The Eagle 5 November 2021

Deputy Principal

Nicholas Moloney

Australia Values Teachers Much More Than They Know

The documents describing Jesus’s life, the four Gospels, make clear that he was a teacher. He proclaimed, and he instructed; the New Testament makes little distinction between these two. In many instances, the Disciples referred to him as “teacher” or a related term such as “rabbi,” and he accepted the description.

On Friday 29 October, we celebrated teachers on World Teachers’ Day.

There was a report released recently that highlights the important link between teachers feeling valued and positive outcomes for students.

The Spotlight report, Teaching: A valued profession, revealed that although the community supports teachers, they are much more circumspect about feeling valued. Ensuring teachers feel valued in society and are satisfied with their jobs is integral to teachers having positive attitudes about their work and ability to influence student achievement. If teachers feel valued, they are more likely to engage in continuous professional development, have improved confidence and satisfaction, and remain in the profession.

The report highlights a 2019 Monash University study which found that while 82 per cent of the public felt teachers were respected and 93 per cent of the public felt that teachers were trusted, only 29 per cent of teachers felt that the Australian public appreciated them. Similarly, the 2018 OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) shows only 45 per cent of Australian teachers in lower secondary schools believe that the teaching profession is valued by society.

This year has shown us just how agile, committed and dedicated our teachers can be in the face of tremendous stress and upheaval,

Now, more than at any time, we have the opportunity to better understand what is involved in successful teaching, and to recognise the fundamental value that teachers provide to our community.

As we honoured World Teachers’ Day in 2021 this report is an important reminder of the incredible value that the community sees in our teachers. In a year unlike any other, let’s join together to celebrate our amazing teachers.

World Teachers’ Day is the perfect opportunity to show our teachers how much we value them, we support them, and we acknowledge the brilliant work they do every day to bring learning to life for our young men. So can I invite you to send your teacher a message of gratitude for all they have done and continue to do.

Faith Matters

Carolyn Young

Assistant Principal (Mission)

Game Changers

Today, members of our Year 10 Game Changers group will be participating in an online Leadership Retreat. Facilitated by Marist Youth Ministry, this day will provide our young men with a chance to connect with students from other Marist schools who are participating in Game Changers. The sessions will also enable all participants to reflect on leadership through the lens of our Catholic Marist faith tradition.

Game Changers involves regular group meetings intended to develop significant, supportive relationships that enhance participants’ capacity to realise their potential and practice Christian Leadership. I applaud all young men who have continued to participate in Game Changers, despite our circumstances meaning that many of the scheduled activities became yet another online meeting. Approximately 75 young men have participated across Years 7 – 11; thank you to Ronan Long, Nicholas McCusker, Lachlan Scott, Anna Bell and Emily Andrews for their ongoing support of these young men.

Next year Game Changers will be available to students at all year levels and we look forward to the opportunities that will present!

Performing Arts

Andrew Short

Music Leader Ensembles and Voice

Congratulations to our 2021 Music Captain, Ned Dempsey

We are extremely proud of Ned, our 2021 Music Captain, who along with Stephen Hannah and Gianni Teoh have led our music students exceptionally well over the past 12-months. We have just received news that, after submitting an audition and application for Melbourne University’s Bachelor of Music Degree, Ned has already been offered a place for 2022! Ned was also nominated and has subsequently been awarded as a recipient of the Bachelor of Music Entrance Grant as an applicant who “demonstrates excellent potential during their audition”.

Congratulations again to Ned for receiving this offer, including the supporting financial benefits that come with it.

Visual Arts

Sean Kolednik

Visual Arts Learning Leader

Visual Arts and Technology Exhibition

Welcome to the 2021 Visual Arts and Technology online exhibition. This exhibition presents the final presentations of the VCE arts students of 2021 and represents all their hard work and determination through this challenging year.

On behalf of the Visual Art and Technology students and our dedicated arts staff we invite you to view the exhibition via this

Community News

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Joen Bourke - Coordinator 

Second Hand Uniform Shop Open to Students

The MCCA are delighted to announce that on Tuesday 9 November they will be able to open the second hand uniform shop to students only. Unfortunately with current restrictions parents are not able to be on College grounds.

This is a perfect opportunity to update your son's summer uniform, as many of the boys have had growth spurts during the COVID lockdowns. Also, with sports being able to resume there is a limited number of sports uniforms available.

The uniform shop is open from 9.30am to 12.30pm - our lovely volunteers will be able to assist your son in finding the right size for him.


VCAA Written Exams till 19 November
Depth & Unit 1-2 exams 10 to 18 November
Second hand uniform shop  Tuesday 9 November
Yr 7 immunisation 10 November Manningham Council
Student Free Day Friday 19 November

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Yr 7 2023 Applications 


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