Snowy day shopping spree
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Your snow day shopping spree...

Is the food in your shopping cart eating YOU?!

It just doesn't feel like winter without the first big snowstorm of the season! There's something about hunkering down without the need to go anyplace which defines winter. Familiar smells of soup on the stove and baked goods in the oven all bring the words "warm" and "cozy" to mind, no matter how fiercely the outdoor winds howl.

For most of us, this "time out" of sorts begins with its own ritualistic dance ...namely, the FOOD SHOPPING TANGO!  But today, I am wondering...just what is in that cart of yours?

I overheard a co-worker politely asking a patient whether she was all ready for the storm--whether she had gotten the traditional milk, eggs and bread yet--and it got me thinking...

How is it that, despite the many faces of inflammation we as Americans are faced with, we keep the same comfort foods on our default list? Without even thinking, our go-to options are typically SAD (short for the Standard American Diet). Processed foods, comfort foods and foods specifically engineered to reach out and touch our "bliss points" compete with raw, whole foods at every hand... as do the "comfort foods" which turn out, for many of us, to bring exactly the opposite of what I consider to be comfortable! Bloating, unwanted weight gain, mood swings...sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Don't get me wrong--I have enjoyed more than a few french toast breakfasts (especially with challah dipped in vanilla and cinnamon sugar...or the occasional splash of Kahlua...yum!). I know the taste of instant gratification...literally--really I do!  It's just that, after struggling for years with painfully swollen joints,  itching from inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema & psoriasis, mood swings from sugar imbalances and brain fog from pain and lack of basic nutrition, I now cannot reach for those simple sugars and common allergens without thinking of how I will feel after the rush is over. you can read my story here

For many, there is nothing wrong with consuming milk, eggs and bread, especially when the highest affordable quality is consumed. Organic milk from non-lactating cows, pastured or free range eggs and organic whole grain bread are better than milk and eggs rich with hormones and cruelty and/or bread which contains nothing our bodies can use as long-term fuel.

Eggs, in particular, are a great source of protein and usable fat--if and when your body isn't on overdrive and can handle them!

If you enjoy great health and energy and can eat whatever you want without headaches, digestive or immune issues, go ahead and eat whatever you fancy-- if that is your desire. Just be careful--the SAD tends to catch up with us, increasing our chances of heart disease, diabetes and other way-too-common maladies. But mostly, it's there contributing to our general "yucky feeling."

For those of us who suffer from anything ending in -itis (arthritis and colitis come to mind), those with allergies or skin disorders, auto-immune issues, migraine headaches or those who just "don't feel well," a great measure of relief may be obtained by eliminating the top allergens--at least for awhile--even if it turns out that you are not allergic to them! And yes, you guessed it--milk, eggs and bread make the top 10 list! There is a reason many of the "better" supplements found at health food stores brag about their lack of milk, eggs, dairy, soy, corn, wheat and peanuts on the label!!! If the aim of a product is to make you feel well, you can bet your bottom dollar that  the company doesn't want to bet their bottom dollar (where does that saying even come from?).

You get the company interested in profiting from products intended to make you feel better would risk  including these difficult-to-process foods. After all, they don't want anything to get in the way of the fabulous way their formula's active ingredients will make you feel or risk costly, avoidable adverse reactions! They want you to feel great, be hooked on feeling well and continue to buy their products (and help you in the process, so we all win)!

So...what do I need to know?


There are many ways to group foods. For the purpose of this newsletter, we will talk about pro-inflammatory foods (avoid or eliminate these) and anti-inflammatory foods (add them in).


Pro-inflammatory foods tend to cause or facilitate inflammation, usually affecting the  weakest system in your body (which varies from person to person and family to family). For those prone to digestive upset, this may present as IBS or colitis. It also may be at the root of many other syndromes, since the gut dictates our immunity, contributing a great deal to  the state of our health! Stress, emotions, medications and other factors are also an important part of the health equation...but , for now, this is my focus. Pro-inflammatory foods include foods which are modified (made in a plant with artificial ingredients vs. being grown on a plant), fried foods and foods containing wheat, dairy, soy, corn, eggs and peanuts.


 Anti-inflammatory foods may decrease or eliminate the symptoms of the inflammatory process and its myriad of health consequences. Foods like turmeric, ginger and leafy greens contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, hydration is important (read "Hydration Innovation").


When we ingest foods or beverages which are hard to digest for our individual systems, our digestive and immune systems go into overdrive. As stated before, there are many factors determining what we are able to tolerate, nevermind  THRIVE on! These include our heredity and ethnicity, in addition to other factors due to chemical exposures, overuse of antibiotics or other medications, stress levels, etc. Working with a professional (such as--you guessed it--a health coach!) can help you identify factors specific to YOU, in this moment of time.

An aside--albeit an important one: If you suspect that you are gluten intolerant, please get tested for celiac disease BEFORE eliminating gluten from your diet, as the accuracy of the test rides on your exposure (and your body's reaction) to gluten. Consequently, false negatives may occur if gluten is discontinued prior to being tested.

 Want to find out how to identify and replace inflammatory foods so that your body can heal without feeling deprived? More importantly, do you want to learn what YOUR body is trying to tell YOU? There is so much seemingly conflicting information out there--sometimes, as we research, we become more and more confused...often to the point of becoming even more STUCK IN A RUT!


This is where working with a health coach comes in handy! The idea is not to feel deprived, but to discover what drives our relationships--with food, work, society and each other...but most importantly, with ourselves. As we peel away the core (I always need to insert a "punny"), we will make SLOW steps...steps to help you to LIVE and be WELL. The goal isn't to be perfect...but BETTER. So...don't be afraid to reach for your goals!

Remember, every great journey begins with a single small step...YOUR  journey just may begin when you lay claim to your free phone consultation!

Call or text me at (609) 865-0936 or e-mail me at to secure a slot for your free, no-obligation appointment and seal in today's pricing if you choose to pursue a coaching program within the next three months! 

Contact me to set up your free consultation AND to learn whether YOU may benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet. 


In the meantime, enjoy--the view, the food & each other. 

Love, peace, hugs,


Coach Jani

(609) 865-0936




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