitate the changes you wish to see! 

To Those who Celebrate...

Wishing you the warmth of family and friends, peace and prosperity as you celebrate the triumph of light over darkness.

Give thanks...

for our many blessings, during the holiday season and every day...This is a time to give thanks for what we have, remembering those who are less fortunate with empathy and generosity.

Enjoy the fruits of the harvest!

Another fall holiday is that of Sukkot, where we give thanks for the harvest. No matter what you celebrate, Fall is a good time to enjoy the goodness of pumpkins, squashes and various cruciferous veggies like broccoli, kale and cauliflower. Don't forget to roast your pumpkin seeds (you can lightly spray with olive or coconut oil and sprinkle with either cinnamon or a more savory spice mixture)--YUM! Apples are also harvested this time of year, providing a delicious source of soluble fiber!


Enjoy the season with those you love!!!

Wishing you joy, peace, light, prosperity, love and the riches that come with contentment and acceptance.

Live in the moment--and make your moments matter!



Jani, the live and be well coach



Finding yourself disappointed/saddened by the approaching holiday season?


You are not alone!

Visit me at or contact me at to discover how working with a coach can help to equip you. 

Don't just SURVIVE--Let's learn to THRIVE!!!





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