The Eagle 29 October 2021


Marco Di Cesare

To the members of the Marcellin College community
This week saw many of us breathe a sigh of relief as we welcomed our students back to onsite face-to-face learning after many weeks being taught remotely. I am enormously grateful to everyone in our community for showing tremendous strength in spirit throughout these challenging times. None of this has been easy. However, seeing the faces of returning students over the past few of weeks has reminded me of what a blessed community we have. They have returned with such maturity and commitment to their studies, as well as a joy in reconnecting with friends and their teachers. I have also enjoyed seeing students with varying hairstyles! Like many, I am looking forward to my visit to the barber. Please do not be concerned with hair length etc. for the remainder of the year. We understand that we need to be flexible during this time. 2022 will give us an opportunity to recover and start the year with the same high expectations that we have of our young men.  
VCAA Examinations have begun, transition will start, staffing will change and before we know it, we will be heading into 2022 and hoping that it is a very different year to 2020/2021. It is important that we remember that Marist Characteristic of Presence. We need to be attentive the times and be in the present. Please do keep Pastoral Leaders appraised of any concerns you may have about your son’s return to full-time face-to-face classes.

North East Link Project (NELP)
By the time many of you will read this, NELP will have announced their preferred design and successful tendered for the project. They have already begun some work on our property as they relocate our emergency fire tanks and prepare Bulleen Road for some major changes. In the long run the NELP will mean that travelling around our local area should be more efficient. 

That said, the College will need to move its fence line during the project, and we will soon see some Ball Netting going up at our front ovals. Early next year we will rebuild our entrance gates to accommodate this temporary change. I will keep families updated as I receive information. At this stage NELP and the College have a good working relationship and I aim for this to continue.

Faith Matters

Carolyn Young

Assistant Principal (Mission)
This week we especially keep in mind our young men undertaking examinations for Units 3 and 4 of the VCE. Let us pray for them; that they approach their study wisely, acquit themselves well and remember that the true measure of a person is how s/he treats other people.
Dear God,
Source of all wisdom,
Help our young men to use their time
and their intelligence wisely
as they prepare for exams.
Help them to dispose themselves
to listen to your Holy Spirit,
so that you, as our loving Spirit,
may place them in a state of prayer
and lead them to understand
that the supreme wisdom
is knowing we are all your children.
Help our young men to remain serene,
so that their work may truly reflect
this profound truth.
Mary, Mother of our spiritual lives,
Guide them in the ways of your Son,
So that their work may help
to transform this world for God's glory.

Student Wellbeing

Rocky Gentile

Assistant Principal Students

Parenting Ideas

The College subscribes to “Parenting Ideas” who aim to help people successfully raise confident, happy and resilient kids. They connect parents and educators to expert child development knowledge through first class digital channels and accompany it with a genuine human interface to make parenting support more accessible and impactful. Please access the following webinars using the links and passwords below if you interested in any of the topics. They have been very insightful!
The following Webinars are available free to Marcellin parents and staff via the passwords below:
  • Taming digital distractions (available till 08/12/21) Password: TAMING
  • Communicating with Teenage Boys (available till 13/11/21) Password: COMMUNICATION
  • Connecting with Teenage Girls (available till 13/11/21) Password: DAUGHTERS
Redeem your Webinar – it’s easy
To redeem your webinar, click or copy and paste this link:
1. Click ‘Add to cart’
2. Click ‘View cart’
3. Enter the voucher code (add the Password for your chosen webinar) and click ‘Apply’
4. Enter your school’s name to verify your eligibility. The $39 discount will then be applied.
5. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’
6. Fill in your account details. These are the details you will use to login to your account and access your webinar and resources
7. Click ‘Place Order’ This offer is valid until the availability dates listed above.

N.B: When you open the link you will observe many other webinars, of course you are welcome to watch them for the $39 fee. Only the three listed above are available free and only till the stated availability dates.


Liz Sullivan and Claudia Graham

Heads of Learning
It is wonderful to have students across all year levels back with us at the College and we look forward to next week having all students on site at the same time.

As your son again adapts to face to face learning we understand that for some students this is a welcomed change and they will thrive from the ability to engage face to face, for other students this can be viewed as a loss of independence that remote learning offered. Teachers are working with students to determine where their current level of understanding is and supporting them with the transition back into the classroom. Please reach out to your son’s subject teacher if you have concerns or wish to discuss his progress at this time.

All our Year 9 and 10 students are undertaking examinations starting November 10. We are very aware that lockdowns have interfered with their experience of examinations and the reflection and growth that comes form these. Students are being provided revision guides from their teachers and will be working on study programs, supported by their Learning Mentors. This year students are also sitting PAT (Progressive Achievement Test) testing as a part of their schedule. Please check the information on MyMC news shared this week if you have not already done so.

We wish our VCE students the best with their examinations which begin very smoothly on Wednesday with English.

Community News

Sean Kolednik

Visual Arts Learning Leader

Visual Arts and Technology Exhibition

Welcome to the 2021 Visual Arts and Technology online exhibition. This exhibition presents the final presentations of the VCE arts students of 2021 and represents all their hard work and determination through this challenging year. With COVID-19 playing a massive impact in the time spent at school and the overall outcome of many projects this year, these students have done a fantastic job in completing some amazing, challenging and insightful pieces. Thank you for taking a moment to view and recognise this hard work and dedication that is being presented and enjoy the exhibition.

On behalf of the visual art and technology students and our dedicated arts staff we invite you to view the exhibition via this link

Stephen Hannah
Visual Arts Captain

Sport News

Ben Reynolds

Head of sport

Summer Training to Commence

The easing of restrictions has allowed for a safe return to our summer sport program. An enormous number of boys will be looking to represent the school with great sportsmanship and pride in the upcoming summer season. Cover drives, layups, volleys, spikes and serves will all be practised at training in preparation for Saturday matches.
During Term Four, the aim of all teams is to have two training sessions before the end of the academic year in preparation for games commencing in Term One of 2022. 1st teams may have more. Volleyball and Basketball training facilities are currently used for exams and therefore training is expected to start in late November. Families are encouraged to view training session details on each individual sport page of MyMC to help with their planning. Individual coaches will contact players with exact information about when training will start.
We wish all boys well as they return to training in Term Four and return to competition in Term One of 2022.
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VCAA Written Exams Commence 27 October
Mid Term Break Monday 1 November
Melbourne Cup Day Tuesday 2 November


Public Notices

Yr 7 2023 Applications 


Careers News

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