Spatineo newsletter, October 2014

Best greetings from Spatineo!

We're living in very exciting times at Spatineo as a lot of things are happening. Last month we recruited two new employees and thus strengthened our foothold on the European market considerably. We're also happy to welcome a list of new customers around Europe, and the number of Spatineo users is expected to keep on growing at an ever increasing rate. We've also been busy improving our products, and just two weeks ago we launched the new status widget and improvements to several areas in Spatineo Monitor.

In addition, we've been visiting and exhibiting in several events such as GEOINFO in Gävle (Sweden), INTERGEO in Berlin (Germany), ESRI Conference in Split (Croatia) etc. We're continuing our marketing effort by attending all major geospatial events in Europe. If there's an event we might have missed or you would particularly want us to attend to, please let us know.

The further development of our products is an on-going process. Currently, we're working on improving the alert configuration, validation test report and performance test report pdf-printing, adding notifications to the widgets and a number of smaller tweaks. We are planning to release these already in November. At the same time, we've also started working on user management (different user levels and views) and started planning Spatineo Roadmap 2.0 and REST & CSW support. User management will be available early next year. New Spatineo Roadmap and REST & CSW support will be available later next year. All our development decisions are based on your ideas and feedback. So please keep those coming!

Have a great Autumn!
Kristian Jaakkola, Managing Director

The first Spatineo Roadmap –maturity assessment in the utilisation of spatial data has been completed


The maturity assessment in the utilisation of spatial data in the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has been completed. Based on the results, SYKE plans the actions for developing the most important areas that promote the utilisation of spatial data in the organisation.
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The Geological Survey of Finland started to use Spatineo Monitor


The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) has made an agreement for Spatineo Monitor as a continuous contract. GTK started using Spatineo Monitor to improve the availability and to monitor the use of its spatial data services, as well as to further develop the usability of geological spatial information.
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The City of Tampere tests the performance of its spatial web services with Spatineo Performance


Spatineo’s long-term customer the City of Tampere has taken Spatineo Performance into use to complement the quality assurance tools of its spatial web services. Tampere applies Spatineo Performance to verify the performance of its spatial web services.  
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Publish service availability in your website


Spatineo has released a new feature in Spatineo Monitor which enables you to share and publicise availability information of your spatial web services. 
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French CRAIG started to use Spatineo Monitor


French CRAIG (Centre Régional Auvergnat de l’information géographique, Auvergne Region Centre for Spatial Information) has made an agreement for Spatineo Monitor. CRAIG took Spatineo Monitor into use to get better visibility on the usage of their services.
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Spatineo team is growing


Spatineo has recruited two new employees to strengthen its foothold in the European market. Jan Stabenow is working at the Spatineo Berlin office being responsible for sales and marketing in the German-speaking area. Floriane Blanchett is responsible for sales and marketing in the French-speaking market, and works at the Spatineo head office in Helsinki. 
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The City of Hyvinkää started to use Spatineo Monitor


The City of Hyvinkää has taken Spatineo Monitor into use to monitor the usage of their spatial APIs and to assure their quality. With Spatineo Monitor, Hyvinkää gets the realistic follow-up data of the availability, quality and usage of their spatial APIs which facilitates the development of these services.
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Who are we? – Part III

This time we introduce Sampo Savolainen, the Head of R&D at Spatineo.
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Future events where you can meet us

Spatineo will be attending (and exhibiting) at the following events. Come and meet us!
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Best greetings from Spatineo!

Spatineo is supercharging your SDI with effortless cloud-based analytics. Our vision is to be a trusted partner for spatial data providers and users in all quality assurance needs of spatial web services.
Spatineo Monitor gives you a full visibility on the availability, quality and use of your spatial web services.
Spatineo Performance tests the performance of your spatial web services. 

Spatineo Roadmap assesses your organisation’s current state of maturity in the utilisation of spatial data and sets a roadmap for organisational improvement. 
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