The Eagle 3 June 2022
“Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth."

St Marcellin Champagnat, Pray for us
Mary, our Good Mother, Pray for us
And let us always remember, To pray for one another.

From the Principal

Marco Di Cesare

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community, 

This week’s cold snap has sure taken us for a surprise and added an extra layer of clothing to our daily attire. However, this did not stop our Year 7 students from enjoying their 3-day camp at Kyenton. They returned back to the College on Wednesday with beaming smiles, having experienced a range of fun activities including archery, zip lining, wall climbing and even snow. One student who returned wearing a pair of shorts, was pleasantly surprised at how warm the temperature was in Melbourne! I look forward to hearing their stories in the coming days. 

Last night, Thursday, 2 June, we held our 2022 Year 12 Formal for the first since the start of the pandemic. It was a wonderful night and I’m grateful to all those involved in making the evening a special one for our students. Congratulations to our seniors who embraced the evening with a sense of pride and tradition. It’s been great to see these traditions return after a couple of years of hibernation. These connections are an important part of their time at the College.

You may have heard in the news about some schools having to merge year levels and return to remote learning for some classes, amid a shortage of teaching staff due to rising colds and flus, as well as COVID-19.

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Faith & Mission

Geralyn McCarthy

Deputy Principal (Faith & Mission)
Pentecost and the National Assembly of the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat
On Sunday, June 5 the universal Church will celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. Although Pentecost is often forgotten as one of the three great Christian feasts – the other two, of course, being Christmas and Easter. Pentecost is a significant event in the life of the universal Church. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit not only transforms the lives of the disciples into apostles; it also brings the Church to birth and sends it out to all nations, overcoming divisions of language, race and class. The Spirit gathers us, whatever our state or condition, into the new community of Christ. Our lives and our world are restored and renewed. In this lovely image of Pentecost, we see Mary and the Apostles fired with the gift of the Spirit.

The image of Mary in the midst of the Apostles in the new-born Church of Pentecost is an especially poignant image for we Marists, especially so as this year, the Marists Association of St Marcellin Champagnat will be gathering for our third National Assembly. There will be two Assembly Forums, one next Tuesday, 7 June and the second on Wednesday, 27 July leading to the Assembly Gathering in Sydney (and online) on the weekend of 26-28 August. Under the theme which is taken from St Paul’s letter to the Philippians ”Shine among them like stars in the sky”, this National Assembly invites all Australian Marists to explore, debate and seek consensus on our future aspirations.

As a Marist school, we continue this work of evangelisation by striving to live the Gospel in the way of Mary – and even to “think as Mary, feel as Mary, judge and act as Mary in all things.” During this season of Pentecost, may the boldness of Christ’s Spirit transform us, may the gentleness of His Spirit lead us, and may the gifts of His Spirit be our goal and our strength.

Learning & Teaching Report

Suzanne Farley 

Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching

Subject Selection Process for 2023

A reminder that students in Years 8 - 11 will soon start the process of selecting subjects for the 2023 academic year. Please note the following key dates (they are also in the MyMC calendar):
  • Year 9 2023 Parent Information Night, 14 June (for current Year 8 students)
  • Year 10 2023 Parent Information Night, 16 June (for current Year 9 students)
  • Year 11 2023 Parent Information Night, 9 June (for current Year 10 students)
There is no Parent Information Night for Year 12 2023 students as most will continue in the VCE program / subjects they are currently undertaking. However, they (and families) are encouraged to make a time to meet with our Careers team to ensure they have considered appropriate options for 2023 and beyond.

Parent information evenings will also feature information on our Subject & Careers EXPO at the beginning of Term 3, further information to the Expo will be available in the next Eagle edition. To confirm you attendance at the Subject & Careers EXPO, please click here.
Families may notice some changes during this process, as we look to ensure that our information and programs are clearly defined and are supportive of every student’s personlised journey. As well as upcoming dates, we will have a new look 2023 Course Guides.

Final dates for entry of 2023 subjects will be communicated at assemblies and Parent Information Nights, with an expectation that all entries are completed by the end of July.

Outlined below are changes to the VCAL program with the Victorian Government implementing changes in 2023.

Year 11 2023 students will have a range of VCE options, the image below provides a snapshot.

Learning Culture

Laura Fordham

Director of Learning Culture (Years 7-8)

Raising Adolescents

In this day and age, it’s easy to become confused or overwhelmed by the incredibly diverse parenting advice out there. There’s conflicting information coming from many sources and parents of adolescents are left confused by what they should really listen to. When it comes to ‘conventional wisdom’ vs. ‘brain science’, here are a few myths worth noting:

This reminds me of some great advice we have heard before form Clinical Psychologist, Andrew Fuller, who says to “remember that adolescents frontal lobes are “closed for construction”. Expecting teenagers to show a lot of fore thought, planning, consideration and impulse control is like expecting a goldfish to recite Shakespeare”.

Andrew reminds us of the important fact that the rational decision-making frontal lobe of the brain is not fully formed until age 25! So, what does that mean for teachers and parents? 
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Digital Technology

Nathan Hutchings

Digital Literacy Leader
Here at Marcellin College we are participating in a study of technology use and how it shapes learning relationships in boys schools across the International Boys School Coalition (IBSC), of which we are a member. This study is important in understanding how we can provide the best learning experience for your child. As part of that, we are writing to ask you to complete the short survey that can be found at this link. Individual responses are not shared with us, as the study is looking to build up a broad picture of parents’ perceptions across the school and the wider Coalition. More information about the project which is being lead by the Relationships Foundation on behalf of IBSC can be found here. If you have any queries about the survey as you complete it, please contact James Griffin at the Relationships Foundation ( who will be happy to help.

Many thanks in advance for your time in completing this survey. Once again, click here to access the link to the survey.

Health & PE

Justin Abbott

Learning Leader (Health & PE)

Health & Physical Education News

Recently our Year 11 VET Sport & Recreation class were involved in coordinating the running and officiating of the Holy Trinity Primary School’s Athletics Carnival. In doing so our students carried on traditions and partnerships developed with this feeder school over the last twelve years. Our students were sensational in the way they professionally approached the day, followed directions from the supervising staff and their positive interactions with many excited primary school students who were engaging in their first athletics carnival in three years.

Holy Trinity staff spoke glowingly about our students on the way they presented and were able to give explanation and guidance on participation in technical field events. Students were highly efficient, well organised and particularly encouraging to all members of the Holy Trinity Eltham North community.

All students involved are to be congratulated on such a positive experience. Thanks to Mr Carlson who has done a great job working with these students and preparing them so well to develop invaluable life skills for implementation in workplace settings.

Design Technology

Annie McNamara

Learning Leader (Technology)
Congratulations to Lachlan for winning the inaugural Year 8 Racing Challenge. Lachlan’s car was the fastest to travel 21m with a time of 0.8 seconds. Year 8 students designed and engineered their cars and then compete against each other. The challenge was part of a new subject around product design offered to Year 8 students.

Professional Learning

Jill Fitzsimons

Director of Professional Learning & Pedagogy

Growth Coaching

Congratulations to 48 of our College teaching and support staff leaders who recently completed Growth Coaching International’s two-day Introduction to Leadership Coaching course. The course is designed to help leaders work with staff to clarify and set goals, explore options and identify next steps.

It was a terrific two days, with lots of time on task for staff to practice their listening and questioning skills, while honing their understanding of the characteristics of a coaching relationship.

Nick McCusker, our Faith in Action Coordinator, won a prize for his enthusiastic and generous contribution to our group discussion over the course of the two days. Congratulations, Nick!

Victorian Young Leaders to China

Rosemary Chapple

Student Counsellor
Monday, 30 May saw the beginning of the Virtual Victorian Young Leaders to China Program, as we are still not able to go physically to China. This two-week program is an intensive collaboration between the Beijing Language and Culture University, the Department of Education, and various schools.

For the first six years of the In Country program, our Year 9 students were able to spend six weeks in China, learning the language and culture. For the past two years, we have been holding our breath, and today is the start of a substitute program. Because students have missed out for two years, we have been allowed to include older students, and we welcome two Year 11 students along with some Year 9 students, studying virtually for three hours a day.

The program includes two sessions of Chinese language and the Opening Ceremony. Ms Zhang is the officiating teacher who will assist our students as well as some from other schools in the online program. Well done to everyone involved on such an innovative program.

Student Reflections

Adrian Tomada

Student Leadership Liaison

Respectful Relationships Forum | Avila College 

On Monday, 23 May the Year 9 Leadership Team headed off to Avila College to join in discussions with other Catholic schools such as Emmaus College, Sacre Coeur, Sienna College and others. We started off by answering, ‘What is a respectful relationship?’ and moved on to a ‘getting to know you’ activity. We then moved into groups of the opposite gender and different schools and had deep conversations about leadership, agency and voice at our own schools. On our tables we moved towards discussing the knowledge, skills, resources and qualities a good leader needs to have. After the break we headed back to our school table and focused on our two topics that we chose. Masculinity and bullying were two issues we looked at in our group conversation. We had a great talk about what we think it is, how it is evident at Marcellin, different types of it and even who we can talk to inside and outside of school. A lot was learnt from the forum and I’m sure the Year 9 SRC group had a fantastic time. On behalf of the Junior Student Leaders, I'd like to say, thank you to Mr Tomada, Ms Carmody and the hosting school for organising us and helping us on the day.   

Jack A
Junior Vice Captain, Year 9, Mannes 5

Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June) 

This week, we celebrate National Reconciliation Week (NRW). This is a time for Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. We celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures and promote cultural exchange and understanding. 

Two significant dates that commemorate the milestones in the Reconciliation journey, are the anniversaries of the successful 1967 referendum and The High Court Mabo decision in 1992.

This week, we pay respect to the traditional custodians of the land of which this school stands, the Wurundjeri-Baluk clan of the Woiwurrung people in the Kulin Nation. 

Augustine, Champagnat & Marlhes Houses have donated $5 from every pizza lunch order to go to the Ltyentye Apurte Catholic Primary School. The school is located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory with 145 students from Kinder to Year 12. There are 45 staff and 28 of whom are Aboriginal. Students learn both the Catholic faith and Arrente culture. 

Ltyentye Apurte / Santa Teresa, is an Aboriginal settlement of approximately 600 people belonging to the Eastern Arrernte people. The community is located roughly 83 kms southeast of Alice Springs - on the north-western tip of the Simpson Desert. The people speak Arrernte and use English as their second language 

Santa Teresa was founded as a Mission in 1953 by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and the OLSH Sisters. 

The meaning behind our Marcellin 1st Teams’ jerseys 
The Eagle or Eaglehawk is the Wurundjeri people's Creator Spirit who created the land, the waterways and the people. Bunjil travelled across a formless land marking sacred sites and defining cultural and spiritual law. This is the ancestor spirit among the Kulin of Victoria. Bunjil created the environment and all the plants and animals that live in it, including humans. He also taught the people how to survive in their country, and how to make the weapons and tools they used and gave them their laws. 

The form of the Yarra River as it passes through the local Bulleen area is represented on the ground through the use of an alternate paving. This reflects the importance of water to the Wurundjeri people. 

The inside pattern of the possum skin cloaks was used in the design as it is a great symbol of identity, and community as new pieces were added as a new born would grow into manhood. This ritual has clear links to our faith learning community where we pass on knowledge through the rich Marcellin story to each generation, supporting boys to become fine young men.

Parker S
Champagnat House Captain, Year 12, Champagnat 2

Community News

Richard Liistro

Director of College and Community Engagement

Marcellin Business Network Breakfast

Places are still available for the next Marcellin Business Network Breakfast on Tuesday, 7 June. Our guest speak is Professor Ben Cowie (Class of '90) Victoria's Acting Chief Health Officer and Professorial Fellow in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Melbourne Medical School. It is sure to be an interesting discussion. Don’t miss out.

Bookings can be made here. Students are welcome to attend with a parent.

The Marcellin Business Network helps past and present members of the Marcellin College community connect and increase connections and opportunities for them to continue to strive for the highest.

College Tours 

We are pleased to announce that College Tours are back on! Prospective families are welcome to join one of tours in Term 3. Booking can be made here.  

New Trial Bus Route 2023 
The College is looking to trial a new bus route to service the following areas: Reservoir, Preston, Thornbury, Northcote. We are currently seeking expressions of interest. To submit an expression of interest, please complete the following form

Year 7 2024 Enrolments 
Year 7 2024 applications will close on Friday, 12 August this year. Please note that siblings will need to complete an application for enrolment to avoid missing out on a place. You can submit an enrolment application online here

Staff Profile

Familiar and New Faces at Marcellin College

Introducing Laura Cozzolino

Hello my name is Laura Cozzolino, not only am I a teacher at Marcellin College but I am also a mixed media artist based in Melbourne. I was born and raised in Italy and moved to Australia over 10 years ago.

I am multifaceted and curious about life: a traveller, an explorer, a lifelong learner, passionate, enthusiastic but also balanced and spiritual.

My art is mostly inspired by nature and the belief that we are part of a universe where everything and all beings are interconnected. I love details, lights and shades, and elements that have some common traits with me, or in which I find particular meaning.

Through texture and vivid colours, I express my personality, emotions, perception, energy and dreams, in a constant exploration and evolution of myself and my path.

I will be having a solo show Frammenti di ME – Fragments of ME in the Black Wall Gallery at in.cube8r 321 Smith Street, Fitzroy 3065.

This exhibition is the expression of my art journey and self-exploration. Each one of my pieces is a discovery and evolution of me and my pathway. Through texture, colours and different techniques, I highlight something of me, a trait, an emotion, a certain aspect I want to work on.

You can see and follow my work on Instagram at @laurart_inspired.

Career & Pathways News

Kevin Kelly & Lara Ingram

Things are ramping up in Careers with a jam-packed Term 2. At this point, most Year 12 students have had a meeting with the Careers Team to discuss future pathways. Currently, the focus is on early entrance programs.

Over the course of the term, we’ve been delighted to welcome representatives from La Trobe, Swinburne and RMIT to assist our students with their applications.  

Work Experience 
Work Experience is fast-approaching for our Year 10 students. This will be taking place over the last week of term. Students should have finalised all forms and required OH&S training. 

Subject Selection 
Year 10 students have recently completed their career profiles. This is a tool designed to help facilitate conversations about the future in anticipation of subject selection. Students will be meeting one-on-one with a member of the Careers Team to discuss options and pathways.  

Year 10 students are advised: 

  • You will be emailed the time and place to meet. Please check your emails.  
  • If you cannot attend at this time, please email Mr Kelly or Ms Ingram
  • Bring your laptop to the meeting
  • You will need to sign in at Student Services before the meeting

Students should complete the reflection activity 'My Morrisby Profile' before they attend.


Hugh Holliday

Sustainability Liaison
At Marcellin College we are working towards embedding sustainable practice in everything we do, from College operations to social justice and classroom curriculum. Simple steps such as our ongoing school-wide litter pickup help us take responsibility for our actions, and our Green Team leads us by example. Each of us is called to care for our common home, and we aim to follow this message that Pope Francis' writes in his encyclical Laudato Si'.
We are pledging our commitment to raising awareness among our students about the stewardship of our Earth, with a focus on discovery and problem solving at a local scale. We want our community to understand our current climatic situation so that they can act appropriately.
Our current goals include:
  • Embedding our College's sustainability practices into the curriculum for our students to learn through real-world experience.
  • Monitoring and improving our energy and water consumption, waste management and biodiversity levels.
  • Encouraging 'environmental citizenship' in our school community though participation and awareness raising for staff and students
Join us on our sustainability journey and email me if you are keen to get involved

Sport News

Ben Reynolds

Head of Sport

Marcellin College International Cricket Tour 2023 – The Grand Tour

It is with much excitement and pleasure that we invite all interested students and families to attend a parent information night on Wednesday, 15 June at 6pm, to discuss the 2023 International Cricket Tour!

It has been a number of years since we have been able to travel overseas to compete on the International stage, however, the time has come to offer a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for our cricket fraternity.

Our information night will cover all aspects of our three weeks, three country cricket Grand Tour, including games against prestigious academies, elite English Colleges as well as training sessions on the hallowed grounds of Lord's.

An invitation is extended to all current Years 9, 10 and 11 students. Please indicate your interest to attend the information night by filling out the form here. I look forward to seeing interested parties on Wednesday, 15 June in the Placidus Lecture Theatre.
Name: Jordan
House: Kenny
At what year levels did you play your chosen Sport/s at Marcellin? Years 7-12
When did you debut for the 1st Team in these sports?  Year 7
What has been your best achievements representing Marcellin so far?
My best achievement through representing Marcellin would be qualifying for national cross country, as it was a huge honor to represent Victoria alongside my school.
What does your week of training and schoolwork normally look like? How do you ensure you fit all things in?
As I have training everyday in order to make sure I complete all school work on top of this I aim to use my study periods as effectively as possible along with fitting in additional study around my training as training is no negotiable.
What other activities do you represent Marcellin at?
I am also a member of the schools athletics team, in which the last year we participated we won the schools competition, I am keen to see plenty of students down this year as we work towards another AGSV title.
What are you most looking forward to as Captain?
Something I am looking forward to as captain this year is getting to know all the junior students and seeing the growth and improvement in which they will all see through training and hard work put in throughout the season. Along with this I am also looking forward to seeing them get to know each other well as we strive towards success.
What advice do you have for junior players?
A piece of advice I have for juniors is that consistency is key, if you keep turning up to training and working hard eventually the results/ improvement will come.
What local club do you play for and at what level of competition?
Aside from competing for Marcellin I also run for Box Hill Athletics Club and have competed at a state and national level for Box Hill.
What is your vision for the year ahead?
My vision for the year ahead is to see improvement and success from every runner in the team, whilst also working hard to see the team hopefully continue the Marcellin cross country legacy as we look to chase down our 22nd consecutive AGSV title.
Name: Darcy
House: Redden
At what year levels did you play your chosen Sport/s at Marcellin? Year 7-12
When did you debut for the 1st Team in these sports? Year 11
What has been your best achievements representing Marcellin so far?
Playing against Xavier in the Herald Sun Shield in Intermediate football.
What does your week of training and schoolwork normally look like? How do you ensure you fit all things in?
Debuting for the 1st football in Year 11 was a massive achievement for me and for it to be a win in front of a big crowd made it even more special. I was also lucky enough to be selected to play against Xavier in the Herald Sun Shield in Intermediate football, which was an unreal experience.
What does your week of training and schoolwork normally look like? How do you ensure you fit all things in?
I usually train three to four nights a week meaning that there is often little time after training to complete study. Because of this I ensure that I make the most of my free periods during school as well as class time.
What other activities do you represent Marcellin at? Golf
What are you most looking forward to as Captain?
Leading the team out and setting a high standard which I believe this team is capable of. I am also looking forward to running out for home games on Friday afternoons, in front of the big crowd of Marcellin students.
What advice do you have for junior players?
Choice of sport in the past, the lifelong connections that are made through football are priceless, so don’t waste the opportunity you have to do this with all of your school mates.
What local club do you play for and at what level of competition?
Heidelberg Football Club, Northern Knights U19s NAB League.
What is your vision for the year ahead?
To see as much participation throughout all year levels within the football program and from a 1st perspective, hopefully bring the premiership cup back home to Marcellin.


Exam marking and report writing (student free day) - Friday, 3 June
Feast of St Marcellin Champagnat Mass & Assembly - Monday, 6 June
AGSV/VSRU Round 5 - Saturday, 4 June
Marcellin Business Network Breakfast - Tuesday, 7 June
Second Hand Uniform Shop - Tuesday, 7 June
College Morning Tour - Thursday, 9 June
Year 11 (2023) Parent Info Night - Thursday, 9 June
Queens Birthday Holiday - Monday, 13 June
Year 9 (2023) Parent Info Night - Tuesday, 14 June
Year 10 Work Experience Week 14 - 17 June
Year 10 (2023) Parent Info Night - Thursday, 16 June

Public Notices

Camp, Sports & Excursion Fund (CSEF)

Careers News

For the most up to date College information families can refer to MyMC. Visit us at and our social media platforms to find out more.
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