The Eagle 25 March 2022
Lord Jesus, you are the greatest example of how life should be lived. Your presence brings life to our tired world, and unconditional love to all: especially to the poor, to the outsiders, to the least and to the lost. You especially welcomed the little ones, the children and young people who hold a special place in your Kingdom.

As parents and teachers, you have entrusted us with so many precious lives. Thank you for all the young minds and hearts that long to learn, grow and share. Our children are your gift - a constant reminder of your love. Help us to value each other as we strive to make our College a place of hope where all can shine. We thank you for each other and for the work each has done in building our community.
St Marcellin Champagnat, Pray for us
Mary, our Good Mother, Pray for us
And may we always remember, let us Pray for one another.

From the Principal

Marco Di Cesare

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community,
As we near the end of term, it’s important our students continue to remain focused on their learning, maintain good standards around uniform and attendance, and ensure they continue to engage with all aspects of College life.
Last Friday, we came together for National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence and participated in a number of activities. One included the signing of House banners as a pledge and commitment to our zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. It’s important we continue to embrace our 2022 College theme – Connect, Respect and Growth, by ensuring these days aren’t just dates in the calendar but engender conversation. I encourage you all to chat with your son about the many activities we have employed around these important topics and how we can continue to work together to create a positive environment for all.
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Faith & Mission

Geralyn McCarthy

Deputy Principal (Faith & Mission)
Last week, Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Melbourne celebrated Catholic Education Week. The theme this year was: The Way of the Gospel
‘The Way of the Gospel’ challenges us to find the living Christ in our midst and to respond and adapt to the questions that are asked in each generation.
  • Where do we find the living Christ in the midst of these questions?
  • How might our Catholic school communities continue to bring to life the way of the gospel today and in the future?
  • How might we continue to invite our students, our families and our staff into the fullness of the way of the gospel?
This theme is based on Archbishop Peter Comensoli’s 2021 Pastoral Letter which will continue to be reflected upon throughout 2022 in terms of parish renewal. 

In this special anniversary year marking the 150th year of the Marists’ contribution to Catholic Education in Australia, we have even more reason to remember, celebrate and thank God for the generous work of Marist Brothers, lay teachers, students, parents and clergy throughout these 150 years. They have been instrumental in educating hundreds of thousands of students, and in seeking to make Jesus known and loved over this time.

During Catholic Education Week, our Junior Faith and Ministry Captains accompanied by Learning Leader Religious Education, Mr Liam McCormack, joined Catholic schools from the archdiocese to the annual St Patrick’s Day mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. This was a joyful celebration of both the richness and the responsibility of Catholic education today.

Marist Connect Night
Recently our College Student Leaders attended the Marist Connect Night. Joined by student leaders from other Marist schools in Victoria, this was an invaluable opportunity for students in Year 11 and 12 to strengthen for relationships and Marist ties with other senior students. Held once every term, the focus of this year’s Term 1 Connect evening was around the annual theme “Known and Loved, Dignity for All.” The evening concluded with a prayer and meal together.

Student Wellbeing

Rocky Gentile

Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing

Respectful Relationships Program

It has been a busy few weeks in Student Wellbeing at Marcellin College. We have commenced our Respectful Relationships program, which runs each week on Wellbeing Wednesday. On March 16 we ran our Mother & Son evening. The night was very well attended and received by both students and their parents/carers. The focus of this event is about taking time and space for our students to connect with their mother or female mentor in the business of the modern world. We thank all of the students and families who came along on the evening and encourage all fathers and male mentors to register for the Year 8 Father/Male Mentor and Son evening in the next few weeks.
On Tuesday, 22 March our student leaders met for their annual leadership day to explore their leadership style as well as their vision for their role. Students had an opportunity to work with their House Leader and wider team to plan events and initiatives to focus their work on in 2022. Part of this focus will include our Clean up Marcellin initiative which looks at action and awareness around our environmental impact as a community. We thank our student leaders for their willingness to serve our College and to work with the wider student body on a focus of constant improvement of the student experience here at Marcellin College.

Student Expectations

Phil Kamay

Director of Students
As we draw closer to the conclusion of a long academic term, we would like to remind all students and families of our expectations with respect to uniform and behaviour.
Hair & Grooming
Thank you to all families for their support regarding the College haircut regulations, upon student return in February. As the term has progressed families and students are reminded that all haircuts must be neat, well maintained and off the collar / face. In addition to this a few students have been required to shave at school due to their facial hair, we would like to remind every student of the expectation to be clean shaven.
Uniform & Shoes
Throughout the year students must wear black leather formal (dress) shoes. This requirement is part the College uniform expectations but also a vital OH&S component of school practice. Shoes specifically designed for student use are generally constructed with high grade leather and have a semi-hardened sole which are crucial as students engage with different classroom environments. During Term 2 & 3 all students will be required to wear the College Winter uniform, this includes a long-sleeved College shirt, tie and blazer when travelling to and from school. Please note that the expectations for the College Winter shirt, is it that is always to be tucked in with the top button fastened. The College reserves the right to determine what is an appropriate application of the Dress Code.
Supporting students & families
As a College we also acknowledge that from time to time, injuries, uniform damage, and growing bodies can affect compliance with the uniform requirements. If this is the case, students are required to present medical documentation, or a parent / carer note to request a College Uniform Pass from their House Leader. Failure to follow this expectation will result in consequence in accordance with the Behaviour Support Levels on page 6 of the 2022 Student Planner. All students and families are asked to make themselves familiar with the Term 2 uniform expectations (see: Student Planner - page 7) and immediately communicate any concerns with their respective House Leader.
Early Student Departures
All families are reminded that if a student is required to leave campus outside of the normal departure times, a note must be supplied from a parent / carer. This is an essential duty of care requirement as it will need to be sighted by the teaching staff member before a student leaves class to complete ‘sign-out’ at Student Services.

Learning & Teaching Reports

Fran Davey

Applied Learning Leader & VET Coordinator
Applied Learning including VCAL and VET has commenced 2022 with enthusiasm!
The Intermediate students are engaged in a varied schedule of learning including classroom classes, their VET studies on a Wednesday and an Applied Learning Day every Tuesday.

The Applied Learning Day involves activities on and off campus. The activities are designed to explore themes and meet learning outcomes in all the strands – Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development Skills, Work Related Skills and Religion and Social Justice. The students are also building an awareness of community, rights and responsibilities, and employability and life skills.

The students have participated in supporting Marcellin ground staff, appreciating the environment that they are fortunate to be in. They have also completed numeracy tasks at Fitzroy Gardens, and explored the marginalised through a class at The Big Issue and Immigration Museum. Discussing the present global unrest, the boys experienced the 1000 steps and are researching the Kokoda Trail and its historical significance as we head towards the end of March and acknowledge the contribution of our defence force.

This week we focused on OH&S in Work Related Skills as the boys tested their hospitality skills in making their own pizzas in the wood fire pizza oven!
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VCAL Guest Speaker – Rory Corcoran

This week a past Marcellin VCAL student, Rory Corcoran, addressed our VCAL students and spoke about his journey after Marcellin College. Completing an apprenticeship, Rory set a life plan with goals and identified life skills he would need to achieve his goals on a time frame. Rory now works in the billion plus yacht industry sailing the world on a yacht that is chartered for a million dollars a day. It is great to see past students return with such success stories.
It’s fair to say he has had a time full of experiences after he left. He started his apprenticeship in carpentry and became fully qualified. He lost his passion for his trade and looked for a new pathway. He found out about working on super yachts. He is now a deckhand working his dream job. He has been working in this field for the last year. It really showed us that life can be so unexpected and if you're willing to try and take risks there will always be a way. This showed me that once we have left school, we can really end up doing everything and the pathway that we have started is not our only one. Joel - Senior VCAL

I learnt that when you are working you need to understand what your fellow employees are going through and there stresses, and understand not to take anything thing to heart. Lewis - Senior VCAL

I thought it was very interesting because I didn’t know that trades could lead to jobs like that and it could definitely be something I would like to do in the future. Dante - Senior VCAL

Visual Arts News

Julie Twomey

Visual Arts Learning Leader

MACS Art Exhibition 2022

Congratulations to our incredibly talented Art students – Sebastien Warrillow, Callum Stewart, Jamie Guillard and Matteo Lardizzone for the acceptance of their art works (above) into the MACS ART Exhibition for CEO Art 2022. This is a great achievement – their hard work, vision and creativity is to be commended. Our heartfelt thanks also to their teachers for their invaluable work and guidance.

Student Reflections

Chirat House SRC

A Reflection from Thomas, Year 11 SRC

National Day of Action Against Bullying

Last Friday the College celebrated the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. This was an opportunity for our community to reflect on our behaviours in an effort to continue building an inclusive and respectful environment for all.

We marked this important day with each House coming together to sign a banner to spread this powerful message, highlighting our commitment to creating a ‘Kindness Culture’.

Within Chirat House, we discussed what a ‘Kindness Culture’ looked like and how we could implement this within the wider school community on a daily basis to ensure each individual feels included, respected, and has a sense of belonging.

We recognise within Chirat House and the Marcellin College Community, that together we can make a change and that every student has a role to play against bullying prevention.

Music Department News

Andrew Short

Head of Music

Sub Tuum and The Power of Your Love

After a couple of interrupted years, many of our student cohort haven’t had the opportunity to learn, know and experience two significant songs that reflect the culture of who we are here at Marcellin College: Sub Tuum and The Power of Your Love. So, last Friday, we began teaching these two songs to our new Year 7students. Led by Ms Amy Garnham, and supported by our senior music students and music staff, the students had a great time!

We’re looking forward to hearing them sing at the top of their voices when we meet for our next whole school assembly!

Faith In Action

Nicholas McCusker

Faith In Action Coordinator

Game Changers

What a last month we’ve had here at Marcellin! Finally, after weeks of having to wait for COVID to ease, we’ve launched our Game Changers Program with several whole-year level assemblies. It was fantastic to see so many attentive faces in the events I attended, and the number of boys who have decided to sign up to Game Changers or continue their commitment from last year.
For those who may not know, Game Changers is a Marist program designed to develop our students’ faith, leadership skills, and their ability to engage with different kinds of service. This year will see our Game Changer tracks helping out the Exodus Community in West Heidelberg, supporting environmental projects, as well as running fundraisers and charity drives.
One such activity, run by our incumbent Game Changer students, happened recently outside the Placidus Learning Centre. Hundreds of boys lined up to buy a sausage and support Trinity Catholic College up in Lismore, who are struggling to recover after the horrible floods they’ve suffered through. As you can see in the photos, the boys loved the experience, and are so excited to continue their charity work through Game Changers.
If you think your child would be interested in joining this program and working to make a positive difference through our different service activities, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me at

Community News

Richard Liistro

Director of College and Community Engagement

Mindfulness Series 

Manningham Youth Services have been excitedly preparing the MY Vibes psychoeducational group series and are now ready to launch the first workshop on Mindfulness.

The MY Vibes Mindfulness group program will provide an introduction to mindfulness for young people aged 12 to14. In these sessions, participants will learn about mindfulness concepts and the science that backs it, plus explore a range of mindfulness techniques which have been associated with reduced levels of stress and increased resilience and self-awareness. See more details about the program below.
Where: Manningham Art Studios
When: 11th and 12th April, 11-2pm
To register: Email or register or scan the QR code below

Junior Production | Sewing Help Needed

If there are any parents or relatives who are able to help with some costume repairs and maintenance for the Junior School Production, please contact the director, Rosemary Chapple. The show is “Lyrebird – bushfire at Frog Croak Gully”. Some of the animal costumes need a little maintenance, and some new ones need to be made, therefore any creative assistance in this area would be most welcomed and greatly appreciated. For further information or to volunteer please email Rose at
A reminder to our College families and Community that this Sunday the College is holding it's Open Day. We thank staff and student who have volunteered their time to help showcase this great College. 

Staff Profile

Familiar and New Faces at Marcellin College

Introducing Julian Tomassoni

My name is Julian Tomassoni. I have been a member of the Marcellin College community since the commencement of 2022, although I have taught at Marcellin briefly after returning from teaching English in the United Kingdom a number of years ago. 

My role currently is a VCE and Year 7 English teacher. What I love most about the College is how students strive to embody the Catholic ethos in all things they do. Respectful, humble and compassionate, I have been impressed to see how our students engage with their communities in such a mature and present manner; in the way of Mary is certainly lived at this school.  

When I’m not at the College, you will likely see me supporting the only worthy A League team in Melbourne: Melbourne Victory. If not at an A League game, I will be supporting Australia’s golden child Daniel Ricciardo – whether that be on the sidelines at Albert Park this year – or early in the morning direct from Europe.  

I’m looking forward to working with the College community this year on maximising student performance and ensuring that our young men continue to be nurtured in the Marist tradition.  

Wishing all of you a fantastic, safe and prosperous 2022.

Student Profile

Meet the Young Men of Marcellin

Introducing Cayleb
Hi, my name is Cayleb and I’m in Year 11.

What I love most about Marcellin College is the school culture as the community feels like a family. I love being able to catch up with my peers/friends during pastoral and obviously during breaks too. I am also passionate about my VCE subjects that I am undertaking as they are interesting, engaging and I am keen to learn the content.

When I’m not studying, I enjoy playing basketball and going out with my friends/family on the weekends. I also like to do my hobbies in my free time which include working out, playing the saxophone, making & producing music, playing video games, watching movies/TV shows and photography and filmmaking.

In the future, I hope to go to university where I can explore my possible career options further and hopefully pursue a career in the sciences.

Career & Pathways News

Kevin Kelly & Lara Ingram

More information, including the most up-to-date information about scholarships, early entrance programs and pathways can be found at Marcellin Careers. One on one appointments are available to all students at: Lara Ingram and Kevin Kelly

Work Experience | Year 10 Reminders
Students should now be aware that work experience week will be running from 14-17 of June. We encourage students to be actively searching for a placement. Remember to sign up for White Card training if you are doing placement in the construction industry. Details on how to do this are located on the MyMC News page.  

Year 12 Early Admissions | Exciting News! 
Speakers from Swinburne, RMIT and La Trobe will be coming out to discuss early admission programs and applications in Term 2. Keep an eye on your emails for an invite!  

ADF GAP Year Program 2023
An ADF Gap Year is a unique opportunity for students to experience life in the Navy, Army, or Air Force, without needing to make a long-term commitment. The skills obtained through the ADF Gap Year program will provide them valuable work and life experience and are completely transferable. Applications are open! Learn more and/or apply at ADF Gap Year.  

UNI in Translation: A-Z of Terms 
Searching for a course for next year can be very overwhelming. To make it even more confusing, universities have their own language. Let’s break down some common terms: 

  • Admission pathways: different ways of getting into university and meeting the admission criteria 
  • ATAR: Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank, this is a score based on Year 12 subject scores. It is used to form your selection rank that determines your entry into a course
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Health Centre

Gaye Viney

College Nurse

Year 7 & Year 10 Immunisation Program

On Monday, 28 March the Manningham Council will be here to immunise the Year 7 and Year 10 students. If you did not return your card it is now too late and your son will not receive his immunisation on this coming Monday. We ask that you please contact Manningham Council directly to discuss your options.

Year 7 students will receive HPV and a booster of Diptheria-Tetanus -Whooping Cough vaccine while Year 10 students will receive the Meningococcal vaccine.

It is your son’s responsibility to be present for his vaccine. If for some reason he is not in his class at the time they are taken as a group to receive their vaccines, due music lessons or the like. He is advised to come and see me in the Health Centre in Student services and I will be able to help sort things out for him.

To help your son with immunisation success please ensure that he:

  • Knows the immunisation is on and expected to be present for vaccination.
  • Has had a good breakfast
  • Drinks plenty of water

Sport News

Ben Reynolds

Head of Sport

Men’s Health Awareness Round

An open letter from our Sport captain Darcy
Our 1st Volleyballers and Squash teams last Saturday and our 1st Basketball, Cricket and Tennis teams this Saturday will wear light blue socks to place greater emphasis on the prominent issue of Men’s Health, with the aim to encourage all men to have the courage to take that first step in looking after their own health.

Over my 6 years participating in Marcellin sport and throughout my junior sporting years, I have been lucky enough to have many great male role models have a positive impact on my sporting career, each shaping me to be the player and more importantly the person I am today. None more than my dad who I was lucky enough to have as my coach to start my football career. As crazy as he was at times, I was so lucky to experience first-hand the special bond that fathers and their sons form through the mutual love of sport. The drive to games and trainings, the thumbs up and pat on the head after a good performance and the feedback often required to get me back on track the next week. All these experiences myself and I’m sure many others have taken for granted, and unfortunately for some not experienced at all. I cannot begin to imagine sport let alone life in general without these amazing male role models.
So, as we raise awareness this week about men’s health, I ask that you think about the male role models in your life and ensure they are doing all that they can to make their health a priority. Not only for themselves but also so that all sons and daughters can build amazing life connections with their father or father figure.
Please make your health a priority not just for you, but for the loved ones around you.
The aim is for males to take more care in their everyday health by making simple changes with their behaviour. We want boys to educate males in their life to:
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Year 8.1 & 8.2 Camp - Wilson's Prom, 23 - 25 March
AGSV Swim Championships - Friday, 25 March
AGSV Sports Round 8, 1st only Saturday 26 March
College Open Day -  Sunday, 27 March
Year 7 & 10 Immunisation - Monday, 28 March
Prepping for the Apocalypse Camp - 28 - 1 April
Year 8.3 & 8.4 Camp - Wilson's Prom 29 - 1 April
PTS Conferences - Tuesday, 29 March 
Duke of Ed Camp, Gippsland Lakes - 4 -7 April
Student Free Day - Friday, 8 April

Public Notices

College Open Day Sunday, 27 March 

Camp, Sports & Excursion Fund (CSEF)

Careers News

For the most up to date College information families can refer to MyMC. Visit us at and our social media platforms to find out more.
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