The Eagle 22 October 2021

Deputy Principal

Nicholas Moloney

Student Leadership 2022 

‘Whoever wants to be a leader among you, must be your servant’ (Matthew 20:26) 

At Marcellin, we believe student leadership is integral to who we are, and how we connect with young people. We believe in empowering them to create change, to share their vision with the community and to lead our students with virtue and courage. Each year we are blessed to have young men accept formal positions of responsibility and lead our community with integrity, compassion and diligence, and 2022 will be no different. The power of authentic student voice comes from combining participation and consultation to encourage young people to feel empowered, included, and nurtured in their capacity to make a difference. Lavery and Hine (2013) state, “the task of school leadership was to bring about within the school community a desire to know the good, desire the good, and do the good… fundamentally about nurturing a better quality of humanity.” We know that our young men understand the value of servant leadership and we are confident that they have this desire and will work collaboratively with staff to create an environment which enhances the learning and wellbeing of all our in our community.  

Earlier this week we had the Arts & Leadership Assembly, where we introduced each of our 2022 student leaders to the community. At our High Achievers Assembly in early 2022 we will commission our student leaders in front of the entire Marcellin Community. I encourage each of you to view our student leadership page and congratulate our fine young men on their willingness to serve their peers in 2022. 

Arts and Design Technology Week 

This week would have seen the College community gather in St Marcellin Hall to celebrate the commencement of Arts and Design Technology Week. We would normally have seen the Hermitage awash with student work in the annual Exhibition and families joining us for a viewing on the opening night.  

This year the exhibition will be online, an opportunity to celebrate the creative and imaginative pieces dreamt up by our young men. I share with you below the presentation given at this week’s Arts & Leadership online Assembly by Stephen Hannah, Visual Arts Captain.

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Faith Matters

Carolyn Young

Assistant Principal (Mission)

Year 11 and 12 Retreats 2022

This week I offer a gentle reminder of the dates for the Year 11 and 12 Retreats in 2022. Parents / Guardians of young men in Years 11 and 12 in 2022 are asked to note that the dates of next year’s retreats are Feb 16-18, 2022.

These experiences are compulsory parts of our Religious Education program for our young men in Years 11 and 12. These students travel to venues in House groups where each year level complete a distinct, year level appropriate retreat program designed to challenge each individual to explore how he is developing as a `good Christian and good citizen’. Our young men in Year 11 reflect on their character traits, servant leadership and leadership skills, and their capacity to influence the College community as a House group. Our young men in Year 12 participate in quite a personal experience that enables them to reflect on the support that is available to them as they continue to grow into the young man that he wants to be and is capable of becoming.

If these dates aren’t already in your calendars for next year, please add them. Further information regarding venues / expectations / permission and medical information will be distributed at the start of the 2022 school year.

Student Wellbeing

Rocky Gentile

Assistant Principal Students

Class of 2021

This week signals the final week of classes for Marcellin College’s class of 2021. In what has been such a challenging year on many fronts, it has been so pleasing to see the Marist spirit amongst many of our boys as they have stood in solidarity with each other. Managing the usual obstacles of Year 12 has been often publicised as tumultuous for adolescents, however, 2021 has required our young men to navigate their studies in the midst of a pandemic that robbed them of many exciting rites of passage that are also associated with the last year of high school.

Despite these difficulties, we remain proud of our boys, their teachers and Pastoral and House Leaders who have stuck together and supported one another to navigate their way through this year. In doing this, the boys have been exceptionally led by our College Captains, Joel Dimattina, Patrick Dozzi and Oscar Brazzale. They have shown a strong sense of care for their peers this year and have led with the best interests of the students at heart, under difficult circumstances. The College Captains have also been well supported by our other Year 12 school leaders listed below. These young men have also displayed a strong commitment to serving our community at numerous College events throughout this year.

As with all students, our Year 12s have been able to work through the uncertainty of the last 24 months because of the partnership forged between the College and our parents in support of our young men. This collaboration is always important, but its significance has certainly been amplified and relied upon heavily through the pandemic. We thank our Year 12 parents for their willingness to work with the College in support of our young men.

As we move towards the period of the final VCAA examination period for 2021, we bid farewell to our Year 12s of 2021. We sincerely hope that you look back upon your time at Marcellin College with the fondest memories of an education steeped in the Marist Spirit and a time in your life where you developed long lasting friendships and a strong sense of hope for the future. We pray that your coming years are full of success and that you remember fondly that you will remain a Marcellin man.

Healthcare Centre

Gaye Viney

College Nurse

Returning to School

I am so excited that the boys will be back to some form of face-to-face learning over the coming weeks. The College is a very quiet place without them.

In support of this, I need to remind parents to be vigilant. Please remember, if your son is showing EVEN THE MILDEST OF SYMPTOMS he must NOT come to school.

The symptoms to watch out for are:

  • fever 
  • chills or sweats 
  • cough 
  • sore throat 
  • shortness of breath 
  • runny nose 
  • loss or change in sense of smell or taste

Some people may also experience headache, muscle soreness, stuffy nose, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. If this occurs, your son MUST get tested and stay at home until he receives a negative result.

Hay fever
As we are in spring, the hay fever season, the symptoms mimic COVID-19, so ensure that you have documented and have paperwork in place for this. Please ensure your son has had his medication or he will have to be sent home. 

Please call the school nurse on 98511517 if you have any further questions.

Community News

Michele Mellas

College Registrar
Year 7 2023 offers will be posted out on Friday 22 October. Families will also be notified via email.

An online parent information evening for Year 7 2022 will be held on Monday 25 October. Families will be emailed a link to access the live event. Transition packs will be mailed out to families in the coming week. These packs will contain vital reference material for your son's commencement at the College next year.

We look forward to welcoming your son at the Transition Day on Tuesday 7 December. The College is hopeful this event will be able to be held in person on College grounds. This will be confirmed closer to the event and with the easing of current Government restrictions.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the College or Michele Mellas - College Registrar.


Yr 12 final day of classes Friday 22 October
Yr7 & Yr11 return to onsite classes Friday 22 October
Year 7 2023 Offers posted Friday 22 October
Year 7 2022 Parent Transition Evening (online) Monday 25 Oct

VCAA Written Exams Commence 27 October
Mid Term Break Monday 1 November
Melbourne Cup Day Tuesday 2 November


Public Notices

Yr 7 2023 Applications 


Careers News

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