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Marco Di Cesare

Dear members of the Marcellin College community,

My thanks for the overwhelming support we received from members of our community. Given the experiences that our current Year 12 students have endured over the last two years, we were all saddened at the need to cancel the Year 12 last day activities. As a leader who joined this community in 2021, I have not had the privilege of journeying with these young men as they came to their last year of their formal secondary education. We were not able to experience the annual rituals that occur and shape who we are as a community.

That said, it is important to reflect on the wider situation. Each time I hear of the numbers who have died due to COVID-19 in our local and wider community, my perspective changes. When I listen to those who work in our hospitals; those on the ‘front-lines’, I begin to more fully appreciate the bigger picture. We are stronger, together.  With our Marist Characteristics to guide us, let us always remember to look beyond our own personal needs and remember ‘the other’.

As a College, we pride ourselves on our Family Spirit and Presence. As a Marcellin family, our relationships are central to who we are as a community; how we are present to one another. Of utmost importance, is the safety of all members of our community. This next section outlines how the Government’s mandate will impact our College community, particularly staff and parents.
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Faith Matters

Carolyn Young

Assistant Principal (Mission)

Remar Gold Caravel

On Monday afternoon our Remar Gold Caravel gathered in the Chapel for a special celebration of their three year Remar journey. Remar is a Marist Youth Ministry program that has been providing the young men of Marcellin with invaluable, life-changing opportunities to grow in Christian leadership, communication skills, a sense of belonging and understanding of our responsibilities to reach out to the marginalised for over 30 years. The lessons Remar has taught have been passed down to many throughout Marcellin’s history. James Davies, one of our current Year 12 Rowers, reflects on the takeaways of his last three years of involvement in the program below:

“I have really enjoyed the different take on faith; it was a great way to express my faith my way. My main take away from Remar is that everyone comes from different walks of life, but we are brothers and sisters in faith. My main learning experience was working in the Exodus Community which really opened my eyes to how lucky I am and in what ways can I give back.”

Thank you to all staff who have supported Remar over the decades – it could not have worked without your incredible dedication. It’s legacy has been developed into the Marist Youth Ministry Game Changers program that will be available to students in all year levels in 2022, after its successful operation this year in Years 7-11. We look forward to celebrating our graduating 2021 Remar Rowers when we formally recognise them in our Valedictory celebrations.

Professional Learning

Jill Fitzsimons

Director of Professional Learning & Partnerships

Public Speaking Training For Student Leaders

Public speaking training has been organised for our newly appointed 2022 student leaders to assist them in their role and provide them with the tools to be able to address a variety of audiences throughout 2022 and beyond. In support of this, the College has enlisted the services of Mr Jon Yeo to work with them.

Jon is an Executive Coach who helps leaders articulate strategic messages in meaningful ways. He works with many well-known national and international brands and is currently developing his training into core curriculum for University MBA programs. Jon is the past President of Professional Speakers Australia and is current Licensee of TEDxMelbourne an organisation of 50+ volunteers who produces one of the largest and longest running TEDx events in the world. If Jon has any "spare" time, he volunteers with Youth, Youth at Risk and Diversity and Inclusion programs of major international organisations. 

This year our public speaking workshop will be conducted online via Teams, Monday 22nd November, 2:30pm-4:30pm. Students will receive an emailed invitation from Jill Fitzsimons and parents/guardians will receive a Consent2Go invitation. One optional individual training session will be offered to the College Captain and two Vice Captains. 

Important information to note: 

Before the workshop, student leaders need to prepare a draft opening paragraph to a speech they will deliver to the community, specific to their role. For example, House Captains deliver an end of year speech at House Graduations, whilst the Languages Captain delivers a speech on the importance of languages and globalisation. As a minimum, they need to list three things they would talk about. 

We hope the training will be interesting and rewarding.

Sports News

Ben Reynolds

Head of Sport

Darcy Edmends - 2022 Sport Captain

Congratulations to Darcy Edmends who has been elected Sport Captain for 2022. A Redden student, Darcy has been heavily involved in both summer and winter sport since joining the College in Year Seven. 

In winter, football is Darcy's passion. He has won several awards in the College’s Football Program in his junior years and rates his debut for the 1st XVIII this year as a major accomplishment. An outstanding first season at this level saw him selected for the AGSV Representative team. When he isn't representing the College, he is involved in the Northern Knights program or playing for his community club, Heidelberg. To ensure he is at his best, he completes strength and conditioning sessions three mornings a week and trains four nights a week. Maintaining strong academic results is really important for Darcy and this is achieved by completing work on the mornings he isn't training as well as maximizing free periods allocated to him. He also ensures that he gets back into the books once training has finished.

In summer, cricket is his sport of choice. He has previously played club cricket for Heidelberg and Bulleen Templestowe and after playing 2nd XI cricket last summer, he has his sights on debuting for the 1st XI this summer. 

When asked about what he is looking forward to in his new role he replied, "To be able to put my stamp on the sporting program at Marcellin and further enhance it for all junior students coming through. I also look forward to being seen as a leader at the College and someone younger students can look up to."

His advice to junior athletes is "Get involved in both summer and winter sports at any level throughout their years at Marcellin as it has provided me with many opportunities to improve within my chosen sports whilst making lifelong friendships”.

Darcy's vision for the sporting year ahead is "To bridge the gap between the junior and senior sporting programs and to make it an enjoyable year for all those involved in the sporting program at Marcellin”.

We wish Darcy well for the year ahead. 

From The Community Office

Prue O'Shannessy & Lisa Gillies

Marcellin Community Office

Best Wishes To Our Year 12s!

Before you leave, don’t forget to share your contact details. We are your point of contact beyond Year 12, so please take the opportunity to pass on your personal contact details. This will enable us to get in touch with you to let you know of the Class of 2021 First Year Reunion in 2022 as well as other Old Collegian news such as opportunities that may arise through the Marcellin Business Network.

We know this is an extremely busy time for you, but it would be great if you could take a minute (it will literally only take a minute) to fill out the form below with your details.

Sending our best wishes to our Year 12 students for the upcoming exam period and life beyond Marcellin as we look to a brighter 2022.

Prue O’Shannessy and Lisa Gillies – Marcellin Community Office
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