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Marco Di Cesare

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community,

I joined this great community in 2021 with a sense of hope and optimism that at Marcellin College we will strive for the highest and be the best we can be. Although things have not gone as planned this year, our motto is more relevant today than ever before. As a community, we are being asked to be better in all that we do and as we finish the term, this is evident in how our young men have handled themselves. We must always be forward looking, with a sense of audacious hope of a brighter future. 

Over the past few weeks, a number of staff and students at the College have been engaged in a rigorous process of selecting our Student Leaders for 2022. This is such a significant process because one of the priorities of our College is to ensure we support and help equip our young men to become effective leaders. To be a leader in our community, the Catholic and Marist context is all about Servant Leadership and there is much to draw on in our tradition that will assist our young men in their roles. 

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Faith Matters

Carolyn Young

Assistant Principal (Mission)
A few weeks ago we published a list of feeder parishes who are sharing mass online. Please note that the Catholic Parish of Holy Spirit & St Anthony's, Thornbury East & Alphington, has just started streaming live masses, so you may like to avail yourself of the opportunities they are offering! This parish has requested that we share the following:
Live Rosary and Mass on YouTube channel:  
At this link you will find the YouTube channel of Fr Ireneusz Czech. On this channel, Fr Ireneusz livestreams and posts both his full Masses and short snippets of the Mass, including readings, reflections and homilies. The following link will give you access to all the videos currently available on YouTube
While you can watch the homilies and readings in your own time, if you prefer to be present for the live Mass it will be livestreamed. Fr Ireneusz is alternating his Recorded Masses, each with the Rosary starting 15 minutes before. The masses will be held at different times depending on the location.
  • Beginning on the 12th of September at St Anthony’s Parish, the Rosary will begin at 10.45am, with Mass beginning at 11.00am. Mass will run for about 30min.
  • On the 19th of September, Mass will be livestreamed from Holy Spirit Parish. Rosary will begin at 4.45pm and Mass will begin at 5.00pm. Mass will run for about 30min. The livestreams can be found on the YouTube Channel that was linked above. If you wish to find out more information on the Parish and what they are doing, that can be found below on their web page, Facebook and Twitter pages.
Web Page,  FacebookYouTube,  Twitter


Rocky Gentile

Assistant Principal of Student Wellbeing
As we move through the last week of what has been a challenging term, we look back on the positives that have emerged from these uncertain and very different times. For example, throughout this current lockdown our boys have had some wonderful opportunities to connect and learn. This has been evident in our Pastoral classes; from which Oscar of Year 9 provided the following reflection;

“Despite lockdown and home schooling often being portrayed as a negative experience, there has been various aspects that I have found very positive. The one that stands out for me the most has been how the Pastoral system has run during lockdown. In Mr Faelis’ Pastoral, everyday we are able to log on with cameras on and have a fun chat with Mr Faelis and our peers and Mr Faelis’ bad jokes are always a highlight. We have also been able to check up with a buddy from our pastoral to talk one on one and make sure everyone is feeling well, and sometimes compete in a year level quiz. All these fun and innovative online activities are a highlight of my home schooling day and it is definitely a positive of home schooling currently at Marcellin College.

Home learning has also provided an opportunity for many of our students to grow and learn new skills to assist them to connect and learn in our dynamic and ever-changing world. Anton, also of Year 9 provided the following advice to fellow students when asked about his approach to learning in this different way:

“I think we’re all experts at this now, but I find myself still improving upon my home learning methods. Though the physical and social aspect isn’t completely there, being able to log into your daily class, and have a chat with the teacher and your peers is one of the best things you can do to keep in contact and stay motivated. For me, I love to play music in the background while I work, and be in a bright workspace. Try and get at least 30 minutes of exercise during lunch or recess and don’t overwork yourself. Keep up the hard work, and we hope to be back on campus soon!

With all of this in mind, we know that lockdown is difficult for many in our community. As such, Marcellin’s Pastoral Care Team would like to reiterate that we are here in support of each young man. We have wide-ranging strategies available to assist boys with their learning and wellbeing. Please contact your son’s House or Pastoral Leader should you wish to access any of these support mechanisms for your son. We also remind all parents and students of the range of community-based supports for young people that are available in addition to your local general practitioner.
Some these include:

Student Leadership

Our student leadership development program has continued to run through lockdown. Last week, many of our junior leaders had an opportunity to learn about leadership in a Marist context. Here is some of their feedback;

After working with Ella and Lachy, I learnt heaps about Marist leadership. I have realised that you don’t need a badge to be a leader, but you can still support others in the community. It’s about showing family spirit and inspiration to others, empowering them to strive for the highest every day.”
“Through the experiences entailed within the workshop, I learnt that I am a fairly collective leader who values kindness and seeks to serve through the empowerment of others.”
“A highlight of the workshop was when the boys broke up into small breakout groups with other aspiring Marist leaders to try to solve certain hypothetical scenarios. It was good as I was able to work with and talk to others collaboratively and see people’s different thought processes.”
I've learned that I can be a leader in any situation by taking responsibility and speaking up to involve myself into a group situation.”

Thankyou to our Youth Minister Lachlan and Ella from the Marist Life Formation Team for running the event. We look forward to boys continuing to engage with these opportunities in the future.

Marcellin Challenge

The Marcellin Challenge competition continues into its second week. We’ve had lots of entries with the decision to award the $25 and $100 prizes becoming more difficult each day. Some examples of entries have been included here. We encourage all students to continue to submit their entries over the coming week. Click here for further details.

We wish everyone a lovely term break and we remain hopeful of a return to onsite learning early in Term Four.


Elizabeth Sullivan & Claudia Graham

Heads of Learning
As we finish the term, we would again like to share some of the wonderful learning that is occurring at home, and congratulate all of our students for their significant efforts this term. We also wish to thank parents for ongoing work with your sons in difficult circumstances. We hope that the parent teacher student interviews have been helpful with affirmations of your son’s skill development and goals for future learning.
Our Year 7 Altissima students have been participating in a national challenge, led  by their committed teacher Ms Nadia Bonvicino. Here Gabriel and Lachlan share their experiences plus click here for images of their inventions:
This year in Year 7 Altissima, we have done an exciting project that tested our creativity, teamwork, and knowledge: we participated in ClickView’s Aussie Students Invention Competition. This was a competition across the whole of Australia. All students involved were to think of an idea that met the following judging criteria: Originality (the invention had to be a new idea), it had to solve a real world problem, and we had to choose and write about an inventor who inspired us from the ClickView series: ‘Aussie Inventions That Changed The World’. We worked in a partnership and our idea was a portable water sanitiser which would be around 1.5 meters long with wheels. It was called the ‘Aqua Force’. Our invention had people plug it into a dirty river or other water source and it would suck up the water, and using solar energy, boil it and filter it.

Participating in this competition was a lot of fun and surprisingly insightful, we most enjoyed the design process of our invention as we got to learn a lot about the process that real inventors go through, it was also just a lot of fun being able to mess around with different ideas and spending time figuring out what works and what doesn’t. While completing this project we got to learn a lot about how difficult and interesting designing an invention can be, we also got to learn the importance of inventors and how much their inventions can change the world in positive or potentially negative ways.
Gabriel Fernandez and Lachlan L’Aimable Year 7 

Community News

Ben Bugeja

Director of Advancement & Community Engagement

This year, five senior students participated in the Physics and Chemistry Science Olympiads – a national enrichment program for secondary students. The young men sat through a challenging external exam in their science area of choice and were presented with a certificate for their efforts. Congratulations and commendations are extended to the students who participated:

Awarded a Distinction:

  • William Brugliera, Year 12 – Chemistry

Awarded a Credit:

  • Erus Navarro, Year 11 – Chemistry

Other participants:

  • Robert Spencer-He, Year 11 – Chemistry
  • Declan Braniff, Year 11 – Chemistry
  • Marcus Abajas, Year 11 – Physics

MyMC Mobile App 

We are excited to launch the MyMC mobile app. The app is now available for you to download through Google Play or the App Store.

The MyMC mobile application (app) makes it easy for parents and guardians to access important information from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. The MyMC app is designed to help you to stay up-to-date with Marcellin College events, news and notifications, while providing useful shortcuts to your child’s timetable, upcoming assessments, as well as results and feedback. We’ve also made it more convenient to access the Eagle newsletter, and you have the option to use the absentee form to proactively report a student absence.

The app is available now for staff, students and parents. Search for MyMC (App Store) or Marcellin (Google Play).

For more information about the app click here or click on the MyMC App tile on the MyMC home screen.
A reminder to families with a son in grade 5, applications for  Year 7 2023 closed on Friday 20 August. If you missed this deadline, please ensure you submit your online application as soon as possible. For enquiries: please contact our College Registrar - Michele Mellas.


Term 3 Concludes Friday 17 September
Term 4 Commences Monday 4 October 
VCE GAT Test Tuesday 5 October


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