The Eagle 5 August 2022
Loving God,
200 years ago Your Spirit inflamed the heart of Saint Marcellin Champagnat to begin a movement
to make Jesus known and loved among the young.

With great faith and trust in God and Mary, Saint Marcellin believed his mission
was to share this love of God with others especially the poor and those most in need.
Inspire Marists today to be a family that reveals the loving face of Christ to every human being
with deep compassion for the dignity of all united around the table of the Lord.

Help us to listen to others with openness and gratitude to a dialogue that will transform our hearts and minds to move us to share and live the mission with audacity and courage that better responds to the emerging needs of our time.
We pray with Mary, our guide and Mother, to continue to bless us.
May we shine in our world as bright as the stars in the sky.

Mary Our Good Mother, pray for us
St Mary of the Cross Mackillop, pray for us
St Clare of Assisi, pray for us
St Marcellin Champagnat, pray for us
And let us always remember, to pray for one another.

From the Principal

Marco Di Cesare

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community,
Over the last few weeks, I have had the privilege of meeting with parents and carers at our level-based morning teas. These informal catch ups are an important way for me to hear directly from you on what’s working well, areas we need to focus on and for me to share more of our vision for the next few years.
It is an exciting time to be at Marcellin College. Our new gifted and talented program, SOAR, will commence in 2023 for our incoming Year 7 students. Upgrades to our new student wellbeing spaces in the Placidus Centre have commenced and we are about to engage with local residents on the redevelopment of the Sandra Street entrance to improve safety and vehicular access to the College through an improved internal road scheme involving:
  • Construction of two new crossovers along the Sandra Street frontage and reinstatement of the existing crossover
  • Provision of ten (10) short stay (1-minute) parking bays within the school’s frontage designated for pick-up and drop-off
  • Construction of two internal roundabouts to facilitate flow of vehicles through the new short-stay parking area
  • Improved staff and visitor parking arrangements.
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Faith & Mission

Geralyn McCarthy

Deputy Principal (Faith & Mission)

Faith In Action

Our Faith in Action program is a critical component of Faith and Mission at Marcellin College. It enhances our Catholic identity by providing our young men with the chance to engage with people outside of their standard community reach who are less fortunate than themselves, and make a difference in those people’s lives. In this work for the community, the most important element of the program is the growth the boys experience in terms of their empathy and their love of work for others. 

Each week, Marcellin College students volunteer their time after school such as working with such organisations as the Exodus Community helping out with Bread Runs, supporting the Buna Community Garden program and providing assistance to local primary school homework support programs.
Women of Faith in the Month of August
During the month of August, we celebrate the feast days of a number of women who hold a special place in the life of our Church. At this time, it is appropriate to honour and name some of these women of faith who inspire us all – particularly women – to remember how critical our roles are within the Church of today.
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Student Wellbeing

Rocky Gentile

Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing
As Term 3 progresses there are many things to look forward to and feel very positive about here at Marcellin. All of our students continue to be involved in our Wellbeing Wednesday Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program. As you would be aware, this program continues to challenge our students to become the best versions of themselves and to become informed and responsible citizens. This notion of citizenship remains as relevant now as it was when St Marcellin provided the vision for all Marist schools 200 years ago, to develop good Christians and good citizens. We look forward to continued work in this area as we look to harmonise wellbeing and learning and facilitate the mantra that students who are coping and resilient, learn best.
As always, we have access to many great resources for parents here at the College. Our subscription to Parent Ideas, offers our parent community to expert seminars on strategies to maximise our positive impact on the students in our care. The flyer attached has further details about this. Another College partner, Elevate Education are also offering our parents access to a seminar titled How to Help Your Child’s Essay Writing for those times when your son or daughter need a bit of a hand from mum or dad. Register for this event here. Finally, I have also included an article by Michael Grose, about the importance of parent and teacher relationships. At Marcellin, we recognise this relationship as pivotal to ensuring that each young person in our care is able to achieve their best learning outcomes. We look forward to the many positive conversations between the teachers and parents in our community!
Student Leadership
We encourage all parents to chat to their son and encourage them to attend the many leadership development activities that we offer each term here at the College. We will soon be advertising 2023 student leadership positions to our community. This application process is an excellent opportunity for personal growth and may even result in your son being appointed to a position to serve our community and their peers. Stay tuned for more information, but in the meantime, feel free to chat about this around the dinner table!
Hair and Uniform
A reminder to all parents, carers and students that we will be working with students to ensure that they are meeting the College's expectations around presentation at school and when in uniform. As such, I remind parents of the expectations that our community has around hair, jewellery and the correct wearing of the uniform. Working together with our Pastoral and House Leaders we want to be clear in ensuring that each student is supported to meet these clear College expectations.


Phil Kamay

Director of Students
1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms of mental illness in any given year, and roughly 60% of those people will not seek help (according to the Black Dog Institute). As we traverse the post COVID world together, our personal mental health and the wellbeing of those around us is a priority for every family.

The College highly recommends that each family investigates the wonderful resources provided by the Black Dog Institute. As the only medical research organisation in Australia investigating mental health, their mission is to ensure each Australian is equipped with the skills to support their wellness.

This link provides access to informative and free community webinars for August and September, aimed at navigating teen mental health, breaking down depression and mental fitness.


Rajnesh Ram

Science Learning Leader

Science Update

Science students at Marcellin College have been provided various opportunities to engage in activities beyond the standard school curriculum. Specific year levels were provided the opportunities to take part in the programs which included the Science Talent Search, Junior Science Olympiads, and the Physics Olympiads. Further activities have been planned for all year levels when we observe the National Science Week at Marcellin College.

Science Talent Search
This year, Marcellin College offered students the opportunity to participate in the Science Talent Search. This is an annual competition open to all students in Victoria. The aim of the STS is to encourage independent, self-motivated project work amongst students who have an interest in all thing’s science. The competition is divided into many sections and in 2022, we received entrants into the photography section. Good luck to those students!

Australian Junior Science Olympiads
On Friday, 29 July Year 7 students were invited to participate in the Australian Junior Science Olympiads. The exam is based on general science content (biology, chemistry, and physics) and assumes students have a good knowledge of the Science and allows them to challenge themselves beyond school science. Each student completed the exam to the best of their ability and lived out the College's motto of 'striving for the highest.' All participants should be very proud of their efforts and will be rewarded with a certificate in the coming weeks.
Physics Olympiads
Physics students were invited to participate in the Australian Physics Olympiads, which allows Year 11 and 12 Physics students to challenge themselves beyond the school curriculum.

Science Week (15 -19 August)
“The important thing is to never stop questioning” - Albert Einstein
Science is more than just a school subject, it’s something which can instill critical, creative, and investigational skills that you may carry with you for the rest of your life. It can be an amazing opportunity for somebody to practice their creative problem solving or test their rigorous logical thinking either alone or working with friends. It’s a medium with which humans are able to explore this fantastic world we live in, and during science week we hope to show you a glimpse of the skills and real life applications that an education in science can grant you in your life! So during Science Week, do your best to get involved in the variety of actives that are planned for your chance to win prestige, prizes and a good time with your mates!
Marcus Abajas, 2022 Science Captain

Music Report

Andrew Short

Head of music
On Tuesday, 26 July, Marcellin’s Junior String Ensemble took part in the Victorian Schools Music Festival at the stunning venue, Hawthorn Town Hall. There they took to the stage to compete against schools from around the state, watching some stellar performances and gaining the courage to get up there and perform themselves. For most of the students, this was their first live performance! A magnificent effort, particularly considering most students were introduced to their instrument only six months ago.

The ensemble played four different pieces, then had the opportunity to work with a well renowned string adjudicator who helped them to refine their repertoire. The students conducted themselves in a mature and respectful manner and really welcomed the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in a new and different musical experience. Well done gentleman!
Dani Tratt - Strings Music Teacher

Earlier this month students were once again able to head out on our annual Music Camp. Over 70 boys attended the camp, supported by many staff from the Music Department, and rehearsed a whopping six hours a day! Eight ensembles were present on the camp, including our Concert Bands, Big Bands, String Ensembles, and the Champagnat Choir. Across these intensive rehearsals, the boys worked towards, and produced, a concert upon returning to Marcellin that showcased some of the best ensemble work the school has seen in recent years.

Rehearsals and a concert weren’t the only things happening at camp though; 2022 is quickly establishing itself as a year of rebirth and explosive growth in the Marcellin Music Department. For the first time ever, we brought students from all year levels to camp, providing a new and invaluable experience for our youngest musicians. Our boys came together as a community over wonderful meals, played dodgeball competitions, had a movie night together, gathered around a bonfire to toast marshmallows, as well as started up a Dungeons and Dragons Club! Our boys are nothing if not a diverse bunch of young men.

We look forward to taking them all to compete in the prestigious Victorian Schools Music Festival over the coming months, and to show the musical community just what our boys can achieve when they strive for the highest!
Nicholas McCusker - Woodwind Music Teacher

Digital Technologies

Nathan Hutchings

Learning Leader Digital Literacy

Digital Defenders @Marcellin

Marcellin College is currently working with Australian Government Department of Defence Science and Technology group (DDST) to ready and educate a select number of students about Cybersecurity and Defence. In cooperation with industry partners, Fifth Domain, for the next six weeks, Mr Hutchings and six other students are attending online lectures with members of DDST. These lectures cover topics such as open source intelligence, digital forensics, scripting and reverse engineering and cryptography. In addition, these lectures are followed up with online virtual simulations and challenges in the Linux operating system. At the end of the term - and during the term holidays - Marcellin students will compete online with other schools in an online capture-the-flag cybersecurity simulation. As well as being an excellent experience for the students, it has also validated Marcellin’s current cybersecurity course content, with much of the content covered by DDST also being covered in the Year 9 and 10 subject Hacking, Security and Digital Warfare.

Professional Learning

Jill Fitzsimons

Director of Professional Learning & Pedagogy
Supporting Our New Teachers
This week we acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of staff who are working together to enable the newest members of the teaching profession to achieve full registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). Marcellin College currently has seven teachers who have formally begun the process of moving towards full registration. We also have seven wonderful experienced colleagues who are mentoring these staff to enable them to fulfill the VIT requirements for full registration. Pictured here are Mali and Sally who have been working together since late last year. New teachers bring wonderful energy and fresh ideas to our teaching community and provide staff who have been teaching longer with the chance to share their expertise and wisdom. It’s a winning combination and we thank these staff for their time, energy and commitment.

Counsellors News

Sherryn O'Brien

Student Counsellor
Since COVID-19 entered our lives we have seen the rise of anxiety in the population and our young people are also experiencing this.
If this is something you have noticed in your child you might be interested in attending the following presentation at Templestowe College on Thursday, 18 August. Click here for further details and to book.


Hugh Holliday 

Sustainability Liaison
With the colder months well and truly upon us, here are 11 tips for staying warm at home economically.
  1. Draught proofing: Seal air draughts by purchasing draft sealer tape. To locate draughts, feel for them by running your hand around the edges of your windows and doorframes.
  2. Set thermostat to 20°C: Every degree above 20° will increase your heater costs by 15%.
  3. Layer clothing: Wear thermal underlayers, wool socks and other woollen layers at home. Cotton is a poor insulator.
  4. Window coverings: When the heater is running, close curtains to avoid heat loss via windows. Close-fitting heavy curtains with a box pelmet above will significantly reduce heat loss.
  5. Insulation: This is the best barrier against the cold (and summer heat). If you haven’t properly insulated your roof, consider this as 20% of heat is lost via an uninsulated roof. Insulate hard floors with rugs.
  6. Only heat the areas you are using: Close off rooms and zones of the house that aren’t occupied.
  7. Turn off: The heater overnight and when you are out of the house.
  8. Heater air filters: Clean regularly to ensure efficient operation of heating systems.
  9. Ducted heating systems: Service them every two years. Servicing can improve efficiency and identify problems such as cracked ducts.
  10. Reversible ceiling fans: Fans on reverse to Summer setting will pull air to roof and distribute down the walls.
  11. Purchase efficient appliances: High efficiency appliances will save energy and cost less to run. Consider the energy rating sticker before making a new purchase.

Community News

Richard Liistro

Director of College and Community Engagement
Year 7 2024 Parent Information Night
On Wednesday, 3 August we welcomed more than 150 prospective families to an Information Evening. It was a great opportunity for them to hear from current and former students, as well as our College leaders and the exciting new programs we have coming in 2023.

A reminder that enrolments for Year 7 2024 will close on Friday, 19 August 2022. If you have son in Grade 5 and wish to submit an application, you will need to do so by the due date.
You can submit an enrolment application online here.
Please email the College Registrar if you have any questions.
Morning Tea with the Principal
We have enjoyed welcoming Year 7 and 8 parents and carers to morning tea with the Principal. These informal get-togethers have been invaluable and a great way to connect to the College, given the last two years where we have been unable to have as many opportunities to gather.
The Year 9 Morning Tea will be held on Thursday, 11 August at 10:15am in Rivat House. Keep an eye out on MyMC for booking details. Years 10 – 12 dates to follow.
Father’s Day Breakfast
On Wednesday, 31 August we will hold our annual Father's Day Breakfast. Bookings are now open and can be made here. Book early and avoid missing out.
Mothers of Marcellin Past and Present Lunch
A reminder that the Marcellin Mothers Lunch will be held on Wednesday, 17 August. The day will begin with a Mass in Champagnat Chapel followed by a lunch in the Functions Room and is open to current mums as well as past mums. The lunch is an opportunity to connect with past and present mums from throughout the years.
We especially encourage mums with students in Year 7 to come along and meet others, experience a Marcellin event, relax and enjoy an afternoon of community spirit.
Bookings can be made here.
Any queries email the Community Office at
The latest issue of Marcellin College Community News is now out and can be read online. Please click here to download your copy.

Staff Profile

Familiar and New Faces at Marcellin College

Introducing Ryan Edwards

Hello, my name is Ryan. I have been a member of the Marcellin College community for 14 years where I have been a House Leader, PE and Science teacher, Teacher in Charge of Football and now Transition Programs Coordinator.

What I enjoy most about the College is the wonderful sense of community. I love the relationships I have developed with students and families through different roles and coaching Sport. In particular, coaching 1st XVIII Football is a highlight of my week. Being able to witness players develop and strive to play at the highest possible level gives me great satisfaction.

When I’m not at the College, I love being a busy dad to our one-year old son, Morris, travelling in our campervan and taking great pride in my garden!

Student Profile

Meet the Young Men of Marcellin

Introducing Nathan

Hi, my name is Charles and I’m in Year 7 in Marhles House. What I love most about Marcellin College is Saturday sport. This term I have been playing Aussie Rules and now I’m about to start athletics. For my summer sport I will be playing basketball. I’m really enjoying these opportunities because I came from a small primary school, so now to have so many activities to choose from is great. I also love how connected I am beginning to feel with my mates, teachers, and even some older students, especially after the music and Year 7 camps. When I am not studying, I enjoy kicking the footy with my mates, playing trumpet in the band, playing some basketball, and reading interesting novels. In the future I hope to become a journalist, preferably researching sport or history as I love both of these two great subjects. Looking into the future I could also see myself as a doctor because I enjoy science and also because my family have a lot of gratitude and respect for some doctors who have helped us.
I look forward to making the most of my years at Marcellin College.

Career & Pathways News

Kevin Kelly & Lara Ingram

VTAC Information Evening

Parents and carers of Year 12 students are invited to join us for a information evening. 
Location:    Functions Room
Date:          Wednesday, 10 August
Time:          Arrive by 6:45pm for a 7pm start

This evening has been designed to explain the application process for tertiary study and outline the options for post-school. Full details on MyMC News.

Get the in-demand skills you need for the job you want. There has never been a better time to upskill, change or kick-start your career with the Victorian Government’s Free TAFE initiative.
  • Free TAFE covers tuition fees for students who are eligible for Government-subsidised training.
  • Free TAFE offers more than 60 courses across growth industries, including Early Childhood Education, Health, Construction & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Hospitality and Community & Disability Services.
With thousands of jobs available in these industries now and in the future – find a free TAFE course that’s right for you. Click here to access further information.

Study Assist
Applying for tertiary education after secondary school?
Get your head around the fee structures and get HELP!
•    Before you study
•    Student payments
•    VET student loans
•    Commonwealth Supported Places

Sport News

Ben Reynolds

Head of Sport

AGSV Representative Teams Selected

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in AGSV Representative teams following a very successful winter season.

Cross Country – Jordan Abbott, Mostyn Drieberg, William Waters
Hockey – Jared McCormack, Logan Wells (emergency)
Football – Darcy Edmends, Harry Broderick, Adam Galgano, Will Lorenz, Jacob Naismith
Soccer – Massimo D’Argenio, Matthew Suleman, Alex Golikidis (emergency), Giacomo Luna (emergency)

Selection in any representative team is a fantastic achievement and highlights a high level of performance over the season. They will play APS representative teams on Saturday, 20 August 20 at Yarra Valley Grammar.


AGSV 1st  AFL Grand Final - Saturday, 6 August
Science Week - 8 to 12 August
College Morning Tour - Wednesday, 10 August
Yr 12 VTAC Info Evening - Wednesday, 10 August
Mother's Luncheon - Wednesday, 17 August
Year 7 2023 Academic Testing - Saturday, 20 August
Year 7 2024 Applications Close - Friday, 19 August

Public Notices

Key College Dates Term 3 2022  

Careers News

For the most up to date College information families can refer to MyMC. Visit us at and our social media platforms to find out more.
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