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Happy Halloween! Welcome to our October newsletter.
Many events have occurred in the tech world over the past few weeks, including some layoffs at Twitter, a new study saying that the World Robotics Market will grow 29% per year until 2019, Tesla transforming the Model S into a nearly driverless car, Square getting ready to IPO, and Uber winning cases in court (the list goes on).
Here are some of the things we have been working on at Wellbots this month:
  • Check out our YouTube channel: watch amazing videos of some of our products
  • Wellbots is now on Instagram! Follow us and like our posts: we may return the favor. Stay tuned for special promotions.
  • We have crafted the first-ever Ranking of the Top 25 Smart Products - it will be published soon.
  • Many new products have been added on Wellbots recently, including a new robot floor cleaner which vacuums & mops, an electric skateboard, the best activity tracker, and a versatile video monitor.
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#1 on Smart Products
Recently Added on Wellbots

Featured: Connected Toys
Sphero Ollie Darkside ($129) & SPRK ($129) connected toys
In the spirit of the festive autumn colors and all things spooky leading up to Halloween, check out the Sphero Darkside Ollie, a connected smart toy. This little red and black terror will add fun to your holiday. It is the perfect gift for Q4.

Do you like the Sphero Darkside Ollie, the Ollie, and the SPRK robotic ball? You will love the BB-8, an app-enabled, droid ma which you will discover in the upcoming Star Wars movie (December 18, 2015). Soon available on Wellbots.
Featured: Mapping Drone
3DR Mapping Drones - Aero-M & X8-M
3DRobotics X8-M mapping drone ($5,400)
Check out the 3DRobotics X8-M mapping drone, most commonly used by professionals to create high-quality maps. 3DRobotics has become a leading drone manufacturer. The X8-M mapping drone is equipped with some of the best aerial image processing software currently available. We are impressed with the high level of mapping precision that 3DRobotics has made available. We hope the above video of the X8-M leaves you dazzled as well.
Featured: Neato Vacuums
Neato Botvac d80 d85
Neato D8000 ($499) & D7500 ($449) robot vacuums
Well-known manufacturer Neato has just released 2 new robot vacuum cleaners, each fully equipped with Neato's LaserSmart mapping technology. Each time the Neato D8000 and the Neato D7500 prepare to clean, they assess the room layout and shape. They then create a map of the space and determine the path they will take to clean the room in an optimal way.

The dirt and grime in the above video do not stand a chance against the Neato vacuums in action. Take a look.
Featured: Parrot Minidrones
Wellbots - Introducing Parrot Minidrone Jumping Night
The long anticipated, newest additions to the  Parrot Minidrone collection, including the Parrot Minidrone Airborne Cargo ($99),  Airborne Night ($129), Hydrofoil ($159), Jumping Night ($189) and Jumping Race ($189) are now available! If you have already ordered a Parrot Minidrone, it will ship out soon. A member of the latest generation of Parrot Minidrones, the Parrot Jumping Night jumps up to 2.5 feet high. Watch it jump these amazing heights in the above video.
Featured: Aquarium Cleaner
AquaGenesis Robosnail aquarium cleaner (from $179)
There is nothing worse than a dirty aquarium. The AquaGenesis Robosnail aquarium cleaner is a wonderful solution to keep your office or home aquarium clean and fresh at all times. It comes in 2 versions: one for aquarium glass up to 10mm thick, and a new version for glass thickness up to 12mm. Spend more time preparing for your annual Halloween party or figuring out your costume this year and less time maintaining your aquarium. Happy costume hunting!
BLOG: Top 5 Accessories for Smartphone
Blog Post: The Top 5 Accessories for your Smartphone
Isn't it amazing to have a mini-computer and camera in your pocket? Our team came up with some of the best accessories for your smartphone. Want to know which is number 1? Check out the above picture for a hint. For the full list and descriptions, check out our blog.
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