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Marco Di Cesare

Dear members of the Marcellin College Community
I have enjoyed seeing our students back on site as we returned to face-to-face learning. While there were some nervous faces on those first few days, these have evaporated and students are moving back to the safety of routine that Marcellin College offers.
It is important that we monitor students over these coming days and weeks as they acclimatise back to negotiating in a community. This may take some time and we are aware that each young man (and staff member) will approach this differently. Part of our routine will be the holding of examinations. As our Year 12 students come to the end of their exams, our Year 9-11 students begin the process of experiencing timed assessments. For some students, this will be a daunting experience, while others will relish the opportunity. How can parents help in the process? Below are some key points from an article I recently read.
Expectations matter
One of the largest studies on parental behaviours and how they affect their children’s academic achievement found that placing a high value on education and having high academic expectations had the most positive impact. Other tips from this research included regular communication with children about their homework and having clear study and leisure time guidelines.
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Faith Matters

Carolyn Young

Assistant Principal (Mission)

World Day of the Poor

This Sunday (14 November) around the globe, the Catholic Church will celebrate the World Day of the Poor. In his apostolic letter to close the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis suggested the Catholic Church set aside one day each year when communities can “reflect on how poverty is at the very heart of the Gospel.” He designated this day as the `World Day of the Poor’. Pope Francis’ Message for this occasion can be accessed here. It takes as its starting point the words “the poor you will always have with you” (Mk 14:7). 

To be Marist is to come to know and love Jesus: may we be ever conscious that loving Jesus is to love those in need and reach out to them – that they too may know Jesus’ love through our actions.

While we haven’t been able to have our annual Immersion with the Marist community in Pailin, Cambodia this year or last, the work the Brothers do there is still dependent on our financial support. With that in mind, students and families are asked to donate what they hoped to raise for our Walkathon (which was unfortunately not able to go ahead) so that we can continue to support the education and pastoral support services that are dependent on the money we raise.

Further detail about Pailin and a really easy way to donate are at this link:

If donations can please be made by December 1st, that will enable us to finalise our support of Pailin for 2021. With thanks in anticipation.

Professional Learning

Jill Fitzsimons

Director of Professional Learning and Partnerships
Marcellin’s teaching staff are currently co-creating a list of the ten most basic relational and instructional teaching strategies we would expect to see in every classroom, every day, for students to make growth and progress. One of the resources we’ve been using is a fantastic resource from TeachingWalkThrus, particularly their resources on establishing expectations and positive behaviours. We asked staff what impact they believe uniformity of practice (in relation to positive relationships and establishment of expectations) will have on student growth and learning and these are some of the themes that emerged:
  • Students will have greater clarity and certainty about all teachers’ expectations and be positive and settled.
  • Classrooms will feel calm, safe, predictable and be a place of trust and respectful relationships.
  • Shared expectations will assist student connectedness and help promote a strong culture of learning and productivity.
Given students have spent so much time at home, ensuring everyone is on the same page in the classroom is a key priority.

Community News

Lisa Gillies and Prue O'Shannessy

Marcellin Community Office

Happy 100th Birthday to Gerry Sexton

We congratulate Gerry Sexton on his 100th Birthday celebration on 12 November. Gerry’s six sons are all past students and after all these years he still remains a good friend of Marcellin College and a most generous supporter of the Foundation. We send Gerry our best wishes for this incredible milestone celebration.

Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 will celebrate their one year reunion on Friday 26 November. After missing out on many milestone events last year, the 2020 cohort will have the opportunity to pack all of these into one spectacular occasion. There are still tickets available for past students from the Class of 2020 and their partners. Click here to book . Bookings must close on Friday 19 November


VCAA Written Exams till 19 November
Depth & Unit 1-2 exams 10 to 18 November
Student Free Day Friday 19 November

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