Spatineo Newsletter 1/2015
Contents 19.3.2015

Welcome to the first Spatineo Newsletter in 2015!

We've been busy developing our services and service concepts to meet your needs even better. We're currently in the process of renewing our website (launch before summer) and the main focus will be in making our message and communication more clear so that it's easier to understand what we're offering and what's the benefit of our products. Again we welcome any feedback and ideas you might have.

We're also happy to welcome new customers at an increasing rate. You can read some customer case stories in this newsletter. As for the product development we've been working on Esri REST support. It's currently in beta testing and will be released in production before the INSPIRE-Geospatial World Forum conference in May. Another exciting new development is a service availability map that will visually show global spatial web services and their reliability. We're holding a presentation about this in the INSPIRE-GWF conference in Lisbon. Come and check it out!

Wishing you all a successful spring!

Kristian, Managing Director @Spatineo

ELF project utilises Spatineo Monitor to get track of the availability of their spatial web services

The National Land Survey of Finland took Spatineo Monitor into use in the preoperative phase of the ELF (European Location Framework) project to monitor the availability of spatial web services and to get some use experience from the tool for the operative phase of the project. The National Land Survey of Finland is responsible for the ELF platform which provides data from national spatial web services via a distributed architecture.
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The City of Helsinki tested the performance of its spatial web services by using Spatineo Performance

The City Survey Division of the City of Helsinki is changing their map data distribution from traditional file format based distribution to OGC interfaces. The feedback that Helsinki got from its customers after publishing the first services raised the need to test the response time and availability of the services.
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Trafi assessed its maturity in the utilisation of spatial data with Spatineo Roadmap

The maturity assessment in the utilisation of spatial data was executed in Trafi, The Finnish Transport Safety Agency, in February 2015 using Spatineo Roadmap. Spatineo Roadmap is a web-based product for assessing the capabilities and readiness of the organisation to utilise spatial data in its business operations and for setting future development goals.
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Future events where you can meet us


Who are we? - Part V

This time we introduce  Laura Waldén, the Marketing Assistant of Spatineo.

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Spatineo is supercharging your SDI with effortless cloud-based analytics. Our vision is to be a trusted partner for spatial data providers and users in all quality assurance needs of spatial web services.
Spatineo Monitor gives you a full visibility on the availability, quality and use of your spatial web services.
Spatineo Performance tests the performance of your spatial web services. 

Spatineo Roadmap asesses your organisation’s current state of maturity in the utilisation of spatial data and sets a roadmap for organisational improvement. 
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