The Eagle 8 April 2022
God of love
Your Spirit ignited the heart of
Saint Marcellin Champagnat
with a burning passion for God
and deep compassion for all people.

You called him and the early Marists
to bring this message of God’s tender
and all-embracing love to the young
and especially those most in need.

Generations have been inspired
by his example of humility, simplicity
and audacious courage to form
good Christians and citizens through
the Catholic education of young people.

We pray with Mary
our guide and Good Mother
that you continue to bless us
and all committed to Marist education
with Saint Marcellin’s spirit and heart that knew no bounds.

May it renew the whole Church in its mission
to make Jesus Christ known and loved, in Mary’s way,
through spreading Your compassion and love to the ends of the earth.

Faith & Mission

Geralyn McCarthy

Deputy Principal (Faith & Mission)

150 Years of Marist Education

This week, we celebrate 150 years of Marist education in Australia. In 1872, the Marist Brothers first formed a community and established a school in Australia. They arrived at the invitation of the Archbishop of Sydney to assist in developing schools for young Australian people.

In March 1872, a group of four Marist Brothers led by Frenchman, Br Ludovic, arrived in Sydney to establish a school in the Parish conducted by the Marist Fathers at The Rocks.

It was a very different place than what it is today. The children had enjoyed only a basic schooling, preferring to roam the streets, fish in the harbour and play with their mates. Sitting in a classroom was not one of their priorities. The Brothers’ first weeks were described as “chaotic”. They struggled to bring order to the undisciplined children and to advance their learning. However, they persevered, and they succeeded.

Over the last 150 years, Marist schools have provided young people all over Australia, with a solid foundation of a Catholic education.

There are many things happening to mark this special year for the Marists. A prominent event to mark the Sesquicentenary will be the launch of the 150 Year History, prepared under the auspices of the Province Patrimony Committee, and written by John Luttrell, Julian Casey, Neville Solomon and Peter Rodney.

This week, a special Anniversary Mass of Thanksgiving is being celebrated in Sydney at which Marcellin College will be represented. At this, students, staff and leaders from Marist schools across the nation have gathered to give thanks for the fruits of St Marcellin Champagnat and our pioneers in faith. This sentiment was so beautifully captured by Br Peter Carroll, Provincial of Australia, when he wrote: We should approach the Sesquicentenary not with any triumphalism, but with a profound sense of humble gratitude: to God, our collaborators and supporters and the brothers who’ve gone before us.

Stations of the Cross Liturgy

On Wednesday, 6 April the whole Marcellin College community gathered for the first time in a whole College assembly to pause, to pray and to reflect on the suffering journey of Christ through the Stations of the Cross. We recalled the suffering of Jesus in the final hours of his life on earth. Entitled The Hope of the Cross, this year our Stations of the Cross weaved together the passion of Christ with our Marist theme of 'Known and Loved'. Students and staff were invited to consider how the story of the Cross is the very grounding of our Christian Hope. As we accompanied Jesus on his journey to Calvary, we considered how, in the middle of his own suffering, Christ loved us even to his death. We were invited to think about how we, like Jesus, can bring hope to a suffering world. Through his life, death and resurrection at Easter, Christ’s suffering became transformed. Our hope – this hope that we have - is born from Christ’s transformation of death into life.

As we enter into this most holy season, may we remember that our hope is grounded in the promise that we now share in the victory which Christ Jesus has won. Here, grace is stronger than evil; mercy is larger than suffering; joy is greater than grief; and love is mightier than death.

I was fortunate to be a crucial part in the Stations of the Cross at the College liturgy. As the hall fell silent, I made my way with the cross to the stage. I reflected on the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. The enactment made me further understand the struggles Jesus faced, and the sadness the onlookers had. The experience makes us all take a step back and feel the struggles others are facing during these times, and remember what Jesus sacrificed for us.

Today’s liturgy about Easter Sunday consisted of a re-enactment of the 14 Stations of the Cross. It used music that really showed the emotion felt through this time. The artworks displayed on the screen were very accurate and were the right choice for the station. The addition of having people re-enact the Stations of the Cross made it more enticing and exciting as well as making something instead of being just words. It was interesting and fun to watch. Finally, the videos on the screen were very informative and displayed exactly what the message they were trying to get across was. Religion Through the Challenging Eyes of the Artist Student
Special thank you to all those who assisted in the “Stations of the Cross For Our Times":
  • Joshua, Declan, & Gabriel (Year 12) who read our prayers
  • Drama teacher, Mr Cameron McKenzie for directing the performance
  • Anton (Year 10), Benjamin (Year 8), Tyler (Year 11), Matthew (Year 9), Samuel (Year 9) for their acting
  • Youth Minster, Mr Ronan Long
  • Head of Music, Mr Andrew Short and the College orchestra
  • RE and Music teacher, Ms Ms Amy Garnham and the College choir
I wish all our families a peaceful and enjoyable Easter as we ponder anew the paschal mystery.

Student Wellbeing

Rocky Gentile

Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing
As we move into the Easter holiday period, we remain thankful that many of our students have been able to complete their first fully face-to-face term at school in almost two years. It has been wonderful to watch our students re-connect to the Marcellin College community in so many facets of our school life. Our Respectful Relationships Program on Wellbeing Wednesdays, will remain a pivotal part of our Pastoral Program in future years. We hope that it will provide an enriching experience for each boy and contribute to us growing our students into good Christians and citizens. As we move forward into Term 2, I'd would like to bring your attention to the items below.
Year 8 Time and Space Father/Male Mentor and Son Evening
We ask Year 8 fathers/male mentors and students save the following date: Monday, 9 May @ 6:45pm for a 7pm start.
The evening will be held in St Marcellin’s Hall. Further details will be sent in the coming week via MyMC.
Winter Uniform
A reminder to all parents and students of the transition from the summer to the winter uniform next term. This includes College blazer, tie, winter shirt and a black belt. Additionally, students are reminded of the following points pertaining to the winter uniform:
  • Blazers must be worn to and from school
  • Ties should be done up correctly, with top buttons fastened.
  • The College spray jacket may only be worn outside when it is raining.
  • Winter shirts must always be tucked in.
As per our usual hair policy, students will be asked to rectify their hair cuts on the first day of Term 2 if their hairstyle is determined by their House or Pastoral Leader to not meet our expectations.
Physical Education Uniform      
The College will be reverting to our normal practice of all students needing to wear their full winter uniform to school each day and thus each student will be required to change for practical physical education classes. Therefore, students will no longer be able to wear the Physical Education uniform to school.
Student Leadership Development Opportunities
Our Student Leadership Liaison, Mr Adrian Tomada is planning a number of leadership development opportunities which will be available to all students next Term. We are very passionate about giving our students the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in the area of leadership so that they can use their individual talents to serve Marcellin College and the wider community. We encourage all parents and students to keep a close eye on the Eagle and MyMC News for further information early next term.
Finally, as we move into the term break, we know that the overuse of digital technologies remains an issue for many young people. This article from leading author Dr Kirsty Goodwin provides a number of tips for parents and teachers about managing the use of technology both at school and at home to improve the health and wellbeing of our students and children.

We wish all students and their families as restful and holy Easter break as we look forward to more learning and opportunity here at Marcellin College in Term 2.

College & Student Wellbeing

Phil Kamay

Director of Students


The College Wellbeing team is pleased to announce trial launch of Skodel with our Year 7 cohort in Term 2. Skodel is a virtual wellbeing platform which helps students manage their feelings and creates a plan towards better wellbeing. Skodel ‘check-ins’ are generated by a student’s wellbeing team, either their Pastoral or House Leader and enables individuals to communicate concerns in a safe and supported manner, whilst building their self-awareness and emotional regulation. From this information the College can identify community trends, cohort needs and specific interventions for individuals.

We anticipate very positive feedback as this platform is rolled out during Term 2 and invite every family to encourage their son’s participation. 

Please follow the link here to find out more information about Skodel.

Learning & Teaching Reports

Suzanne Farley

Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching
As Term 1 draws to a close it is interesting to reflect that, for the first time in two years, we have completed a fully term without a lockdown. While the school routine has not been completely normal, and there have indeed been challenges, it has been pleasing to come to school each day to have the sound and energy of students in the halls.

And the learning has been in full swing. While many VCE studies completed their first SAC tasks, the VCAL students completed numeracy tasks at Fitzroy Gardens, and explored the marginalised through a class at The Big Issue and Immigration Museum. The VCE Geography students visited Phillip Island to complete fieldwork for their Units 3 & 4 studies, and the Year 7 STEM students explored the engineering of tall structures. In addition, a number of students joined an intensive Chinese tutoring program, partnering with our unofficial sister school, Shanghai I&C.

In many ways, this term has been about supporting students to reconnect with the school community and the learning routine. As part of this, we launched our Home Study Club, which will continue to run in Term 2 on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and a new Home Study Policy. If you haven’t seen this updated policy please speak with your child's Pastoral Leader.

Term 2 will hopefully continue the move to a more 'normal' school experience and there is much to do. Year 9 and 10 exams and 2023 subject selection are both a part of the term to come… Along with NAPLAN for Year 7 and Year 9 students.


NAPLAN testing for Year 7 and Year 9 students will take place between Tuesday, 10 May and Thursday, 12 May.

Students are required to complete four tests – writing, reading, conventions of language and numeracy. Specific times for each test will be shared at the beginning of Term 2. All students are expected to participate in NAPLAN testing. More information for parents and carers about NAPLAN is available in the attached brochure.

To support students and their families understand the online format, a public demonstration site has been set up to model sample tests. I encourage our Year 7 and 9 students and families to explore this site here

As the testing will be completed online this year, it is important that student laptops are in a good condition. Students who have damage to their laptops, or are concerned about battery capacity or how the machine is functioning, should visit the ICT helpdesk for assistance promptly. Students will also require a working pair of headphones.

Personal Development Program

Christina Cammarano

Personal Development Coordinator
My name is Christina Cammarano and I am pleased to be the Coordinator of the new program offered to our Year 9 and 10 students known as the Personal Development Program
Whilst two years of remote learning has impacted all students, our Year 9 and 10 students have spent a significant amount of time of their secondary school education indoors, disconnected from their peers and without the same opportunities students usually have to form effective study habits, develop organisational skills and adopt strategies to assist them in juggling the many areas of college life.
It is for this reason that this program was developed – the students meet every Period 5 on Day 4 in their year level and House groups and work alongside a team of 20 experienced and enthusiastic educators to bridge the gaps in executive functioning skills, as well as reconnecting with their peers and coming to develop a more profound understanding of how they can maintain positive learning practices and refine their study skills for the examinations that are approaching in Week 6 of Term 2.
It is exciting to have the support of the external education group known as Elevate who come to the College to visit the students twice a year to run workshops based on these important areas. They address the connection between remaining on top of one’s schooling with minimising stress and improving mental health, and also assist students in considering the bigger picture – what they are working towards, and the steps they need to take to get there. 
As a College, we are fortunate to have access to Elevate’s free parent webinars that occur regularly throughout the term – please keep an eye out on MyMC as the information pertaining to these fantastic online resources are uploaded as each Webinar approaches. 
Developing personally is not limited to learning and studying – but also considering what one’s strengths are, and what pathway would be best suited to the students. Marcellin’s Careers Team provides invaluable support during these sessions, including tutorials to prepare them for work experience. Later in the term, our students will cover important tools they may require in future, such as how to obtain a USI number, an ABN, as well as how to write a resume and handy hints to consider in a job interview. We will keep you posted! 
We encourage all Year 9 and 10 students to take advantage of these fortnightly classes so that they can live up to the College motto – Virtute ad Altissima.

Staff Professional Learning & Development

Jill Fitzsimons

Director of Professional Learning & Pedagogy

Learning Never Stops

Learning never stops for staff at Marcellin College. In fact our staff embrace these opportunities to further enhance themselves. Please read below to see what studies some of the staff are currently undertaking.
Marco Di Cesare, Principal
I am currently enrolled in my Master of Theological Studies and am hoping that this year will see me complete this course. I am completing the course face-to-face, with my home base being Yarra Theological Union, which is part of the University of Divinity. I am also completing Phase 4 of a Coaching Accreditation Program with Growth Coaching International. I love learning and know that both of these courses will assist me in my work as we continue to work at the College on constant improvement. 
Phil Kamay, Director of Students
I’m currently completing the second year of as Executive Master of Business (EMBA) candidate at Australian Catholic University (ACU). I began my post graduate study in 2021, completing a Graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Risk and credited this into my EMBA. I have really enjoyed the change management, human resource, and organisational psychology elements of the course so far and have completed all my units in a virtual classroom setting. I believe as schools face the challenges of organisational complexity, every educational leader needs the knowledge and agility to flex in a VUCA world, and for this reason the EMBA is equipping me with the appropriate foundational knowledge.

Trent Williams, Literacy Coordinator
I’m currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Education (Literacy Intervention) at ACU. This course is a one year program which is currently all online. I’m enjoying working with Professor John Munro where I’ve been able to apply some theoretical concepts to the classroom. This course has strengthened my knowledge of current literacy practices and I’m looking forward to bringing some of these into the College this year.

Language News

John Di Natale

Learning Leader - Languages

II Globo 

Head of Languages, Mr John Di Natale was interviewed by Italian language newspaper, Il Globo. John talks about his journey at the College, inspiring students to take up languages and the constant desire to create more global citizens through speaking a second language.
To read the full article please click here. The article is in Italian. However, a Year 11 student undertaking VCE Italian language Unit 1 & 2 has taken on the challenge to translate the article, click here for the translated script.

Library News

Rebecca Preedy

Information Services Leader
As Term 1 draws to a close it’s time to look back on what has happened in the Library over the last ten weeks.

Our Year 7 and 8 Reading Classes have settled in well and the staff have been having some valuable and interesting conversions with the students about what they are reading. Research shows that the more opportunities students have to read for pleasure, the more beneficial this is not only to their literacy levels but also for their societal connections and productivity. We have been encouraging them to take home some books for holiday reading and pointing out that no matter where they may end up these holidays that our virtual library is always available – simply click on this LINK to access ePlatform / Wheelers for ebooks and audiobooks to borrow.

Break times are continuing to be lively and well populated – UNO being the flavour of the month right now with many battles going on at any given time. Our new reading area chairs have also arrived and offer one of the best reading views around.

Until next term, happy reading from the Library Team.

Community News

Richard Liistro

Director of College and Community Engagement
On behalf of the College and our extended community - a massive Thank You to all those who helped make our Open Day a huge success. An enormous amount of work goes into planning these events - and we could not have done it without the help of our staff, students and extended community who volunteered their time.

We were blessed with perfect weather, and the atmosphere was terrific. The feedback from families was how great our students were, as well as staff who took the time to speak to them about our learning programs.
We had more than 1,000 visitors on the day, which is a tremendous effort. For those that were not able to attend a reminder that in Term 2 the College will be hosting Guided Tours. To book a place please click here. Bookings for our tours are filling quickly.

Staff Profile

Familiar and New Faces at Marcellin College

Introducing Geraldine Barney

Hello, my name is Gerry Barney and I’ve been part of the Marcellin community since 2005, firstly as the mum of two students and as a canteen volunteer. I’ve been the canteen manager since 2010 and through my role I’ve met some fantastic people. I have had the privilege of working with and meeting hundreds of volunteers, many staff and countless boys over the years. Needless to say, I’m great with faces, but not so good with names. The thing I love most about working at Marcellin College, is the feeling of community and being part of a team. 

When I’m not at work you can find me in my garden with my chooks, or out and about with my family and friends. I love my four beautiful children, my amazing partner, random acts of kindness, big smiles, strong hugs, manners, my work mates, being out in nature, music, art, reading and exploring all that Melbourne has to offer. Life is good.

Student Profile

Meet the Young Men of Marcellin

Introducing Aiden

Hi, my name is Aiden and I’m currently in Year 7.

What I love most about Marcellin College is the staff and students because they're always willing to help the Year 7 students. When I’m not studying, I enjoy playing Minecraft and spending time with my family and friends.

In the future I hope to become astronaut so I can explore the wonders of space.

Career & Pathways News

Kevin Kelly & Lara Ingram

Year 12 on Track to Future Success
In Term 1 the Careers Team met with all Year 12 students in their pastoral groups. This resulted in many one-on-one meetings with all students on track to succeed in their goals for next year. The most up to-date-information about scholarships, early entrance programs and pathways can be found at Marcellin Careers.

One on one appointments are available to all students by emailing:
Lara Ingram and Kevin Kelly 

University Information Session
Representatives from RMIT, La Trobe and Swinburne University will be visiting the College to discuss early entrance programs and how to create a strong application.  

  • RMIT: Thursday, 5 May 
  • La Trobe: Friday, 6 May  
  • Swinburne: Thursday, 19 May 

These sessions will run in period 5. Students are advised to check their emails for more details as the dates draw closer.  

Year 10 | Almost Ready for Work
Year 10 work experience is coming up soon. Forms are due back on Monday, 9 May (early Term 2)! Students are reminded to get their work experience sorted over the holidays!

Score a job in Melbourne’s stadiums 
Delware North is currently searching for hospitality workers to work at the MCG and Marvel Stadium. Applicants need to be available to work weekends and some weeknights and be willing to obtain a Food Handler’s Certificate. APPLY NOW! Email your resume to - In the subject line add the name of your school. All students are guaranteed an interview. You could be working this AFL season!

VCE and Careers Expo 2022

Australia's biggest education and careers expo is now in its 30th year!  Dozens of exhibitors from all over Australia will be in attendance providing: 
  • Information and resources for the VCE
  • Information about tertiary study, University, TAFE, and training courses
  • Career advice
  • Study advice
  • Employment advice and opportunities
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship advice
  • International exchange and gap year programs
Over and above access to exhibitors, attendees will also have access to seminars on topics including:
  • VCE subjects including English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Legal Studies, Business Management, Psychology, Health and Human Development
  • Tertiary courses
  • Careers
  • Employment opportunities
  • Study advice
  • Gap year options
This event will take place at the Caulfield Racecourse the first weekend of Term 2: 28 – 30 April 2022, from 9am – 3pm. To find out more, or to book a ticket online, visit VCE and Careers Expo 2022

Junior School Production

Rosemary Chapple

Director / College Counsellor

2022 Junior Production

This rare photo of a stray wallaby at student reception indicates only one thing, The Junior Production of Lyrebird – Bushfire at Frog Croak Gully must be in the planning stages! Students in Years 7 to 9 will get some information about auditions for this Australian musical in the first couple of weeks of Term 2.

The show needs some outgoing characters who can laugh like a kookaburra or shriek like a cockatoo as well as some shy creatures who would rather flutter their way across stage as a moth.

For further details, email Ms Rosemary Chapple, or chat to Year 11 students Riley or Jakson.

Sport News

Ben Reynolds

Head of Sport

Basketball Premiership

Congratulations to our 1st Basketball Team who won the AGSV Premiership on Saturday, 2 April. Well done to all the players and Mr Atley for all their efforts over the entire season. The basketball season is a long one with training starting back in Term 4 of 2021 and will continue into Term 3 when our team will be involved in the State Championships. The dedication of our players is amazing and the way they represented the College on the basketball court was exceptional.

Thank you to all the families who came to support our team on Saturday and thanks to all the students who turned up in uniform and created such a positive and supportive atmosphere.

AGSV Representative Selections

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in AGSV Representative Teams following a very successful summer season.
  • Basketball - Kristian Ferrenato, Emett Wise, Zachary Thomas
  • Volleyball - Fionn Doyle
  • Cricket - William Waters
Selection in any representative team is a fantastic achievement and highlights a high level of performance over the season. William and Fionn will play on Wednesday, 6 April against the APS and the three basketball boys will wait until August to represent the AGSV. We wish them well. 

AGSV Swimming Championships

Marcellin College once again competed at the AGSV Swimming Championships at MSAC on Friday, 25 March after training many mornings all throughout Term 1. The squad of just over 30 students ranging from Year 7 to Year 12 were prepared and excited for the challenge facing them, knowing they were going to face some stiff competition. However, this never dampened spirits and our team-orientated culture in a very individual sport shined through as support was shown for every swimmer, riding the highs of success in events and the celebrations of personal best times.
Read More


Student Free Day (PTS Conferences) - Friday, 8 April
Good Friday - Friday,15 April
ANZAC Day - Monday, 25 April
Term 2 Commences - Tuesday, 26 April
ANZAC Day Ceremony - Wednesday, 27 April
Student Free Day - Monday, 2 May

Public Notices

Camp, Sports & Excursion Fund (CSEF)

Careers News

For the most up to date College information families can refer to MyMC. Visit us at and our social media platforms to find out more.
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