Spatineo Newsletter 4/2015
Contents 15th December 2015

Full Steam Ahead!

Greetings from Spatineo! We have been really busy in the past few months and are extremely proud of what we have accomplished. I hope your last few months have been as exciting as ours! Our team has a new member, Franziska Slawinski, who we interviewed for this newsletter. Our main product, Spatineo Monitor, has also got some important new improvements. To top it off we have secured a grant from the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation that will help us to execute our ambitious growth plan. This means that we will be growing our team even further and we will publish new open positions in the coming weeks and months. As the team grows, we have outgrown our current office and we will be moving to a new space more than double the size in early 2016.

Have a great Christmas!

Spatineo Secured a
250 000 € Grant from TEKES

4th December 2015
Spatineo was accepted to the Young Innovative Company funding programme run by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. In the programme, Tekes offers funding for young, innovative companies for the development of their international business with the aim of substantially accelerating the global growth of the most promising start-up companies.
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Improvements in Spatineo Monitor

23th November 2015
We have released a new version of Spatineo Monitor that includes new minor features as well as improvements to the existing features.
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The Scottish Government Tests the Capacity of their Spatial Web Services with Spatineo Performance

29th September 2015
The Scottish Government started to use Spatineo Performance to ensure the capacity of their spatial web services. The tool generates realistic loads to the service which helps the organisation can discover the maximum capacity of their services, as well as to identify the bottlenecks that prevent the services from reaching higher capacity levels.
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Future Events Where You Can Meet Us

The City of Joensuu Assures the Quality of Their Spatial Web Services with Spatineo Monitor

30th November 2015
The City of Joensuu, a mid-sized city in the eastern Finland, keeps track of the service level and usage of their spatial web services with Spatineo Monitor. The urban structure unit of the city of Joensuu opened the INSPIRE compliant WMS and WFS services for the internal use of the city as well as to the external users. In 2015, the usage amount of these services was 600 000 requests.
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The Finnish Forest Centre Uses Spatineo Monitor to Assure the Quality of Their Spatial Web Services

13th November 2015
The Finnish Forest Centre has made an agreement for Spatineo Monitor as a continuous contract. The Forest Centre collects data about forests by mapping 1,5 M hectare of forest every year. Metsää e-service offers up-to-date information directly to the forest owners on their properties and the forestry operators can access the data with forest owners’ permission. The maps and orthophotos of the Metsää service can be accessed via spatial web services.
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The City of Kouvola Assessed Its Maturity in the Utilisation of Spatial Data

13th June 2015
The City of Kouvola, a mid-sized city in southern Finland, assessed its maturity in the utilisation of spatial data with Spatineo Roadmap product as a part of the ‘Management Desktop’ project in the city administration. The need for the assessment arose from the goal to increase the utilisation of spatial data in the processes and services in the city.
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Who Are We? – Part VIII: Franziska Slawinski

This time we introduce Franziska Slawinski, a Sales Manager at Spatineo.
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Spatineo is supercharging your SDI with effortless cloud-based analytics. Our vision is to be a trusted partner for spatial data providers and users in all quality assurance needs of spatial web services.
Spatineo Monitor gives you a full visibility on the availability, quality and use of your spatial web services.
Spatineo Performance tests the performance of your spatial web services. 

Spatineo Roadmap assesses your organisation’s current state of maturity in the utilisation of spatial data and sets a roadmap for organisational improvement. 
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