Change takes courage!
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Did you know?

The original Serenity Prayer was authored by Reinhold Neibuher long before its use by Alcoholics Anonymous popularized it. It was worded thusly:
"God, Give us the grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed, Courage
to change the things which should be
changed, And the wisdom to distinguish the one from
the other"




Noun, meaning the power to deal with  that which frightens, pains or endangers/the ability to act in accordance with one's beliefs/convictions, facing fear or danger

to change

Verb, meaning to make different in some particular way
synonyms: to alter, redirect, switch or transform

Laughter does good like a medicine (sans side effects), so SMILE a bit more, LAUGH deeply and BREATHE IN all that is new and good!

Never forget your sense of humor!!!


Whatever changes await you, love yourself in the process. Seek help when needed, take the time you need to make a good decision, trusting that you and only you will know what and when that is!


try a new practice, habit, course of study, exercise program, congregation/religious community, way of eating, thinking, something different, walk a new path...go forth TRYING...and ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!

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The Courage to Change the Things I Can

Change is fascinating!

Whether it's the changing of the seasons, the ups and downs of relationships (both home and work), the pain of loss (people or our health), a physical move or the pressing desire to move forward and institute new patterns of growth, change can leave us simultaneously excited and apprehensive. Are you in the midst of change? Feeling as though you will be swept away with the winds in one moment, struggling to balance yourself on uncertain ground...only to find yourself more purposeful, strong and determined the next? 

Has daily life become a whirlwind of emotion?


All we know for certain is that we do not know for certain. Despite our detailed plans, life happens. When we are celebrating joyful moments, we hold those moments close, fully aware that it will not last forever. Somehow, when we are in seasons of sadness, suffering from physical or emotional pain, we find it harder to remember that  the harshness of pain does not last forever either. Seeing the proverbial forest through the trees is quite a feat--one which requires that we step aside for a moment in order to see that which is ahead more clearly (without that tree in the way--you get the idea)...

Take a seasonal approach!

What can we learn from the seasons?

-Seasons change; weather conditions and storm systems don't last forever.

-Each season has its glories and its challenges. Just take the good with the bad, concentrating on the good! 

-Enjoy everything: From the crunching of crisp autumn leaves  to the beautiful snowy landscape after a winter storm...the grandeur of spring's rejuvenation to the warm embrace of summer everything, there is a season...and every season holds both the opportunity to try something new along with the loss of that which has passed, the mourning of that which has become familiar.

-Storms often seem worse while in the midst of them, though the damage lasts far beyond their duration. Make a "storm plan" which includes friends and/or family who will help you pick up the inevitable pieces which fall. Strengthen old ties, whenever possible and create new ones.

-Throughout our lives, the climate changes. It seems that, just when we carefully construct coping mechanisms for one season, nature thrusts us into the next! The fans and air conditioners which help in the heat of summer will not help you survive winter's challenges. Each season of life requires a new tool kit! Stay alert, keeping your actions pertinent to life's current situation--not that which helped you many seasons ago. Think out of the box; the people and skills you once relied on may need to be expanded upon. Find a village of people, interests and support where you feel that you fit in. Engage with like-minded souls who understand where you are now and have similar, positive goals...people, groups and organizations which affirm who you are and who you see yourself becoming. Don't let the fear of change limit you!

-Sometimes there are warnings of what is to come: Although life throws many a curveball, there are usually warning signs. Learn to read them, as well as learning who you can trust to deliver truthful information. It helps to know your evacuation plan way before you need one, so you can survive in the event of an emergency.
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