Need to destress? Why deep diaphragmatic breathing is for you!

Want to reset, restore & revive? 

Discover the Dynamics of Deep Diaphragmatic (belly) Breathing

Stress, fatigue & pain can result in shallow breathing patterns due to muscle spasm/muscle memory (our muscles get stubborn & set in their unhealthy ways), along with a weakening of the diaphragm (the large dome-shaped muscle at the base of our lungs which is the most important muscle for breathing). Shallow breathing causes us to use the intercostal muscles, which attach to the ribs, rather than the diaphragm for breathing. 

Why, you ask, does this matter?

Well...shallow breathing can lead to dyspnea (shortness of breath) & hypoventilation (respiratory depression, meaning that you have too much carbon dioxide vs oxygen..meaning that you lack proper tissue oxygenation, which is needed for every cell in the body!). It is also associated with anxiety, muscle spasms & lack of stamina due to poor sleep. Deep "belly breathing" is a colossal coping method for conditions like COPD, fibromyalgia and other conditions which cause chronic pain, stress & anxiety.

ClIcK tO SeE mY vIdEO!

Dive into Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing!

Lying down:
  • Lie down with a book on your belly
  • Exhale fully
  •  Breathe in deeply, expanding your abdomen while you breathe in
  • Continue to breathe in for a count of 8--or whatever you are comfortable with--take baby steps if you must 
  • Hold for 2 more seconds, imagining the breath is lifting your head up
  • Slowly exhale through pursed lips, counting to 8 (or whatever feels good for you)--Be present in your attitude while you do this!
  • Rinse & repeat (I repeat the cycle three times)
Standing up:
  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground, feet slightly apart
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Deliberately draw air upward, inhaling through your abdomen & upward
  • Hold for a count of 8 (or whatever is comfortable for you)
  • Continue to breathe for an additional count of 2, imagining that the breath is being drawn up as you straighten your neck
  • Slowly exhale through pursed lips for a count of 8 or whatever you have decided on 
  • Rinse and repeat (I repeat 3 times)

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