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Hello David,
Spring is here... summer is coming! Have technology work for you and improve your lifestyle! Spare some time for your hobbies, enjoy our new amazing products!
  • Through WellBots, you can already pre-order the latest DJI drone: the DJI Phantom 3! This is the next big thing. Read more below
  • Need to record high-quality videos of your next adventure? WellBots is now a proud partner of GoPro!
  • Want to get rid of home chores? Let the new Ecovacs Vacuum & Window Cleaners (D35, D80, D83, W930) clean your floor and windows for you!
  • Interested in tracking your workout sessions? The Blast Motion Trackers allow you to monitor your activity in each major sport you practice (baseball, basketball, cycling, track&fields, golf). 

Welcome to WellBots’ April 2015 Newsletter
WellBots: Smart Technology Made Simple.

DJI Phantom 3 is here

DJI Phantom 3
DJI is the world’s leading manufacturer of drones for photos & videos. On April 8, the company announced the release of its new gem, the Phantom 3! At WellBots, we are truly impressed by this new drone! It features a 4K camera and the most-advanced stabilization system ever built. If you have hesitant to buy your own drone thus far, the Phantom 3 is the perfect purchase! You will enjoy a new way of filming, and watch the world from a new perspective!
You can already pre-order your DJI Phantom 3 drone on WellBots! It is available in 2 versions: the Phantom 3 Professional (4K camera) for $1,259 and the Phantom 3 Advanced (1,080p HD camera) for $999 only!

WellBots Welcomes GoPro 

GoPro portable cameras are famous for their quality and reliability. Its latest version, the GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver Edition, is no exception. Indeed, it features a 4K resolution and up to 240 frames/second for the Black Edition! Take cinema-quality videos and perform the best slow motions. Bring those small cameras with you everywhere you go, take videos and photos in one click, and even attach them to your DJI Drones!

New Ecovacs Vacuum & Window Cleaners

Ecovacs D35
Ecovacs D83
Ecovacs W930
Ecovacs just launched its brand new line of high-quality robotic cleaners! Click on the link below and browse through those new gems of technology You will find a vacuum cleaner or window cleaner that suits you perfectly! Get rid of home chores, enjoy more free time by letting those smart machines work for you! Cleaning your floors should not be on your to-do list anymore! Pick the Deebot D35 and its fashionable, modern design and red color, or go for its more powerful, more robust elder brother, the Deebot D83 with fully automated functions. Ecovacs, the world leader in automated window-cleaning, came up with its new jewel: the Winbot W930 window cleaner! Its performance is  simply unmatched.

Blast Motion: Track your favorite Sports Achievements 

Blast Motion
The Blast Motion line of trackers allows you to monitor multiple metrics in order to help you improve your performances in the sports you play. They are available for Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Athletic performance (jumping, running, volleyball etc.) or for Action Cameras (to complement your GoPro system for example)! Each device will track your moves and displays them via an app (App Store - iOS).

WellBots featured in


Just a few days ago, WellBots was featured in a ZDNet article! The journalist recognized WellBots as a key smart retailer which puts a lot of emphasis on educating customers on smart technology: He got it right! Here is an extract from the article:

Engaging consumers is important, but the key for retailers is education. That's the approach the founders of have taken. The smart technology retailer sells robots, home automation, personal care and connected devices, and 3D printers. Along with being a technology marketplace,, which is still in its startup phase, is positioning itself as a resource center for consumers curious about smart technology.

"We have put a big emphasis on educating customers" says David Prochaska, head of marketing for the company. "We do that through our blog and through the in-depth explanations and robust supporting documents we offer on most of the products we sell. We're really taking a branded content approach. We want to engage customers by providing information they'll find useful."

Secure your DJI drone with a DropSafe Parachute

DJI DropSafe Parachute
Do you own a DJI Spreading S900 or S1000? Do you want to play it safe, or impress, or have fun, or brag about the coolest tools ever made? Add a parachute to your drone! It will allow you to limit damages in case of an emergency. Built by DJI, for DJI. The DropSafe Parachute can be used several times and only needs CO2 gas canisters. It will deploy in less than a half-second.
WellBots - Blog
  • [Activity TrackersWe know. There are many companies coming up with their own activity trackers. They all do a bunch of things and pretend to be better than competitors… and so you’re lost! You don’t know which one to choose! Our team reviewed and tried most activity trackers currently on the market and picked the Top 2 Trackers for you to choose from. No need to thank us, we like helping people choose wisely and improve their health and lifestyles!
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  • [Drones] We’ve heard it over and over again these past few months. “What is a drone used for?” Some say it allows them to record videos of their achievements or enjoyable moments with their families. Others say drones are fun, they’re like toys. And some use them for professional purposes, to monitor their land or vineyards for example. We have put together a list of 7 ways to use a drone. Please give us your own suggestions of how to use a drone in the Comments section!
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  • [Wearables] We asked 7 experts in the 'wearables' industry (including the Founder of Misfit and the CEO of Jawbone)  to answer our questions on the future of Wearable Technology. It is interesting to see how they replied and what evolution they forecast! Miniaturization will be a key element. Read the full Q&A session on our blog (link below).
                   "Wearable technology consists of accessories or artic ... [read more]"
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