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From the Fox Family:

    We are anticipating the end of the Fellowship year for our current “Foxes” and the selection of the new “Foxes” for the academic year 2015-16. It is a bittersweet time when we both say “goodbye” to new friends and celebrate a year of academic achievement and broadening experiences. The annual dinner, held each May in New Haven, is an opportunity for the current and new Fellows here in the U.S. to solidify and/or to establish connections with other Fox Fellows. For those who are not in Connecticut, we encourage you to keep the Fox network strong through Facebook and other social and collaborative networks.
     2015 is a year of celebration for the Fox family: a wedding, a 99th and a 90th birthday, and graduations from high school (12th grade) and entrance to university. Each celebration keeps our family network strong and healthy.
   We all follow the Fellowship with great interest as it continues to keep us connected to the world and we wish you well in all of your endeavors.


Mr. and Mrs. Fox

Updates from the 2014-2015 Fellows

In the final months of their Fox Fellowship, our incoming Fellows at Yale have been attending a variety events including Yale athletics competitions and talks by President Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, and Dipesh Chakrabarty. We wish them all the best as their time at Yale comes to a close. 

The new 2015-2016 Fox Fellows Have Been Selected!

We are very excited to have selected the newest crop of Fox International Fellows, who will begin their Fellowship in the Fall. Look out for more information about our new fellows in the next newsletter!

Expansion to Three New Universities!

At the end of May, Fox Fellowship director Benjamin Cashore and program administrator Julia Muravnik will be traveling to Singapore and Australia to meet with university faculty and administrators regarding the planned expansion to three new partner universities: National University of Singapore, Australian National University and The University of Melbourne. Look out for more updates in the next newsletter!

Fudan Fox Alumni Reunion

There will be a small reunion for Fox Fellow Alumni from the University of Fudan in Shanghai, China on May 22nd at 6:30PM.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Julia Muravnik. 

Stay Connected to the Fox Alumni Network!

Get the latest Fox Fellowship news.  Link through social media by liking us on Facebook, joining our private LinkedIn group for great professional connections, and following us on Twitter @YaleFoxes.
>> Check out our Tumblr Blog! To see what our fellows have been doing throughout the year, be sure to follow our Tumblr blog.  The blog features stories written by the Fox Fellows themselves, and are accompanied by their photos. 

>> Contribute to the Newsletter: To add new content for the next newsletter, including publications, awards, and appointments, email The Fox Fellowship newsletter highlights the diverse work of Fox Fellows, past and present, and communicates important information about reunions.

>> Come visit campus: Traveling to New Haven or the New York region? Come visit Yale and meet the current Fox Fellows. Contact Julia Muravnik regarding your visit and Fox Fellowship can host a coffee-chat on campus to meet the current Fellows.

>> Host a coffee-chat: Located at an Exchange Partner campus? Host a coffee-chat with Fellows at an exchange partner university. Talk about your current work, your time as a Fox Fellow and network with new Fellows. ContactJuli
a Muravnik for more information.

>> Find a Fox Fellow: Check out the new and improved Fox Fellowship online database to search for past and present Fellows by year, exchange location, and issue area. Update your profile by sending new information and photos to
Welcome from Prof. Ben Cashore, Joseph C. Fox  Academic Director 
Dear Fellows, Alumnae & Friends of the Yale International Fox Fellowship,
     I am delighted to present to you the May 2015 Yale International Fox Fellows newsletter. 
As you know, we are in our 26th year of selecting exchange fellows at Yale and our partner universities whose leadership and scholarship qualities focus on critical contemporary challenges, including fostering peace and security, poverty alleviation, equity, human health, and environmental stewardship.  The newsletter and our new website, are two of a number of media and outreach initiatives we will be introducing aimed at nurturing and expanding our community. 
      Overall, the 2014/15 academic year was filled with success and positive news for the Fox Fellowship. We sent 15 students from Yale to our 13 exchange partners, while our exchange partners sent 16 students to research and reside at Yale for the year.  I encourage you to read their personal bios, which outline globally important questions such as social policy implementation in South Africa, local participation in budgeting in Brazil, democracy and military regimes in Africa, and the important role traditional chiefly governance institutions in Botswana. 
     We look forward to developing the Fellowship’s potential, expanding the number of exchange partners, and getting to visit with friends and alumnae – which now total over 500 strong.
Finally, let me thank the Fox Fellowship’s donors, especially the Fox family, whose generosity makes the Fellowship possible.


Ben Cashore
Fox International Fellowship Academic Director

Fox Fellows Gilad Abiri and Ashkhen Kazaryan will be attending Yale Law School!

Congratulations to Gilad and Ashkhen, who were admitted to Yale Law School last month, and will begin attending this Fall!

Gilad Abiri is a current Fox Fellow at Yale from the University of Tel Aviv.  His research interests lie mainly in the intersection of democratic theory and law. His Masters thesis explored the interrelationship of two major political theories: Value Pluralism and Deliberative Democracy. During the Fox Fellowship in Yale, Gilad wrote on the challenges moral panics pose for democratic decision making and possible policy solutions. The exposure to the faculty at Yale during the fellowship was instrumental in his decision to pursue graduate studies in Yale Law School.
    During his time in Yale Law School, Gilad aspires to continue researching democracy, contributing to both political theory and legal policy. More specifically, his plan is to explore further the nexus of deliberative democracy and law as well as on the role of private law in supporting social stability in democratic societies. Following graduation from Yale, Gilad plans on seeking an academic position in Israel. His Sincere hope is to engage not only in academic circles, but also with the general public sphere – offering insight on how Israel can face hard challenges as a young, fragile democracy.

      Ashkhen Kazaryan was one of last year's Fox Fellows at Yale from Moscow State University.  She is currently a third year PhD Candidate at the Law School of Lomonosov Moscow State University.  Her PhD thesis is on “The legal regulation of art market”. She was Vice-Head of in-house legal department of an aircraft company and interned in few consulting law firms, including a major civil-litigation firm in Louisiana. Right now she is working as lawclerk/leading legal analyst at the High Intellectual Property Court of Russia, where her works helps create uniform legal practices of substantive enforcement in the area of intellectual property protection. She also prepares analytical reports for Scientific Advisory Board, the Supreme Court of Russian Federation and IP Court itself on intellectual property issues.  Ashkhen was admitted to the LLM program (Master of Law) at Yale Law School for 2015-2016 academic year. She plans part of her time at YLS doing a research project on the gradual development of the philosophy of freedom of expression and its values in constitutional systems. The cultural, political and legal angles that are affecting constitutional systems are going to be looked at as the balance these systems set between freedom of speech and national security is examined.

First Fox Fellows To and From the University of Ghana

Last year, the Fox International Fellowship created a new partnership with the University of Ghana. Below are updates from Jessica Brooks, the first outgoing Fox Fellow to the University of Ghana, and Reuben Tete-Larbi and Mabel Oti-Boadi, the first two incoming Fox Fellows from the University of Ghana.
   Jessica Brooks:  Ghana has a very active water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, which has given me very wide exposure. I've attended conferences and monthly seminars on WASH governance, interviewed sanitation businesses and their nonprofit and government partners, and assessed rural water maintenance systems. These opportunities have allowed me to broaden my experience and become better acquainted with some of the most innovative approaches in the sector. With the University of Ghana affiliation, I have also audited Dr. Dzidzo Tawiah-Yirenya's doctoral-level course, Sustainable Sanitation and Health, and shared research insights in seminar presentations with the Institute for Environmental and Sanitation Studies. This freedom to collaborate with several partners has been especially enriching for my career experience and future vision. My final month in Ghana willentail disseminating the research results in a variety of forms (reports, presentations, and blogs), informational interviews to learn more about similar sectors, and some weekend trips to see a few more corners of this beautiful country. After Ghana, I am seeking opportunities to become further involved in the development of market-based approaches for addressing the challenges of poverty, especially water and sanitation services.

   Mabel Oti-Boadi: I am working on a research collaboration between a professor at the psychology department at Yale, Jaime Napier and the psychology department at the University of Ghana. This collaboration is informed by the fact that most studies in social psychology have been conducted in western countries. There is a need for research in non-western cultures like Ghana. They are particularly interested in Ghana because of the laurels she has achieved in economic growth and democracy. The research is basically on assessing the attitudes and opinions of Ghanaian students on social inequality, social justice, beliefs about fairness, life satisfaction, gender and intergroup attitudes. Communications have commenced between my head of department and Jaime on conducting the study in Ghana. We have visited the University of Ghana during the spring break to have discussions on what the collaboration entails moving forward. We are very excited about this opportunity and we hope that we can make meaningful contributions which will enhance our future careers and make us effective global leaders.”
   Reuben Tete-Larbi: Yale has been a great place and the Fox Fellowship has been a life-transforming experience. The exposure to different cultures, the great academic opportunities and the professional network has been awesome. I have had the chance to attend a couple of conferences and workshops; I have met some influential people in my discipline; I have travelled around a couple of states in the US and I have a good perspective of global issues, which I think is very crucial for my career. While at Yale, I worked on my research titled “Risk perceptions and schistosomiasis control in Ghana: Examining the effect of climate change on water contact behavior.” I have received a lot of useful input from several people, particularly during the presentation at the Fox Fellowship seminar. This research is expected to provide an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing schistosomiasis control; and to make useful policy recommendations towards the control and eradication of the disease, which serves as a threat many developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. I am very grateful to the Fox family, the Fox team and to Yale University for offering me this life transforming experience. 

Fox Alum Gifts Artwork to the Fox Fellowship Office

Elena Bulatova was one of our 2007-2008 Fox Fellows at Yale from Moscow State University. She has recently donated two beautiful paintings to the Fox Fellowship, which now hang outside of the Fox Fellowship Office in the MacMillan Center at Yale University.

Elena's artistic and creative instincts gained life when she
 tarted painting at the age of six, which prompted her parents to seek formal education for her in art school and through private lessons. She was studying music and art simultaneously until the age of seventeen when she gained entrance into the most competitive university in Russia. Her renderings celebrated her love for the fine arts through playing violin in the university chamber orchestra. After her Fox fellowship, she traveled extensively, visiting various European and Asian capitals, and many regions of her native Russia. She lived in Rennes, France during the years of studies as well. This exposure to the diverse, rich, and vast cultures of centuries of global art and music continued to mold her inherent artistic qualities. Elena Bulatova presently resides in Oceanside, California. She knows that being in a state of comfort is destructive to the creativity of an artist, so she is constantly at work, in the further development of her unique art style. For more information about Elena and her artwork, visit her website.

Thank you, Elena!
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